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manisha gupta

India: Manisha’s StartUp Inspirations For Women

StartUp Helps Budding Social Entrepreneurs Delhi (Women's Feature Service) - Manisha Gupta is not your average entrepreneur. Her StartUp is devoted to helping budding social...

Close the Gap: Don’t Fail Those Who Take the HIV Test

Afsar Syed Mohammad tells the stories of three people living with HIV, each with a different viewpoint and different challenges.
madhubani art on a home wall

India: Capturing The Different Strokes of Women Madhubani Artists

Ranti village is home to Madhubani women Artists, some of the foremost practitioners of Hindu mythological fine art that draws inspiration from rural life.

India: Rejecting Early Marriage, Anu Wants To Go Back To School

An incentive for young girls to go to school is being used to reduce the number of early marriages in India, and it appears to be working.
knitting yarn

United Kingdom: From London To the Andes, Devika Dass Knits A...

For someone who had always planned on making her mark in the courtrooms as a lawyer, destiny's sketch for UK-born Indian Devika Dass has turned out to be pretty fashionable.

Is India Depriving Jalalpur’s Muslim Community a Decent Home Life?

The Muslim 'mohalla' (neighbourhood) of Jalalpur village in Sarila block of Hamirpur district captures this reality eloquently - it is there in its derelict homes, stand posts with no taps, electricity poles with no wires. Being Muslim in Jalalpur

Are Municipal Workers And Domestic Workers Right?

'The street has just been swept but, look, it is still so filthy. And the garbage has not been cleared. These municipal workers never do their job properly.'

Women Support Centres Help Odisha’s Single Women to Secure Land Titles

While the Odisha government's land allocation programmes mandate that all poor, landless families in rural areas are eligible for allotment of land - whether male or female-headed households - the reality is that women rarely own land.

Unhygienic Sterilizations Kill Women in India

In 2012, botched sterilizations claimed 56 lives and 2,609 cases of unsuccessful sterilization were recorded.

Russians Love Delectable Potatoes All Year Round

The texture of the Russian potatoes is different from those we get in India. It's granular and plays between the teeth transforming the humble tuber into a gourmet's delight.

‘Women With Broken Wings’ Ballet Honors ‘Assassinated’ Women Globally

As she plays she asks her listeners to 'come light a star in the memory of a woman or girl you know who was killed. Give her name and we shall together build a celestial memorial for her'.

Ensuring Access to Contraception Empowers Women

In a state like Himachal, where the TFR, at 1.8, is already well below the replacement level of 2.1, the District Level Health Survey III (2007-08) puts the total unmet need for contraception at 14 per cent.

India’s Security Forces Threaten Safety of Women in Conflict Zones

These were some of the questions raised at a recent meeting organised in Delhi by three prominent women's organisations - Saheli, Women Against Sexual Violence and State Repression, and WinG Network of Women from the Northeast.

Dream Fabrics Color The Town of India’s Aurangabad

Aurangabad has always been a silk and cotton textile production centre. In the old days, a fine blend of silk with locally grown cotton was developed here and became famous as Himroo.

Activist Eve Ensler Calls for An End to Violence Against Women...

Playwright and international women's activist Eve Ensler doesn't claim to know all the answers, but she has been grappling with such questions for years.

Massive Campaign Calls for Ban of Two-Finger Test In Rape Trials

Is it possible to campaign to get rid of colonial and misogynist practices of subjecting survivors to the obnoxious two-finger test?

Doctors Provide Quality Healthcare to Poorest of The Poor in India

It was November 2006. We were in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh, having driven 110 km on the road from the state capital, Raipur.

Is Poverty a Key Cause of Human Trafficking in India?

Five years ago her daughter, Sankarin, who was around 20 years of age, left home saying that she was going to Delhi with a friend of a neighbour to work as a domestic worker.

Women Targeted By Communal Violence in India

Apart from sexual and gender-based violence, women are also deeply impacted by communal violence in other ways. Their experiences do not always mirror that of men.

Teenagers On Mission to Build Toilets in India!

For city residents, toilets are no big deal. But here's why the work of these two youngsters is not just commendable but vital. According to some studies by UNICEF and WHO, over 600 million Indians defecate in the open.