Vision Industries Corp Announces Completion of More Than $1 Million Convertible

European Investment Fund and Vision Industries of El Segundo, California announced the completion of two rounds of convertible bond financing with a major European investment fund for a total of more than $1 Million.

The financing was arraigned by Christian Kolster of C&M Capital Ab, Vision’s European Financial Advisor. He initiated the transaction and acted as the company’s lead negotiator. Kolster is excited with the company’s near term prospects and is confident that this round of financing will enable the company to reach its next milestones.

“Over the last few years, European investors have demonstrated a strong desire to invest in alternative energy companies,” said Martin Schuermann, Vision’s CEO and President. “The availability of capital, coupled with government mandates and incentives, have helped countries such as Germany to become the world leader in solar and wind energy production.”

Also, with the recently announced commitment by the German Government to hydrogen as a transportation fuel by 2015, Vision Industries’ hydrogen fuel cell, heavy-duty commercial trucks appear to have caught the attention of investors in Europe.

Vision is the leading designer and manufacturer of advanced zero emission, hydrogen fuel cell hybrid electric drive, Class VIII heavy-duty commercial trucks.