Could Your Business Use A Few Good Volunteers?

Do you dream of winning the business lottery? If so, I might have found the jackpot that you have been looking for. I hope that you can benefit tremendously from this windfall program which is a real sign of the times.

Business has slowed with all of the contraction in the economy and the cut backs that have resulted from it. But business still needs to get done and people are needed to do it and some of my recruiter colleagues have come up with a “win-win” program to solve the problem that businesses have – while putting professionals back to work at the same time. I have reprinted their press release. If you can take advantage of the program, give them a call.

Begin Press Release:

Begun in December, the ProMatch 100 program matches businesses looking to implement mission-critical projects cost-effectively with volunteer professionals looking to showcase their skills to potential employers. The program’s goal is to generate 10,000 hours of productivity by matching 100 businesses with 100 volunteer professionals.

Businesses are struggling to survive a down economy. They must find ways of increasing productivity while fending off competition and staying current with services and technology. ProMatch 100 is designed to help these companies jump start productivity in 2010 at minimal cost. The program places professionals in transition looking for work in a Greater Los Angeles business for up to two months to work on any high level project the businesses choose. The businesses get a chance to boost productivity while the volunteers show what they can do by completing the projects. If things work out, the business can hire the professional at anytime without paying an employment fee.

“In 30 years in business I’ve gone through several economic slumps. This experience has taught me one thing: It’s the business community that will inevitably turn an economy around, not the politicians in Washington. Our ProMatch 100 program will help businesses do that. It will inject nearly 10,000 hours of productivity into our local economy at minimal cost to local businesses. Meanwhile, it will give businesses a feel for how the volunteer might contribute to the company, so they can make a more informed hiring decision. In the end, the program benefits the employers, the volunteers, and our economy,” says Basu Ghosh, Founder & CEO, Omnikron Systems, Inc.

Typical projects businesses might implement using a ProMatch 100 volunteer professional include:

  • Running asset management and software inventories to reduce redundancies and locate missing assets still on the books that should be closed out;
  • Analyzing and renegotiating contracts to drive expenses down (i.e. voice, data, software, mobile, storage, supplies, etc.);
  • Updating documentation including policies, procedures, handbooks or instruction guides;
  • Retooling Web sites to reflect new services or improve SEO rankings;
  • Helping with cost-cutting “green” initiatives; and more

    Businesses taking part in ProMatch 100 provide Omnikron with their short-term project ideas. Omnikron sends the business several qualified volunteer candidates. After selecting one, the business and the volunteer discuss the project’s scope and agree on both the milestones and the number of project hours. When the volunteer starts, the businesses provide quick onboarding, weekly status meetings, and specific contact people.

    “Businesses know that increasing productivity enhances competitiveness. But they don’t always have the manpower or resources to do it. ProMatch 100 helps resolves this issue. It provides experienced, highly skilled workers to address key mission-critical projects for businesses. And it does it now – not three or four months from now. At the same time, our program gives the volunteer professionals chances to demonstrate their capabilities and contribute to a potential employer. It’s “win-win,” says Robin L. Borough, executive vice president, Omnikron Systems, Inc.

    For more information about the ProMatch program or to register, contact Robin L. Borough, executive vice president, Omnikron Systems, Inc. Tel: (818) 223-4115 Cell: (818) 618-7848. E-mail: [email protected].

    End of Press Release

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