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Often dubbed a Growth Architect by his clients, Joel Block advises companies on explosive growth strategies by driving revenue and sales. Well known in the capital markets, Joel is a successful entrepreneur, speaker, advisor and faculty member of the iLearningGlobal community.

Do You See What I am Talking About?

The applications for this are enormous; possibilities include improvements or enhancements to any company's customer service. But there are also tremendous opportunities to improve sales and marketing opportunities.

Could Your Business Use A Few Good Volunteers?

Do you dream of winning the business lottery? If so, I might have found the jackpot that you have been looking for. I hope that you can benefit tremendously from this windfall program which is a real sign of the times.

Does Customer Service Get Any Better Than This?

A couple years ago, I leased a new car for my oldest daughter when she turned 16. She drove the car for a couple years, went off to college, and at then we gave the car to my son when he turned 16.

Sensitivity to Words

Being a salesman at heart, I am very sensitive to the words that people say - and the body language that they say it with - so that I can figure out what people really mean.

The Mathematics of Your Credit Score

The way that our credit scores are actually calculated is 'top secret.' No one seems to know exactly how they are calculated - and that means that no one can actually take decisive action to improve one's score.

What’s the Problem with Having a Sugar Daddy?

It's a little harder at first, but I promise that if you follow this advice it will make your life significantly better for years into the future.

10 Tips for Minority Shareholders

Steven A. O'Rourke is an attorney entrepreneurs and business owners go to when they want to be thorough and accurate.

Isn’t it Just Economics 101

My kids have been asking what exactly is going on with the economy and what exactly happened that made the situation so bad, so fast.

Where are the Loopholes in Corporate Liability Limitations?

Shareholder immunity, even if not pierced, is somewhat a misnomer because any shareholder who acts in an additional role opens himself to liability for actions in that other role.

Is It Ever Worth Taking A Short Cut?

Earlier today, some crazy guy flew by me on a Los Angeles freeway. First, he was in the far left lane. He cut in between everybody, moving himself to the far right lane.

Why Won’t You Just Give Me the Money?

They make their pitches with great enthusiasm. They have projects. They have talent. They have attachments. And they may even have some credits to their name.

Is There Any Business Credibility Left After the Crisis of 2008?

The business world left many dazed and confused after a wild ride filled with economic turmoil and criminal wrongdoing. Is it possible to trust the people on Wall Street, in Washington DC or regulators after this train wreck?

Speak Softly, But …

So, as you are working hard every day to build your company, or as you're building your career, speak softly, be nice, and carry a big stick while you're trying to bring success to your organization.

Case Study: Thinset Tile Lock Company – Part 1 of 2

It is after watching the process that the genius occurs. One of the tile guys asks the million dollar question: 'Isn't there a better way to do this?

The 90 Second Rule

My experience is that people who 'over-talk' tend to do so because they're nervous and they feel a need to fill up the air with noise.

Conduit to the Money: My Friend, Jerry Knotts

The money people are very hard to find. It is a closed business, and most everything in this business happens by referral.

Meet My Friend Mike Podolny

That roughly means that you put cash into a deal, the cash generates some amount of return to you, and that is the return on investment that you receive.

The Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster

Get help from someone you trust. Get help so you and your company cross the finish line, because the entrepreneur game is a great game. But make sure you turn the game and your chips into real wealth.

Why Lock Down LinkedIn?

I would be embarrassed to be in a senior management position at a company that used policies of secrecy and protectionism to retain employees.

The Most Dangerous Word in The English Language is Very Scary

I frequently hear people use the most dangerous word in the English language. It is really scary in a little phrase.