As The Need For Nurses In The US Surges, Career Opportunities Look Promising

The United States has an overwhelming need for nurses in the healthcare industry. With changes in the economy and the increased retiring of baby boomers, the number of available nursing jobs has surged to new heights. The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics predicts that the nursing field will continue to be in demand well into the next decade.

During the economic downturn in 2007, many nurses in older generations deferred their retirement to continue to make ends meet. At that time, the need for nurses was not as great. However, with the US economy recovering and healthcare being more of a priority, the need for nurses has skyrocketed. As baby boomers feel more financially secure, an increase in retirements of veteran nurses has left medical facilities scrambling to locate the best qualified nurses to fill vacancies.

The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics breaks down the projected demand for varying nursing positions over the next decade (2012-2022). It is believed that the demand for licensed practical nurses (LPN) is expected to increase by 25%, registered nurses (RN) demand will increase by 19%, and advanced practice nurses (those who specialize in certain medical fields) will reach a demand of 31%. With the national growth rate for most industries ranging at 11%, it is safe to say that job security for those interested is almost a guarantee.

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What This Means for Interested Parties

Those interested in considering a career in the healthcare industry can take advantage of the nursing shortage. By obtaining an education in the nursing and healthcare field and passing the licensing and certification tests, finding a job in varying healthcare facilities should be a non issue.

Most nursing positions come with compelling benefits packages (some include tuition assistance for those looking to move higher up the ranks) as well as plenty of opportunity for growth.

Getting Started Has Never Been Easier

Think a career in the nursing industry is something you might be interested in? Well obtaining a degree has never been simpler. With hundreds of accredited nursing programs across the US and the ability to attend on campus or online courses, there are plenty of resources for hopeful nurses looking to enter the healthcare field or those looking to advance within their nursing career.

Top accelerated nursing programs allow current nursing professionals to obtain the necessary education to move up the ranks within the medical field, while accredited certification and entry level nursing programs allow those interested in making a career change to obtain the education they need to get their foot in the door.

Those who have the passion to help others and love to do so by providing a service can greatly benefit from taking up a career in nursing. In such a high demand field with plenty of opportunity for growth, nursing students now have the means to go as far as they’d like in their career. If you’re interested in becoming a nurse, finding an accredited university is the first step towards a bright and promising future.

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