Johnny Pineyro – Florida’s 100 Million Dollar Lawyer

It is not always that a lawyer is loved and celebrated in a community just like a doctor, scientist or social leader would be. They are at times notoriously famous for charging a lot of money for representing cases without committing concrete effort towards them. Lawyers are rarely compared on the basis of their efforts towards uplifting the less capable and the settlement claims realized for them. That is what makes this 100 million dollar lawyer – Johnny Pineyro so exceptional, singular and appreciated.

Pineyro has bagged over $100 million in settlement claims for his clients easily making him a part of the crème de la crème of lawyers in the nation. Having been a go-getter all his life, Pineyro strongly believes that justice does not come knocking at one’s door and that one must go get it. As the founder of Florida Injury Law Firm, he does this by providing legal assistance to clients in civil litigation cases and tries to get them fair compensation for their damages. He vigorously represents those who are unable to fight for themselves because of the economics surrounding the prosecution of calamitous injury cases.

Johnny Pineyro’s success can be attributed to his warrior spirit wherein he becomes engaged in a very real battle against the other side. With widespread experience of more than a hundred cases, Pineyro is able to think many steps ahead without losing sight of the present.

Pineyro believes that mass consumer advertising by attorneys many a times leads to misunderstandings regarding the basics of personal injury law. He has thus authored “Get the Justice you Deserve,” a handbook for commoners wherein he provides practical and relevant information to solve legal cases and takes out concerns in the process. An expert in the field, Pineyro focuses on personal injury cases resulting from accidents.

Having been strongly inspired by Winston Churchill’s famous quote – “make a living by what you get, but a life by what you give,” Pineyro dedicates countless hours to “Big Brothers and Big Sisters” and “Make-A-Wish Foundation,” and serves as a board member to “Angel Flight,” a group dedicated to enriching the lives of children with disabilities through aviation. Pineyro is also an active member of his local church, an enthusiastic tennis player, and a trained pilot which has led to him taking up aviation law as well.

With his recent inclusion in the Million Dollar Advocates club, it can be said with all certainty that Pineyro undoubtedly knows how to get justice. His legal prowess along with his humbling humanitarian deeds makes people want to ask for more humans like him, let alone lawyers.

johnny pineyro.
Johnny Pineyro.

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