Little Mistakes Costing Costa Rica Real Estate Agencies Thousands

Like the classic Queen song, “Another One Bites The Dust,” a sizable number of Costa Rica real estate agencies come and go each year. What is the reason and how can you prevent this from happening to your company?

For many years the real estate market in Costa Rica was – to put it lightly – effortless. Additionally, this sector was highly lucrative across the wide spectrum of individuals and professionals alike, including agencies, developers, lawyers and of course the seller.

Inherently a seller’s market was born and along with it came the Costa Rica real estate boom.

Spanning 10 years or so, this effectively created what I like to call…”The Entitled Realtor.”

This nickname came about after first coming to Costa Rica in 2005 and beginning my search for my own little piece of Costa Rica real estate.

costa rica marketing
Costa Rica Marketing Don’t Miss The Mark!

For the most part I noticed an attitude of entitlement instead of gratitude. It was this notion, back in the day, that gets me thinking to this day, “floundering Costa Rica real estate agencies are a dime a dozen but yet many still maintain the path of mediocrity.”

Now, don’t take this as though I’m hammering on Costa Rica real estate agents only…because that’s not it. What I am pointing at is this phenomenon transcends through all levels of the Costa Rica real estate sector – from ownership down through the ranks.

Maybe if you were selling the latest invention, the “widget-shizer beam ray” capable of vaporizing you and transporting your particles to the moon while reassembling you once there…you might be entitled to having a chip on your shoulder. However in this case…YOU ARE SELLING COSTA RICA REAL ESTATE. Something every Tom, Dick and Harry in Costa Rica is capable of and likely doing.

So take a piece of that humble pie and let’s get down to work at actually making you and your business stand out in the saturated Costa Rica real estate market.

Marketing – some naively believe simply having a web page, putting out a few ads in local print or even worse…word of mouth – will make your company successful in this hyper-competitive sector. Although all are important in their own right, they are but a few pieces to a large and complex puzzle.

As a leading Costa Rica marketing professional, I can tell you that there are a handful of Costa Rica real estate instrumentalists that have budgeted tens of thousands each month towards Costa Rica marketing.

How would you like to make your mark in the Costa Rica real estate sector? With the proven and exclusive methods of Costa Rica marketing by Don Halbert…anything is possible.

Here is where you’ll want to begin…

Stop believing that Costa Rica marketing over the Internet has to be expensive. There are solutions for every budget whether big or small – just don’t lose sight of reality and understand that certain things will be available within your budget while others might not. This is not to assume you can’t compete.

The Internet changed everything. And almost daily it reinvents itself – have you adapted to this pace of change?

Old school methods of marketing that may have worked in the past, are not only outdated but a complete waste of your time and energy.

Today’s buyer is looking, first and foremost, for some level of personal attachment or trust before making the move to purchase.

As many of you have likely experienced, Costa Rica real estate buyers are deservedly cautious about pulling the trigger and investing. Not only that but it may “appear” that today’s buyer has a diminutive budget than previous years.

Like many great discoveries – the solution lies at the root of the problem. And the root of the problem isn’t the diminishing savings of the financially strained North American countries. The problem is quite simply…”a failure to communicate.”

Without fear of sounding like a broken record, we have no choice but to reflect back to marketing.

More specifically inbound marketing is the clarion avenue to reaching your target market while bestowing a level of trust and personality as opposed to sitting back and being just another “Entitled Costa Rica Real Estate Agent.”

Thinking outside the box is what makes some agencies more successful than others.

Don’t believe it? Well then tell me how it’s possible that a one woman Costa Rica real estate agency is outranking you and taking clients from your agency hand over fist?

I’ll tell you how – she’s savvy to the importance of Costa Rica marketing and incorporating aggressive inbound Internet marketing strategies.

Back to the “failure to communicate” issue that is plaguing the Costa Rica real estate sector.

The world is experiencing something unprecedented- the Occupy Movement came to being a few months back whereas pockets of protesters were demanding change to the current capitalistic society. Among their concerns – increasing financial strains on the average citizen just trying to survive.

What normally should have been an opportunity alarm bell for Costa Rica real estate agents, ended up falling on deaf ears.

Costa Rica real estate professionals appear to be on cruise control. Yet there remains opportunity even here.

Like Sun Tzu said in The Art of War – strike your opponent when and where they least expect.

Now is the prime moment for sharp Costa Rica real estate business owners to make a move and leap frog others while they sleep at the wheel.