Car Chase, Shooting In Washington DC

Washington – (NewsBlaze) – A woman driving a car with Connecticut license plates, with a child in the back seat, was killed by Washington police today, after police chased her and she tried to run through barriers near the Capitol.

The woman fired no shots, so it is unknown why police fired 12 shots, killing her.

Apparently, she tried to ram the barriers erected near the White House, because of the government partial shutdown, and then was chased by police. The reason the woman tried to ram the barriers is unknown.

At this time, we assume the child in the back seat was unhurt, because there has been no mention of this in the reports our Washington Correspondent heard.

One police car, shown in the photo below, was wrecked in a crash and a police officer was injured.

NewsBlaze Washington Correspondent, Randy Foreman was in the area and took the photo below.

He was at the corner of 2nd street and D, having just turned off Constitution, when he heard the “pop pop pop” of gunfire. As he walked by, two police cars zoomed out of the Capitol police building, faster than he had ever seen before, and a stream of Capitol police officers came out of the building. The police kept pushing people back away from the scene, all the way back as far as Louisiana Avenue.

washington shooting
Police cars in the street after the car chase and shooting in Washington DC
washington police chief cathy lanier
Washington Metropolitan Police Chief, Cathy Lanier speaks at a press conference after the incident.

Chief Lanier Speaking At The Press Conference

It has only been a little over a week since the shooting in the Washington Navy Yard.

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