Shark Week Celebrates Women’s Success in Business World

August 10th officially marks the beginning of Shark Week and to celebrate, Katie Krimitsos founder of Biz Women Rock, is featuring women who have been on Shark Tank and survived.

The concept of Shark Week was to create an opportunity to spread these incredible stories of experience all across the globe. One of the goals is to create a viral meme by letting these successful business women relate to their own crafted image as it trends around the Biz Women Rock community. As we all indulge ourselves in the selfie phase of social media, what better way to align these business women than with their own successful image that tells their story.

Katie is an established business women and Founder of Biz Women Rock!, who has dedicated her craft into seeing that women in business meet their full potential. The Biz Women Rock! podcast is comprised of intimate interviews with phenomenal business women from all around the world who open up about their business journeys.

The role of a successful business owner is to master their craft, own their stake, and give back to help others be successful. Shark Tank is creates the land of opportunity to succeed and create maximum exposure for your business or brand. As we approach Shark Week, Biz Women Rock will indulge you with the live stories of women who can swim with the sharks!

Katie is the Co-Owner and Chief Operating Officer of the Tampa Bay Business Owners, a very special community of business owners who come together to provide support, education and connections for one another. She and her husband Chris have the privilege of leading this amazing community! She’s a passionate writer and absolutely loves the power of words – especially their ability to connect others in authentic moments that provide the platform for transformation and connection. She’s written a book about how to find true love and is the founder of Biz Women Rock!, which is all about inspiring and educating YOU while you’re on your business journey, whether you are about to launch your company, in the trenches of building your business or building your career as a professional.