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Womens Feature Service covers developmental, political, social and economic issues in India and around the globe. To get these articles for your publication, contact WFS at the www.wfsnews.org website.

Malerkotla: An Oasis of Peace

Malerkotla in Sangrur district of Punjab is an erstwhile princely riyasat with a population of one lakh Hindus and Muslims is an oasis of peace in a strife-torn land.

New Nutritional Programme Fights Urban Hunger in Delhi

These are programmes under the government's Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) Scheme, said to be the biggest nutritional intervention of its kind in the world.

Anganwadi Workers Make Contraceptives ‘User-Friendly’

What young women like Neha and Sunita need is access to proper information on the various contraceptive options available to young women like them, so that they can take informed decisions about this very important aspect of their lives.
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i-Probono: Shireen Goes Online With Free Legal Aid

i-Probono supports people and NGOs looking for legal assistance, with the help of legal professionals willing to devote some time and expertise.

One Panchayat Saves Poor From Abuse of Rural Employment Act

Social audit by social activists on the MGNREGA programme, in the Barawan panchayat, in Jehanabad district of Bihar, unearths.

Police Wives Learn From Women Constables

Thanks to this initiative, Pushpa and her friends are slowly learning to understand the world better. They now know the advantages of reading, writing and calculating

Life Goes on for India’s Nicobar Islanders After a Crushing Tragedy

By ship, it takes sixteen hours to reach Carnic, the northernmost inhabited island, but we were on a Dornier aircraft, with a team of six colleagues from the Tsunami Relief Project of the Planning Commission.

India’s Unregulated Surrogacy Under Scrutiny

The legal situation in India is in sharp contrast to that existing in many other countries. In Germany and Canada surrogacy is outlawed or prohibited, in the United Kingdom it is highly regulated and very expensive.

How ‘Bad Vibes’ At Home Contribute to Diabetes

This advice literally proved to be a life saver. It made me realise that you don't have to be rich to cope with diabetes. The only investment you have to make is in a good pair of walking shoes - and perhaps a portable music system to help you cope

Women Filmmakers Creating Their Own Special Space in World Cinema

Today, women filmmakers across the globe are making their kind of movies and creating their own special space in world cinema. From edgy memoirs to futuristic fiction, from coming-of-agers to romantic comedies, from war dramas to hard-hitting docume

Grassroots Leaders and Powerful National Politicians Talk The Same Language

South Asia, with a population of 1.7 billion people and 1.5 million villages, has an estimated three million elected representatives. Half, or 1.5 million, of them are women.

Hope Still Alive in ‘Terror Town’ of Malegaon

Early that morning, we had got off the Nashik railway station and got into the waiting Maharashtra government car. Out destination was Malegaon - a town located 280 km north-east of Mumbai and 110 km from Nashik.

New Program Engages Coaches in Fostering Gender Equality

Twenty-six coaches and their teams from 26 schools associated with the Mumbai School Sports Association (MSSA) participated in the programme.

Working Women Shrug Off Stereotypes to Shine in Saudia Arabia

In this very restrained social space are some well-qualified, professional women who are shattering stereotypes. Take Rotana Sobhi Al-Kadi, who works as a research analyst and that too in the mixed gender environment of an investment bank.

‘Water Baby’ Bhakti Swims Towards New Horizons

Even as a child, Sharma had made the local pool her playground. In fact, she is an eight-time Rajasthan state champion in competitive swimming. Then when she turned 14, her mother, Leena, suggested she try open water swimming.

Women Portrayed in ‘Chasing The Change’ Commercials

A pair of office-going girls go out for a cup of tea. They come across a huge rally which leaves the road littered with papers and other trash. While one girl merely deplores this fact, the other girl gets going by picking up the litter.

Women Designers Save Struggling Weaving Community in India

Fortunately, select fashion designers have now taken up the cause of the struggling weaving community. Bengaluru's Deepika Govind, Mumbai's Krishna Mehta, Anita Dongre and Vaishali Shadangule, Aneet Arora from Delhi and the Ahmedabad-based Digvi

Conquering the Remote ‘Sunderbans’ in India

'This is the place where the Vidyadhari and Sonakhali rivers fall into the Bay of Bengal,' our ranger informed us. We could see many small boats filled with fishermen busy at work.

Rural Alleppey Says Goodbye to Poverty

From the airport we headed straight towards Alleppey. Like many towns and cities across the country, Alleppey has now reverted to its original name, Alappuzha. In Malayalam, 'alla' means 'deep' and 'puzha' means 'river'.

Large Alliances of People Denounce Violence Against Women

We see this as a rainbow coalition. Over the last three months, we have been visiting trade unions in Sri Lanka, talking to women's groups in Bangladesh, encouraging organisations in every country to identify and bring on board political leaders