Income Tax Never Ratified, So Why Pay?

The Federal Reserve, which is no more Federal than Federal Express, has long since been carrying out strictly enforced laws in regards to the income tax, however, in light of the Tax Honesty movement as well as We The People Foundation, new light is being shed upon this once complex and strung out tax code.

There have been various cases within the Supreme Court defining both income as well as labor, these definitions, and the case names, can help you avoid audits, foreclosures, and most of all, the IRS.

The Amendment to the Constitution that the IRS references to in order to apply their taxing powers is the 16th Amendment, however this Amendment, ruled by the Supreme Court soon after, ‘gave congress no new powers to levy taxes’. As it already had these powers within the original framework of The Constitution.

The 16th Amendment – “If you… examine [The 16th Amendment] carefully, you would find that a sufficient number of states never ratified that amendment.” (US District Court Judge, James C. Fox, 2003)

The 16th Amendment states; “The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.”-

There were 48 states at the given time(1909-1913), ONLY 42 sent a response back, let’s take a look at the States that did not legally ratify the Amendment, note that 3/4ths, or 38 States, have to ratify the Amendment to become law.

Texas and Louisiana violated provisions in their state constitutions prohibiting the legislatures from empowering the federal government with any additional taxing authority.

Twelve other states, violated provisions in their constitutions requiring that a bill be read on three different days before voting on it. The States violating their State laws are as follows: Mississippi, Ohio, Arkansas, Minnesota, New Mexico, West Virginia, Indiana, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Colorado, and Illinois. Now the number is reduced to states legally ratifying the Amendment.

Now let’s subtract JUST those States and figure out how many states are left. 38(approvals not States) minus fourteen equals twenty four. Remember, the legal requirement for ratifying a new Amendment MUST be 3/4ths, or thirty eight, so we now have TWELVE less than legally required.

The Kentucky legislature voted on a bill that exempted “on income” within the Amendment, yet it was still counted. We’re now down to twenty three.

Oklahoma sent in a revised version of the Amendment, which exempted “income through labor,” yet it was counted as having ratified the original Amendment.

How many is that now? Twenty two.

The state constitution of Tennessee prohibited the state legislature from acting on an Amendment to the U.S. Constitution by Congress until after the next election of state legislators. This was implemented into Tennessee law as to have the ability for the Amendment to become a known issue and allow feasible arguments for and against it.

Twenty One.

Then you have Ohio, California, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Minnesota. Four of these States have already been subtracted above, save for California. Now that we subtract California, you reach a grand total of twenty States that had ratified the 16th Amendment. Twenty total! SIXTEEN less than required!

This is surely a great enlightenment, in regards to the IRS and Tax Code, as they have no authority to foreclose on houses, no authority to press charges based off of the tax filings, and no authority to tax income.

Surely the Federal Government is aware of the illegal ratification of the 16th Amendment; surely our Senators and Representatives are aware of this fraud being forced upon the public, at the expense of losing homes, fortunes, and any object of possession that is worth a measly dollar.

So what has the Government done about this. Nothing. It sits idly by as millions of people are foreclosed upon, their reputations tarnished by the IRS, their assets seized, and their lives destroyed.

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