Albanization of the Balkans – Serb-Russian Propaganda?

“Those why deny freedom to others, deserve it NOT for themselves … “ (Abraham Lincoln)

As a rule all the people around of the world write their history, but in Balkans there’s a paradoxical old exception, only Serbs with their Orthodox Church, state and Academics have written the false history about Albanians and Albania (1800-1999), even though Albanians are older than Slavs in the Balkans.

In a word, Albanians are autochthonous, the oldest people in the Balkan Peninsula since second (II) century BC. While the Serbs and the other Slavs are newcomers to the Balkans who arrived in the 7th century BC. That means five centuries after indigenous Albanians.

This is the only case in the world that Serbia writes the fake history about Albanians and Ethnic Albania (VII-XX).

Serbia did it (and still does) in order to hide, distort, conceal, distort, disfigure and deny the original genealogy of Albanian history on the ethnic Albanias identity and their motherland – Ethnic Albania – even though Albanians are five centuries older than Slavs in the Balkans.

However, what is most irritable for scholars is the question, how was it possible for Balkan, European and world sciences such as history, politics and diplomacy to have accepted Serbia’s fake history about Albanians and Ethnic Albania because Slavs (Serbs, Montenegrins, Greeks, Bulgarians, so called Macedonians) aren’t real descendants of the ancient Macedonians and Alexander the Great’s Macedonia, but mixed Slavic people.

After the Cold War

In the past three decades (1990-2017) after the end of the Cold War, and the destruction of former Tito’s Socialist Federal Republic Yugoslavia (1945-1990), for the first time, many Albanian, Croatian, European and American distinguished scientists have written the real and objective history of the Albanians and Ethnic Albania stretching back in the Balkan Peninsula since the Illyria ages.

However, even today, Balkan, European and world scientists and politicians , still use the false history, politics, diplomacy and propaganda fabricated by Serbia and the other Balkan Slavs. They allegedly think Albanians are a serious threat to the Balkans because they want to create “Greater Albania.” According to Russian academic Anna Filimonova, Greater Albania means the “balkanization of the Balkans!”

She has pointed out that this will begin the ” Total Albanisation of the Balkans region” which for Serbian people in the next 25 years will be a dark perspective. Filimonova, a scientific associate of the Institute for Slovenian Studies at the Russian Academy of Sciences and the editor-in-chief of the internet portal “Strategic Culture Fund,” said this in an interview.

How is it possible that the oldest Albanian people (Pelasgians and Illyrian descendants) in the Balkans “scientifically” are considered a migrant population into the Slavic areas in the Balkans? Where is the scientific logic?

Here, there is neither logic, nor ethics, nor justified scientific arguments, but only Slavic deceptive propaganda to hide the historical right of Albanians over their native territories of the Pelasgians-Illyrian-Albanian genealogy, “stretching from the right river Danube to the Epirus, South of the Balkan Peninsula.”

There is No Greater Albania in the Balkans

We should accept the fact that to date (XXI, 2017) neither historical nor political science have verified with their valid scientific arguments that de facto and de jure exists the “Greater Albania” in the Balkans. That is because it does not exist as an ideological doctrine nor as a dialectic practice, aimed or realized by Albanians.

However, the historical truth is this: In the Balkans there is ETHNIC ALBANIA, not at all the “Greater Albania” as lying for centuries Serbian historiography, i.e. the Russian-Slavic history.

anna filimonova.
Anna Filimonova.

Expulsion of the Albanians

The systematic expulsion of the Albanians from their indigenous territories within Serbia’s Principality under the Ottoman Empire started in early 19th century before Russian- Ottoman War (1877-1878) when Serbian Prince Milos Obrenovic came to power in 1815, as a prominent British historical and politic al scientist Noel Malcolm wrote : “The Muslim Albanians treatment in Serbia from 1804 onwards had been too notoriously violent and hostile by Serbs. (Princ Milos) who ruled from 1815 to 1839, had taken special trouble to expel Muslim Albanians for their houses and territories” (alike it had done, three centuries later Serbia’s president Slobodan Milosevic, expelling, killing, cleansing Albanians from Kosovo by terror, aggression and genocide in the course of the years 1989-1999, using the terror and genocide in order to re-colonize Albanian Kosovo to extend the territorial boundaries of Greater Serbia – M.H.).

“Albanisation” of the Balkans is symmetric to the Serbian fake syntagma of the “Greater Albania” (1844-2017)!

The Russian-Serb-Slavic colonization and militarism are the permanent peril to Balkans, not “albanization” or “Greater Albania” because these two concepts don’t exist. They are neither theorically nor practically in the Albanian National Scientific or State political platform. Rather, they are Belgrade and Moscow’s projects of political strategy and tactics as well the means for their propaganda and militarism to provoke any new armed conflict or war to conquer Kosovo and Albania.

This is evidence that the Balkans are boiling by various Russian-Serbo-Slav intelligence services to destabilize Kosovo and Albania, i.e. the Balkans.

This fragile situation warns Albanains that Russia and Serbia are working together to deny and contest their historical and legitimate right on Kosovo as well as other areas of Ethic Albania (Presheva, Bujanoc and Medvegja).

In addition to the overwhelming allegations that Albanians are supposedly “migrant or emigrant element” in the lands of Balkan Slavs, Albanians are also accused and blamed by the politics and propaganda of Belgrade and Moscow that they are trying to create the “Greater Albania” and to “Albanize the Balkans.”

These two political and propagandistic concepts Russia and Serbia consider their “two most modern weapons” which warn relevant European and international diplomatic and political factors that Albanians are threatening the Balkans making serious efforts to create “Greater Albania.”

Where Is That “Greater Albania?”

How is it possible that Albanians are trying to set up so-called “Greater Albania” and to “Albanize the Balkans” as stated by Anna Filimonova, associate member of the Institute for Slavic Studies of the Russian Academy? Almost a half the territory of Ethnic Alabania (over one hundred years ago) was annexed, colonized, conquered and serbizated by the Greater Serbia starting from 1804, when Serbia was still a Principality under the Ottoman Empire.

And even today, Alabanian territories such as Nishi, Leskovac, Vranje, Jablanica, Kurshumlia, Bllaca, Toplica, Prokuplje, Presevo, Bujanovac, Medvedja, Tregu i Ri … etc. are still the colonial plunder of Greater Serbia. All these autochthonous territories there were of Kosovo Vilayet, respectively Ethnic Albania.

Serbia Awaits a Black Prospect in the Future

Accordnig to Ana Filimonova predicted political theory “in the next 25 years, Serbia will be finded in a catastrophic state” due to of these factors:

  1. The creation of “Greater Albania”
  2. “The entire albanaization of the Balkans”
  3. The permanent political pressure by the international western factors in the “weakening of Serbia”
  4. The recognition of the Republic of Kosovo by Serbia
  5. Educational, economic, political, trade and cultural relationships and cooperation of the Axis Tirana-Prishtina-Presevo-Bujanoc-Medvegja
  6. The construction of the National Highway between Albania and Kosovo
  7. The holding of the official alternative meetings between Tirana and Pristina
  8. Removing of the borders between Albania and Kosovo (as two Albanian states)

However, not one of these mentioned factors by Russian academic Filiomova is correct and true either on the basis of the realistic policy of her predictive political theory, nor on the basis of a new positive international legal order, because neither de facto nor de jure is there a “Greater Albania” project. This is a strategic political, diplomatic, propagandistic and military instrument slandered by the Greater Serbia that intends to protect by any means all the annexed, colonized and occupied Albanian indigenous territories which historically belong to Ethnic Albania and Albanians.