Here is Why You Must Try Tradenet’s 5-Day Demo Challenge

Many day traders have a thirst for gaining from stock price moves and fluctuations, but the size of their deposits are minimizing the potential to generate profits. For instance, if novice traders start with a $500 deposit, they wouldn’t be content with a 1% daily gain, which is just $5. Tradenet understands their frustration and has a solution.

In an attempt to record higher profits, these traders usually pick more volatile stocks, which who come with greater risks. On the surface, trading volatile assets looks like it is the only way to grow the balance. However, most of the day traders with small deposits reach to zero sooner than they expect.

Tradenet Founder Solution

Meir Barak, founder of Tradenet – the world’s largest day trading school, understands the hardships of newbie stock investors so he proposes a 5-day demo challenge to filter those who have accumulated some experience but cannot afford the luxury of decent deposits.

The Tradenet challenge consists of the following: the investor gets access to a $10,000 demo account and has to record a $500 profit in 5 days. It might look easy at first glance, but participants should consider the requirements as well.

Some Requirements

Candidates should:

  • Have no less than 3 active trading days out of the 5
  • Record a minimum profit of $100 in at least two trading days
  • Use from 6 to 20 tickets during each active trading day
  • Stick with the loss limits – the maximum daily loss is $100 while the accepted maximum total loss is $300

Also, since this is a day trading challenge, all positions must be closed before the end of each active trading day.

Day traders can take part in this challenge for free. While this is a relatively difficult test, it is worth it – the successful candidates are rewarded with a funded trading account with $14,000 of real money.

Incentive Prizes

Besides, the prize includes:

  • Tradenet’s Self-Study Course
  • Access to a demo training account
  • Meir Barak’s bestselling book “The Market Whisperer”
tradenet website snapshot
Tradenet website snapshot

Guide to Stock Day Trading

On a side note, Barak’s Amazon bestseller is an important guide to stock day trading. Both novice and experienced traders find it useful – the former group is learning the basics of trading the stock market while the latter ones can improve their skills for active day trading.

Winners of the 5-day challenge can apply the recommendations from the book and the instructions from the Self-Study Course to trading the funded account. This should be a step-by-step process that could ultimately prove successful.

Mr. Barak initiated the challenge to locate skilled stock day traders across the world. This also has to do with his main goal to educate traders and encourage them during their trading activities – this is the reason why Tradenet was created in the first place. By locating capable traders, Meir Barak gives them unmatched support and opens the door to a lot of opportunities. He explains via his YouTube trading channel what he has to offer to stock day traders:

Quotes for Beginner Stock Traders

I would like to offer you the opportunity to become a Wall Street trader, work from home, and trade a funded account without risking your money.”

“I would take you by the hand to teach you how to consistency and earn a profit and trade for a living and have all the trading capital you need. If you lose, all your losses will be absorbed. If you win, you will receive up to 85 percent of the profits. Let me be your mentor,” Barak says.

Taking Advantage Of The Proposal

Such a proposal cannot be ignored as this might be that one in a lifetime chance to become a professional day trader with consistent returns. Indeed, the number of seats available for Tradenet’s challenge is limited, which is why some applicants with no trading experience at all might not be approved for the trial. Despite it all, it doesn’t cost anything to register and have a shot at it.

With a $14,000 funded account, even small percentage gains are noticeable and can motivate traders to pursue their dream of becoming financially independent.

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