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Rahul K. Bhonsle is a Strategic Risk and Knowledge Management Consultant and writer with specific focus on defence and security, especially in South Asia.

Afghanistan A Hot Winter Passes By

Afghanistan has seen a winter which has seen active operations during winter in the past few months. What are the prognostications for the future?

Indo Japan Relations – Strategic Alignment in Asia

Indo Japan relations are growing and contain a story of strategic realignment in Asia which could see emergence of a new power block between the economic Japan and political India.

The Henry Hyde Act – Catalyzing Indo US Relations

The Heny Hyde Act nurturing the US India civil nuclear deal is set to place Indo US relations at a higher level of synergy for mutual benefit and bringing much needed stability.

US Policy in the Middle East – Possible Options

Iraq more than anything else is leading the US to reshape its policies in the Middle East. Hopefully this should for greater stability therein.

Iran’s Conventional Forces Build Up

Nuclearisation is not the only challenge from Iran. Iran is building up its conventional forces in a planned manner and overtly displaying its might in the Middle East.

Iraq: The Options Before the USA

'Getting out' with a specific time line is not an option for America in Iraq. Restore peace and then fall back or else it will smell of another Somalia or worse still Vietnam.

Security Trends South Asia : December 2006

November was a momentous month for South Asian security and polity. There were events as far away as Riga in Latvia where the NATO summit was held which affected the region.

The Siachen Imbroglio

The Indo Pakistan impasse on Siachen continues as the winter freeze sets in there is no hope for return of the soldiers from the frozen icicles on the Glacier

China’s Forays Into Africa

The Sino African Summit in Beijing marks a new era in Chinese progression from a Middle Power to one which can increasingly be seen as an alternative to the West.

Harper Follows Treudeau as A Villain in French Canada

Stephen Harper's storm in a tea cup by declaring Quebec as a nation within Canada will not die easily. Harper could do well to learn from Trudeau who some still regard a villain.

IAEA’s Proliferation Worries

20 to 30 nations are suspected by the IAEA of waiting in the wings to produce a nuclear bomb. The need therefore is for the international community to review its non proliferation strategy.

NATO In Afghanistan

NATO faces the most daunting challenge in Afghanistan in the roughest battlefield of the World with winter fast approaching and the Taliban growing from strength to strength

South Asia Security Trends November 2006

North Korea's nuclear test engaged attention during the month of October, though situation in many other parts of the world such as Sri lanka continued to be even worse while Iraq boiled over

A Salute to The American Soldiers in Iraq

Salute the valor, the bravery, the resolve and courage of the American soldiers in Iraq, men and women alike who fight holding thier head high for the life and liberty of the Iraqis

Sri Lanka: No Signs of Peace

Sri Lanka's Fratricidal conflict has flared up again, even as the envoys of LTTE and the Government are scheduled to resume negotiations on 28 October 2006.

An Exit Policy in Iraq

The US Congressional elections have raised the tempo of an exit policy from Iraq. The decision will be ruled by many considerations some indicated in the article, but let us not forget the sacrifice of the US soldier in Iraq.

Indo Pakistan Joint Terrorism Mechanism

The Indo Pakistan Joint Terrorism Mechanism conceptualized during the NAM summit in Havana has the potential to bring peace to the region if exploited creatively by both the nations

Capping The North Korean Nuclear Genie

Ironically the timing is opportune for the coagulating forces to seduce North Korea to cap its nuclear genie. The United Nations Security Council statement warning North Korea to avoid a nuclear test on Saturday was a clear indication

Tell Mom I Did My Best

Sodiers fighting tough battles against elusive enemies in Iraq, Afghanistan or Kashmir are fired with the same ideal, do the best for their country. They just want to be sure that their mom knows they did their best.

South Asia’s Incessant Conflicts

South Asia, home to virtually one fourth of humanity is also one of the most underdeveloped areas of the World, wracked by incessant conflicts over the past five to six decades.