Saturday, January 20, 2018
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Brij Sharma is an Indian journalist and editor based in Bahrain. Brij tells us the interesting stories we don't usually hear from the middle east country.

Echoes of Bahrain Plight Found in Cindy Sheehan Letter

Why has Sawsan written the open letter to Cindy? Because, as she says: '... despite my country and USA being bound by various treaties, the latter has changed its policies towards the former as felt in some recent US political arrangements. It has

Iran’s Failed Boat Ride to Propaganda

After a lot of hoopla and pre-departure publicity, including protestations that it was not carrying any arms, a boat with 120 so-called activists [including 10 children!!] set out from Dayyer near Bushehr for Bahrain, some 300km across the Arabian G

Bahrain Initiates Campaign to Boycott Iranian Traders

The move has been inspired following Iran's interference in the internal affairs of Bahrain through its media arms notably Press TV and Tehran Times, which in the last three months have also gone on to distort and misrepresent facts and visuals o

Flak Against Bahrain for Punishing Murderers Unjustified

Let us first find out who these seven murderes are. The opposition in Bahrain has claimed that the seven were merely 'protesters' who were fighting for their rights together with others. But given the course of action they chose to adopt in the na

Bahrain Paper Turns Out to Be Purveyor of Falsehoods

The idea obviously was to create tension and discord in the country. Another report showed a 'child victim' of brutality which was in reality another report from a Palestinian source. In some reports the people whose names appeared under photograp

Indian Ambassador Gives Bad Advice in Bahrain

I lived in Bahrain for 14 years. I can say there is no reason at present for Indians, or for that matter any expatriate, to transfer their funds out. Why should they? The developments so far in Bahrain have posed absolutely no threat to anyone.

Arab Gulf Countries Oasis of Calm

High population, low per capita incomes, lack of job opportunities, poor educational infrastructure, corruption and repression are among the primary reasons why people anywhere would stand up and protest after a time.

Bahrain’s ‘Easy Exit’ Scheme for Illegal Aliens Benefits Nation

The scheme has not only helped those who have left for home but is bound to be of benefit to Bahrain as well. For one thing, the exploited illegals oftentimes tend to end up at their embassy's door once they reach the end of their tether suffering

Bahrain Determined to Curb Irregularities in Government Spending

The spur for this action was the report recently released by Bahrain's National Audit Court which said that massive amounts of public money had been squandered as a result of financial and administrative irregularities and mismanagement. The 2009 r

Bahrain’s Police Force Discloses Its Security Activities Through an Exhibition

The exhibition was free and open to public. Numerous booths showcased every conceivable activity undertaken by its various wings to maintain peace and security, improve traffic safety and control crime.