CREDANT Works With Dell to Provide Enhanced Encryption Solution

CREDANT Technologies, a company that specializes in endpoint data protection solutions, has collaborated with Dell and announced at Dell World its new additions to the Dell Data Protection | Encryption portfolio.

The new solutions is designed by Dell and co-developed with Credant. The portfolio offers you performance, enhanced security and a broad management platform to protect sensitive information. Dell and CREDANT have also worked to reduce the burden on IT by helping them centrally deploy, manage and enforce encryption policies across their organization.

They have done so with consolidated audit and reporting on data protection status. This allows you to focus on innovation and provide the peace of mind that your data is protected.

“Customers constantly tell us that data security and risk mitigation are top concerns of theirs, and together CREDANT and Dell are helping organizations tackle this issue through innovation,” says Bob Heard, CEO of CREDANT Technologies. “Dell Data Protection | Encryption gives customers an easier way to centrally protect and manage their endpoints with a high level of security.”

Dell Data Protection | Encryption Enterprise Edition features Full Volume Encryption. The feature is one of the only commercially available endpoint disk encryption solutions to reach US Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 Level 3 certification.

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It enhances security and performance by offloading encryption processes to the hardware accelerator, allowing customers to apply hardware-based encryption to any standard drive.

Dell Data Protection | Encryption Enterprise Edition also features Data-Centric Encryption, a software-based solution that protects both the system drive and external media. It is designed for mixed vendor environments and allows IT to set flexible encryption policies based on end users, end user groups and data sensitivity without end user intervention to ensure policies are enforced.

It can easily deploy encryption protection without interfering with existing IT processes for systems management and authentication. Dell Data Protection | Encryption Enterprise Edition uses intuitive and powerful management, audit and policy enforcement capabilities to ensure that data-at-rest on these devices are protected. It also gets on a path towards compliance with pre-set policy templates.

Lastly, it can manage Mac OS systems through the integration of CREDANT for MAC with the Dell Data Protection | Encryption Management Console.

Other additions to the Dell Data Protection | Encryption portfolio includes an External Media Edition and a BitLocker Manager. The External Media Edition helps you close critical security gaps even if you have already encrypted the system disk. The BitLocker Manager brings an enterprise level of management to Microsoft BitLocker to deliver a centralized reporting, auditing and policy enforcement.

All Dell Data Protection | Encryption solutions are manageable under a single console so customers can choose which solutions fit best throughout different parts of their environment.

Dell Data Protection | Encryption Personal Edition also uses Data Centric Encryption and Full Volume Encryption, but is available as a locally managed solution on select Dell Precision Workstations, Latitude Laptops and OptiPlex desktops.

“At Dell, we believe in creating the best experience for end users and IT, helping IT organizations gain the control they need to secure and manage their environment, while enabling end users to stay more productive than ever,” says Kirk Schell, executive director and general manager of Business Client Product Group, Dell. “With the new additions to the Dell Data Protection | Encryption portfolio, we are providing customers with assurance their critical data is protected so they can focus more on achieving their business goals and adapt to the changing needs of end users.”

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