Look Before You Leap: The Latest Solar Panel News You Need to Know Before You Buy

Solar panels are one of the best ways for the average consumer to save money and lower their carbon footprint.

Even better, the latest solar panel advances have made a new solar power system more affordable than ever before.

New technology is rapidly being released that is revolutionizing the production, storage, and use of solar power.

Keep reading to find out about the newest solar energy technology and how it will impact the average consumer.

Advances In Storage Technology

One of the biggest roadblocks to widespread solar adoption is its intermittent nature. Power is only produced when the sun is shining. This makes it more difficult to use solar as your sole source of power.

Lot’s of organizations are working on this and their efforts are really starting to bear fruit. There are now many different off- and on-grid storage options available to the average consumer.

Tesla made headlines with the release of their Powerwall solar power system. Now they’re one of many companies offering ways to produce and store your own power.

The newest solar energy projections show that the power grid will have to fundamentally change. Having effective and localized small scale power storage will be a big part of this.

Latest Solar Panel Designs

Solar panel technology has been advancing in leaps and bounds over the last decade. The classic blue-brown rectangle shape is becoming obsolete. Here are several of the newest panel designs that are set to revolutionize green energy.

Double-Sided Panels

Double-sided solar panels sound like the punchline to a joke but are actually a major innovation. By having solar cells on both sides of a panel you’re able to use reflected light from the ground below.

Solar Roof Tiles

Tesla’s name comes up a lot in the solar world, with good reason. They developed a series of attractive roofing tiles that double as efficient solar panels. If the biggest thing keeping you from investing in a solar system is appearance you should check them out.

Clear Solar Panels

Up until now, solar panels had to be mounted to catch the suns rays and be out of the way. Clear solar panels don’t have any of these restrictions. They can be used anywhere you put a window.

One of the most exciting possible use cases is in skyscrapers. Modern skyscrapers as basically just concrete and steel cores with a glass shell. Replacing all those windows with solar panels could power the building within.

Increased Affordability

Solar panel systems are cheaper than ever before. The widespread acceptance of solar power in America has also led to new ways to pay for them.

Many companies now offer solar financing to help you realize your green energy dream. This allows you to pay only a small down payment upfront. Your energy savings from the panels will often offset a large chunk of your monthly payments.

The Future is Renewable

New sources of power are needed to create a prosperous future. The latest solar panel innovations have made it more attractive than ever to install a home system.

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