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Bangkok: The Land of Buddha

An averagely greedy person would love to visit all of them, for each one showcases the elegance of Thai architecture and sculpture in its own unique way. But time overrules all else and so you will be forced to choose.

India Hails ‘Victory’ for Women Olympians

All the media superlatives that were showered like confetti on Nehwal and Kom - including an ad for a brand of butter that had the legend 'Hum kisise Kom nahi' - could not capture their most notable achievement: To succeed in an arena

Dalit Women Leaders Fight Back to Become Agents of Change

Understanding this need to build capacity, the AIDMAM, had initiated a special programme in 2009 to train Dalit women panchayat representatives in the five states of Bihar, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and Odisha.

Young Teacher Speaks Up for Deprived Students in Assam

Darrang district is seventy km from the state capital. After about an hour's drive from Mangaldoi on broken country roads, our cars came to a halt in front of the Bajnapathar Community Health Centre.

Young Hameeda’s Comic Strips Speak Louder Than Words in India

For countless marginalised Muslim and Dalit girls and women in various districts across Uttar Pradesh, India's most populous state, Hameeda Khatoon, 25, is their Laxman - her comic strips introduce them to their rights and they are a window

Is India’s National Commission for Women Insensitive Towards Women’s Issues?

Disillusioned and appalled with the 'failure' of the NCW to intervene satisfactorily in the recent cases of violence against women, 92 women's rights groups from across India have demanded a comprehensive review of the Commission's panel

Migrant Women Workers Reveal Painful Realities of Working Abroad

Her new family was extremely strict. Even phoning home was not allowed. She was promised a salary of Rs 5,000 (US$1=Rs 55) a month but the actual amount deposited in her bank account was less.

Male Professor Conducts Survey of Women’s Place in Contemporary India

Both these attributes - the moral dimension and the gender concern - informed the JRD Tata Memorial Oration, hosted by the Population Foundation of India (PFI) that he delivered recently in Delhi, wherein he undertook a magisterial survey of women'

Feminist Bina Agarwal Leads Campaign for Gender Equality in India

It was not always easy for me to straddle two worlds of activism and academia. Activist meetings began in the middle if the day and stretched into the evenings.

Two Women Share ‘Pure Magic’ Of Discovering ‘Meghalaya’

The next day, we headed to Cherrapunji, which we knew from school days as the wettest place in the world. Nothing ever dries here; 'dampness,' to misquote Shakespeare, 'is all.'

Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer: Work-Life Balance

Then we learned that Marissa Mayer, the newly appointed CEO of Yahoo, who was six months' pregnant when hired, plans to take almost no time off when her baby is born.

Air Force Officer Nivedita Conquers Mt. Everest

Life did change. Flight Lieutenant Nivedita Choudhary became the first woman from the Indian Air Force (IAF) to summit the Mt. Everest - and the first woman from Rajasthan to achieve this feat.

Dalit Women Revolutionaries are Unsung Heroes in India

Not just women from the minority communities, among those who struggled unrelentingly for independence were Dalit and tribal women as well.

How Northeast Women Deal With ‘Risks’ in Delhi

Most young northeastern women with a high school certificate or college degree prefer to work in malls and shopping complexes because they are better in terms of physical security and work timings.

Life Remains Uncertain for Flood Victims in Assam

What makes the human tragedy worse is the misappropriation of relief materials like food grains and tarpaulins, which always takes place in conditions like this, making the lives of the poor even more difficult.

Creating Jobs to Keep Families Together in The Philippines

Flordeliza's is indeed one of the rare stories of success, as research done on female migration in the Philippines does not paint a very optimistic picture.

Tetseo Sisters Keep Traditional Folk Songs Alive

There are more than a 100 'Li', or folksongs of the Chakhesang Naga tribe, that the Kohima-based Tetseo siblings - Mutsevelu (Mercy), Azine (Azi), Alune and Kuvelu - are singing in Chokri dialect these days, to the accompaniment of the one-string

Two Old Widows Determined to Serve The Lord Until Their Last...

Neglected and ignored, Sashimani Devi, 89, and Parasmani Devi, 78, are the last surviving 'devadasis' of the famous 11th century Jagannath temple of Puri, a coastal town in the state of Odisha.

Pinki Pramanik Case Sparks Controversy in India

The bottom-line is: Who or what decides one's gender - is it society, medical professionals, the police or the law? In a democracy, where the right to gender equality is constitutionally mandated, how relevant is one's gender in a social or legal

India’s Golden Sports Icon: Mary Kom

This year's Olympic Games will not only see the debut of the power-packed game of boxing, but also of one of its most talented female champions, MC Mary Kom.