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Rahul K. Bhonsle is a Strategic Risk and Knowledge Management Consultant and writer with specific focus on defence and security, especially in South Asia.

China: in Al Qaeda’s Cross Hairs

The Lal Masjid episode in Paksitan indicates a growing threat to China from global terror. Is Beijing in Al Qaeda's cross hairs?

Technology Transforms China

Environment, labour and religion will transform China, not just the society but also one day the Commuist party and technology will be the driver.

Can We Contain China?

Beijing reacted strongly recently over reports of a meeting of an informal grouping of states it regards as competitors regarding possible threats in the future.

Should We Contain China?

A rising China can be viewed as a global economic powerhouse or a potential threat to peace and tranquility in the world a few decades hence.

China’s Regional Policy: The Dragon Crawls

Given the rise of China, Deng's '24 Character Strategy' is probably the most oft quoted Chinese phrase in international relations today.

Chinese Foreign Policy – Developing CNP

This holistic relationship being developed by the Chinese corresponds to their view of developing a comprehensive national power in which diplomacy is a major component.

Understanding China Will Preoccupy The World

Understanding the Chinese will be essential in the World of tomorrow, so how do you decipher their intent coming from a different culture and geography.

Space: China’s New Frontier

The numbers are also matched purposeful exploitation of the medium which China feels will determine the course of global polity.

China’s Africa Initiative and American Response

China's forays into Africa need an appropriate response of balance from other nations. America seems to have risen to this need just recently

Seeing Through China’s Aircraft Carrier?

Reports of go ahead given by China's Central Military Commission to construct an aircraft carrier, is a paradigm shift in Chinese policy.

South Asia Security Trends April 2007: Reconciliation

South Asia continued to see internal strife in virtually all the states despite SAARC attempting to narrow down the differences

China – A Technology Super Power by 2050?

China's economic boom is accompanied by developments in the field of strategic technologies as satellite, missile and nuclear energy making it a possible tech super power by 2050

The Chinese PLA Navy

The PLA Navy is slowly gainign confidence as it exercises with a multinational force in the Arabian Sea

Chinese Technology Development Plans

Rahul K Bhonsle says China is systematically going about development of technology, here is a glimpse

China’s 100 Year Vision of Greatness

Chinese vision of greatness is not restricted to the near term but extends over the next Century as the Premier Wen Jiabao testifies

South Asia Security Trends April 2007: Brinkmanship

The ides of March crossed many areas of South Asia as conflict and hopes of peace continued its cruel play with people of this region.

Iraq Hope of a New Dawn

The American surge in Iraq is paying dividends slowly but steadily, though there is a need for pursuing the course to a logical conclusion.

South Asia Security Trends: Musharraf Between The Devil and The Deep...

South Asian security was once again in focus with Dick Cheney and Margaretn Beckett paying a visit to Pakistan and Afghanistan

South Asia Security Trends: Turmoil in Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka

South Asia is a region with many conflicts, trials and tribulations. Security trends in the area are of great interest globally

China’s Defence White Paper

China's Defence White Paper denotes a lumbering armed forces attempting to come to grips with the reality of modernisation