Jack Robie: The Name to Wear for Father’s Day

Wall Street drop-outs turned online entrepreneurs Brad Corona and Brian Nicholson are tailor-made as partners for the budding Jack Robie. The former Brown classmates recently launched a luxury men’s shirt line consisting of dress and casual shirts made in the U.S.A. and sold exclusively online at www.jackrobie.com.

“We just weren’t happy with what was available in the dress shirt market at the $90 – $150 price point, which is just above mainstream retail but well below most luxury brands” Corona comments. “We focused on creating a reasonably-priced luxury men’s shirt, while also improving upon many of the mediocrities we saw in existing men’s shirts – poor fabric quality, loose fits, unnecessary length and collar shrinkage, among others.”

The name of the company, Jack Robie, pays homage to the dapper character portrayed by Cary Grant in the 1955 Hitchcock classic To Catch a Thief. “We’ve always thought of Cary Grant as a style icon”, Corona continues, “but what resonated about this particular character was that aside from being well-dressed, he’s an American living in Europe. We’re an American company and we manufacture domestically, but our style has a European influence.”

Jack Robie launched just two weeks ago and the response from the public has been exciting.

“For the level of quality that Jack Robie shirts offer, the price point is accessible. Our collection offers something for every father . . . and their brothers and sons as well” says Brian Nicholson.

Check out the full Jack Robie collection at www.jackrobie.com for a last-minute Father’s Day gift . . . you may also find something nice for yourself.