Club Kids Invade L.A. New Years Eve with DJ Xian at Vendetta

While most of Los Angeles is trying to scramble up to long lines of nightclubs filled with too many people trying to pretend to be something they’re not this new years eve, there is one elite club that- beyond the velvet ropes- is truly the crowd of the ‘whose who’ of the famed Hollywood club scene.

Club kids, which were a group of the most lavishly and wildly dressed clubbers in the late 80’s and early 90’s, were inspired by world famous nightclubs including Studio 54 in NYC, and Dancetaria. Fueled by early disco, new wave, punk, and then house, breakbeat, and industrial, club kids found their way from Miami to L.A., to Chicago, at places including Medusa’s, and the rest of the planet’s hippest spots as well.


What the un-initiated to L.A’s insider crowd don’t necessarily know, is that Club Kids are still a staple at certain underground, elite dance party’s. And at Hollywood’s most elite New Years Eve night of them all- where the theme is 80’s, gothic, industrial, new wave, Ziggy Stardust era glam, zoot suit style gangster, flappers, and big city mobster- club kids still abound, creating an aura of magic, mystery, and fueled up energy that knows no limits.

If all this sounds like a wild carnival, where somebody presses the button at 8pm and the excitement and thrills don’t stop until the wee hours of the next morning, it is. And the main woman behind it all, is none other than famed underground goth / industrial / punk club legend, DJ Xian. (Pronounced zy-an).

This Halloween style, leather and latex laced extravaganza, happens only once a year, where the hottest girls in Hollywood lace up their corsets, squeeze in their busts, and slide on their tallest slickest heels, for a night out on the most famous town in the world that only the most fortunate could hope to enter – its called VENDETTA, by club RUIN at CLUB MONTE CRISTO, but by the time you’re half way in to the night, you may be thinking other words instead like BLISS or LEGENDARY.

So put on your finest, and if you can get through the door, get ready for the hottest party this new years eve. Featured this year are the world famous, erotic SUICIDE GIRLS- that look like they could eat Playboy Playmates for dinner- non stop dance beats by renown club mistress DJ XIAN, free champagne toast and ball drop at midnight, and tons more. Its definitely the hippest and hottest crowd around, so be there- if you can pry yourself away from Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest on the flat screen.

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