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Nehad Ismail is a writer and broadcaster, who writes about issues related to the Middle East from his home in London.

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President Obama’s Red Line is Turning Yellow

The Syrian National Coalition claims toxic gas was used by President Bashar al Assad's forces during a bombardment of rebel-held areas outside the Syrian capital.

Breaking The Impasse: Israeli-Palestinian Peace Negotiations In Peril

Nehad Ismail comments on the difficult peace process between the Israelis and Palestinians, the outcome of which is, as always, uncertain.

Iraqi Government Announces Closure of Al Jazeera Arabic

Al Jazeera Arabic and Nine Other TV Channels are the Victims of Iraq Media Mayhem

Syria Destabilizing Lebanon By Assassination

To neutralise Hezbollah, to weaken Iran, to save Lebanon and to save the Syrian people, the regime of Bashar al Assad must be dismantled, by military force if necessary

Kofi Annan Mission to Save Bashar al Assad is Doomed

If the status quo continues to prevail, the non-existent Al-Qaeda presence in Syria, will become a reality and complicate the picture and give the regime the perfect pretext
one state solution debate

The One-State Solution – The Only Viable Option

Former Knesset Speaker Avrum Burg endorsed the one-state solution in an article in Haaretz in December 2011, and called on the entire left to do the same.

Why Does Russia Support the War Criminals of Syria?

Russia is still refusing to condemn the war crimes committed by the Syrian regime. The Security Council seems impotent to act to stop the massacres perpetrated by Bashar Al Assad's thugs against the pro-democracy protesters.

Is Iran Developing New Nuke Warhead?

The report by the (IAEA) will identify a suspect site where warhead components have been tested. This report is considered the most detailed presentation to date of its evidence for recent nuclear weapons research in Iran.

9/11 Will Not Be Repeated; Al-Qaeda is Doomed

Al-Qaeda is too weak to mount a major attack against the US in the future. The terror group has been emasculated and is not in a position to carry out spectacular operations.

‘Al Baath and Al Shabbiha’ The Two Most Hated Nouns in...

The term Shabbiha means in Arabic 'ghostlike' or 'Phantoms' with evil intentions. In reality they are groups of sinister thugs who appear from nowhere like ghosts and proceed to kill and maim demonstrators. Al Shabbiha direct their violence agai
women preach islam

Muslim Women Now Become Preachers of Islam

At the other end of the spectrum we have the Kuwaiti Muslim thinker Salwa al-Mutairi who according to Front Page Magazine (6th June 11) has called for the re-introduction of sex-slaves into Arab society.

Options to End Gaddafi’s Nightmare

The recently announced deployment of Predator drones might help but will not protect civilians in the urban areas of Misrata and Tripoli. I am not a military expert, but this is my gut feeling based on armchair observations.
middle east. Image by aditya wicaksono from Pixabay

Is Time Running Out for The Syrian Regime?

Most observers believe that stability and slogans are not enough to stop the popular revolution. Although the recent protests are limited in scale compared to Egypt and Yemen, they could escalate.

Jordan Says ‘Yes’ to Reforms and ‘No’ for Change of Regime

Jordan is not ruled by a tyrant like Libya. Jordan's Parliamentary System is far from perfect but is functioning well under difficult circumstances.

Is Jordan’s Special Role in Jerusalem a Casualty of Al-Jazeera Leaks?

According to a leaked document Saeb Erekat, the Chief Palestinian negotiator said to his Israeli interlocutors that 'we reject any Jordanian role over Jerusalem holy sites'.

Jordan is Definitely Not An Alternative Home for The Palestinians

A year later on 5th December several far right political thugs met in a conference in Israel and repeated the same old discredited mantra that Jordan is the alternative homeland for the Palestinians.
Israelis at the wailing wall. Image by Aleks Megen from Pixabay

Jordan is Right in Offering Disaster Assistance to Israel

We call on Israel to withdraw to pre 1967 borders and to enter into meaningful serious peace negotiations with the Palestinians. We reject the confiscation of Palestinian land and the policy of home demolitions. We dislike the manoeuvrings of Netany
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Islamists in Jordan are Crying Foul

The Jordan Parliamentary Election was a Triumph Islamic parties fail to derail elections.
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Jordan a Safe Haven for Christians in The Middle East

The recent massacre of Christian worshippers in The Our Lady of Salvation Church in Baghdad Iraq has received a great deal of publicity and world-wide condemnation. Very little was heard from Arab States and Muslim religious leaders.
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Is It a White Elephant and a Costly Irrelevance?

As usual it is much easier to be negative and critical than be positive offering remedies. I for one don't wish to be in the shoes of those responsible for running the much maligned channel.