Grant Cardone – Financial Leader of Our Time

Leadership is influencing others to the action of performing tasks that fulfill goals. It has also been defined as making a way for people to work together to make something amazing happen.

There are people, and then there are leaders. When I was invited to the birthday party years back of a man named Grant Cardone, I expected some fun, but I did not expect to be repeating years later that it was ‘the best party I have ever been to in my life.’ Even the paparazzi there, who are like me, not easily impressed, would rave to me over a year later the same sentiment, that it was ‘the best party they had ever attended.’

While movie stars including Juliette Lewis and others mingled freely with the other thousand or so of the rich, famous, and beautiful, with magnetic power and massive force of will at every turn, it was one man, the host, Grant Cardone, who possessed the greatest power and magic of them all. His existence is like the force of a hundred men, not mere men, but a hundred super successful men, all rolled in to one. He is one of the few in society who don’t think small, he thinks massively big. And if he sees a problem with something, he doesn’t go with the flow, he changes the flow.

The force of Grant Cardone defines leadership to its core, in its highest, greatest form. His energy is massive, his charm, legendary, and his motivation of positive, successful thinking, matched by few I have ever known. Starting from modest beginnings, Grant Cardone is now the founder and owner of three multi-million dollar companies, a successful software company, a sales training and consulting business, and a real estate company with a portfolio valued at over 100 million dollars.

Grant Cardone: Tel: 1800-368-5771

As if all that were not enough, he is now a successful author, and public speaker, lecturing around the world to industry leaders, managers, CEOs and entrepreneurs, on sales, money, finance, business strategies and business expansion.

After working for others for a time in the auto industry, he later quit, turned around, and sold his former bosses the innovative Epencil software-negotiating program he created to make their businesses more successful. The program is now utilized by most dealerships nationwide.

As a real estate investor, Mr. Cardone started with one home and parlayed it into apartments, shopping centers and development opportunities with over $200 million dollars bought and sold. His own home in which he currently resides in Los Angeles, along with his wife, the beautiful and talented actress Elena Lyons, is a 17 million dollar mansion in the Hollywood Hills, once owned by Lionel Ritchie. He is the author of the book ‘Sell to Survive,’ which stresses the importance of selling for any career.

Sell To Survive is rapidly becoming a survival manual for business executives, sales representatives, entrepreneurs and small business owners. It is the definitive book on how to survive in any economy.

One of the few voices who reject the constant negative media drumbeat about the economy and in particular, the state of the national housing market, Grant Cardone offers his expertise on a number of current issues. With his solution oriented, no nonsense formulas, he has led thousands of individuals to succeed where before they had failed.

With his proven business acumen, approachable persona, and growing list of financial achievements, Mr. Cardone has established himself as one of the leading opinion makers on finance and economic issues in the world. He is featured regularly on network news channels and sites reaching millions. His humor, wit, charm, and power of success, truly make him a leader of our time, to help bring the world out of its self-inflicted despair, to a place of hope, vision, and victory. If any man is truly worthy of the title ‘star,’ or leader of our times in Hollywood, and the world, it is Grant Cardone.

We are pleased to give you here, an exclusive interview with the man that other financial experts are calling ‘The entrepreneur for the 21st Century,’ Mr. Grant Cardone.