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Mehdi Hyseni is an Albanian Ph.D. in International Political Relations, residing in Boston.

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NATO Military Campaign Against Serbia Was Completely Legal

It's a great luck and fortune for Albanians and Kosovo that America and NATO didn't seek to get the 'legal permission' from Russia and China within the Security Council of the United Nations in order to bomb the genocidal Serbia.
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Terrorism Torments Europe

This type of immigrant flooding is an undeclared war of the occupation of the territory of the Western Europe, which in the long run, will change its demography.

UN Says ‘No’ to Kosovo

Two documents do not recognize Kosovo's independence. Unfortunately the documents are supported legally, politically and diplomatically by the UN and EU.
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How EU Stabilization and Association Agreement Will Benefit Kosovo

The European Union Stabilization and Association Agreement reached is favorable for Kosovo, but must be a mandatory obligation for Kosovo politicians.
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History Proves Kosovo Was Never Part of Serbia

During the Second World War the status of Albanians in Kosovo was unchanged, even though Kosovo was set to be declared a sovereign entity.
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Pope Francis Deserves to Win Nobel Peace Prize

Pope Francis' recent visits in America left a deep positive impression on people because their messages had a common denominator: humanism, philanthropy,
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Albania in ‘Hot Seat’ After Pro-Palestine Vote in UN General Assembly

Why Albania didn't vote together with the United States on the raising of Palestine Flag at the United Nations Headquarters?

Kosovo Not Integral Part of Territory of Serbia

Serbian official politicians know Serbia is no factor of stability, security and peace in the Balkans while it says Kosovo is an integral part of Serbia.
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Serbia Aggressor Has No Right to Weep for the Victims of...

Mehdi Hyseni says the offer of a joint reconciliation between Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo cannot happen, because Serbia ignores its genocide.

Kosovo Admission To INTERPOL Is Not Serbia’s Matter!

Mehdi Hyseni says Serbia has no right to prevent Kosovo joining Interpol, because they are separate sovereign states, and Serbia does not speak for Kosovo.

Serbia Guilty of Genocide Crime in Srebrenica

In Srebrenica, Europe failed to stand up to the promise of our founding fathers and to the dreams of their grandsons: no more war in Europe, no more genocide

Kosovo Assembly Not in Favor of Establishment of European Special Court

There was voting of its members against the Kosovo government proposal about the European Special Court for war crimes in Kosovo (1998-19990 at the meeting of the Kosovo Assembly on June 26, 2015. The Assembly's Regulation and Constitution of Repub

Serbia’s President Wants Kosovo Back, And Then To Join The EU

Mehdi Hyseni says Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic has finalized his political platform trying to deny statehood to the Republic of Kosovo.
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UN and EU Should Scrutinize Serbia’s Constitution

Viewing the black historical events from the demarches and diplomatic protest notes of Serbia against Albania and Albanians, they have a common denominator...
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Kosovo Needs to Create A Legal Army to Function as Soveriegn...

It doesn't matter what Serbia's authorities say about interfering in Kosovo internal issues which is strictly prohibited by international law and the UN Charter.
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Ethnic Albania is Not ‘Greater Albania’

Over the past centuries nobody wanted to face the historical, ethnic and geopolitical reality in the Balkans. This is the problem between Serbia and Albania.
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Economic and Political Stability Critical to a ‘Free’ Kosovo

According to the AFP, Nearly 450 Kosovo Albanians were arrested within a three-day period this month while trying to cross illegally into Hungary.

Bin Laden’s Terrorists Spearheaded 9/11 Attacks

The 9/11 truthers' very wrong conclusions aim to split, alienate and confront American citizens to fight each other on behalf of their terrorist enemies.
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Remembering Doctor Michael J. Davidson of Brigham and Women’s Hospital

I was shocked and very sorry to hear about the death of my Doctor because it was a sudden death under the unbelievable circumstances of assassination by Stephen Pasceri.

Racism Will Not Resolve Problems in Kosovo

Albanian national patriotism has never fallen into the trap of racism emerging in the Balkan Peninsula. Albanian patriotism should not be confused with the phenomenon of alien racism.