Jin Wu Kung Fu Offers New Stunt / Fight Choreography Class for Hollywood Actors

The most renowned martial arts school in the West Coast, Jin Wu Kung Fu, has announced today that they will be offering a very special new class; Shaolin Kung Fu for Motion Picture, Martial Arts Training for Actors- Screen Combat, Stunt Work, and Fight Choreography,Workshop 1 and Workshop 2, respectively.

Sunday October 6th, in Los Angeles, California

The first of the ongoing classes will debut to a very elite, core group of actors this Sunday October 6th, at the Los Angeles State Historic Park, 1245 N. Spring Street, L.A., CA 90012 (near Chinatown, with free parking) From 4 to 6PM, for just $25. The class- the only one of its’ kind, will be taught by Expert Master Xiaojun Wang who is proficient in Shaolin KungFu & Sanda (Chinese Kickboxing) and Expert Master Shane Yan who is proficient in Wushu KungFu.

Historic State Park, Downtown L.A.


Held at the Historic State Park in downtown L.A. near Chinatown, where the legendary music fest FYF Fest was held among more, the powered up, two hour training promises to be a very fun and active class, with a lot of action led by two martial arts stars. Actors both male and female of all ages are invited to attend to learn how to do stunts and fight choreography, and train with the best. Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian to sign up.

Starpower Management

The A-list model and talent management firm Starpower Management will be in attendance for the class, and will be accepting headshots or snapshots after the class (representation is not guaranteed, and actors should not spend money on photos to be considered). Starpower Management represents multiple stars and films including one motion picture with one Emmy Award Winner. The firm represented Michael Jackson guitarist David Williams who played on Billie Jean, Thriller, Beat It, and Off the Wall among more. For more information, actors may e-mail Starpower ManagementLLC at gmail dot com for special attention and for more information

Visit the official Jin Wu Kung Fu website at: www.JinWuKungFu.com.

Stunt Choreography / Fight Choreography Class

Actors can build their resume with Stunt Choreography and Fight Choreography class.

Talent manager Bruce Edwin of Starpower Management states, “I never endorse any school to non-clients. So, you can be certain that I recognize Jin Wu Kung Fu as the best in their field, and that I personally suggest you take advantage of this unique, amazingly cool opportunity for an incredibly generous

and beyond fair amount.” Bruce adds, “Having this training (when you pass), will give you the legit ability to add some really good Education and Training credits to your resume.”

Martial Arts Training for Motion Picture, Workshop 1, Fight Choreography, Master Xiajun Wang, Los Angeles, CA, and

Martial Arts Training for Motion Picture, Workshop 2, Stunt Work, Screen Combat, Master Shane Yan, Los Angeles, CA

This can be listed under Education, or Training on your resume, and is for a ridiculously low price, is of immense value to you as an actor not only for increasing the weight of your resume training, but for the actual and applied knowledge and experience you will have.” Bruce Edwin adds, “Casting directors love it when people have martial arts training- and so do agents and managers. It is a unique, powerful skill to have in Hollywood. And, China is one of the biggest new funders for Hollywood Cinema, which means, more co-productions will exist in Hollywood between China and Hollywood, creating a greater demand for those who know martial arts. Shaolin Kung Fu is the traditional martial arts of China.” Actors are invited to bring their friends to this rare and special class, and are advised to call and sign up now as only a limited number of students will be accepted.

Learn more about Jin Wu Kung Fu by visiting: www.JinWuKungFu.com.

You can watch the teacher, Master XJ in action here below in this video. If you like it, you are invited to ‘like the page’ on You tube and share with your friends.