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Rahul K. Bhonsle is a Strategic Risk and Knowledge Management Consultant and writer with specific focus on defence and security, especially in South Asia.

The Marines : What to Expect in Afghanistan

Best of luck to the gallant fighters in the toughest military in the World and in some of the roughest terrains.

PLA Soldier from Uniform to Civvie Street

Despite all the facilities being provided to the PLA demobilized personnel, he has to return the uniform which has been recently adopted by the PLA in July this year.

Hot Line : Sino – US Rapprochement or Tokenism?

A major diplomatic success in the past week is agreement to establish a hot line between the US military and the Chinese PLA. How will this pan out and how long will take? Here is a view

Chinese People’s Liberation Army Modernisation Trends

Chinese People's Liberation Army is rapidly absorbing the tenets of revolution in military affairs and emerging as a modern, multi dimensional force

Hu : Leading China’s Technocratic Leadership

China's leadership is increasingly being led by technocrats, with Le Keqiang being the lone economist. So is China's growth led by engineers of all hues? Have a look

Why does China Fear the Dalai Lama?

The award of the US Congressional gold medal to the Dalai Lama, one of the most revered spiritual personalities in the World has invited Beijing's ire.

China’s 17th National CPC Congress – The Way Ahead

China commences its 17th National CPC Congress on 15 October, a meet which may mark affirmation of the Hu-Wen duo and their concept of building an harmonious society.

Transforming Sino Russian Defence Relationship

A significant transformation in Sino Russian Defence relationship is evident, particularly as Chinese orders for Russian defence equipment seem to be drying up.

Chinese Buglers: Front Line Information Warriors?

Why is Chinese People's Liberation Army falling back on its buglers during major war games? Beating the threat of jamming communications and information warfare seems to be the focus.

China’s Morality Crisis

This campaign also underlined the concern of authorities over transformation taking place in society due to industrialization and urbanization.

Mahan, Malabar and China

The Chinese Navy is closely studying the principles of naval strategy espoused by Mahan and find the Malabar exercises disturbing.

Understanding Chinese Officialdom

Know the culture of Chinese officialdom to be able to deal with him in business and play, for engagement with the stiff bureaucrat from Beijing is inevitable in the World of morrow

China’s Geopolitical Qualms

China's expansionist vision may reflect its growing insecurities as it may feel surrounded by powers inimical to its long term interests be it Japan in the East or India in the South.

Peace Mission 2007 – Chinese Military Political Venture in Central Asia

China is entering the new great game in Central Asia with the SCO and the recent exercise, Peace Mission 2007 acting as an instrument for larger aims in the region.

Beware of China’s Inner Contradictions

As Mattel recalls toys from China and bridges collapse in the country, investors need to be cautious of the Chinese stock bubble.

China’s New Look People’s Liberation Army

The Chinese People's Liberation Army is not just donning a new uniform, it is set to be a global force rather than an internal organ of the party.

Chinese People’s Liberation Army at 80

The Chinese People's Liberation Army at 80 still follows the age old precept of people's war adapted to high tech conditions. How has the PLA changed over the years?

China Regional Hegemon or Benefactor?

China is gradually permeating influence in its neighbourhood, is it purely philanthropic interests or desire to undercut authority of other states as India or the United States?

Afghanistan National Army : Legion of Modern State

The Afghanistan National Army in its fourth avatar is set to be the bulwark of a modern nation state. The many complexities of the society make this a challenging task.
differing opinions.

Who is Afraid of Hu?

The dimunitive Chinese President may not seem a man to be afraied of but can we trust the nation of a billion and a quarter that he leads?