Serbian President Vucic’s Urgent Internal Dialog on Kosovo 18 years Too Late

Recently, the daily news paper “Blic,” based in Belgrade (capital city of Serbia) published an exclusive commentary written by Serbia’s president Aleksandar Vucic. Vucic “urgently” called all Serbs to a debate on Kosovo. The reason for the debate, he wrote, was “to find a common answer as a permanent resolution of this very sensitive issue in order to benefit both Serbs and Albanians, as well as everyone in the Balkans. It is important. We must at least try to resolve the Kosovo knot and not hide and leave the toughest burden to our children … .” [Miami Herald]

Kosovo became independent on February 17, 2008.

It’s a good idea for the Serbian president to try to make an all-nation deal to recover and promote relationships with Albanians of the Kosovo Republic. That is because the key of cooperation, understanding, good faith and peace is the political rational compromise between two or more parties in conflict.

There’s no doubt that Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic is free to call all Serbs to have an “internal dialog” about Kosovo. But regardless of its outcome, Vucic and Serbia cannot change the current independent political status of Kosovo because Kosovo has already been recognized by 114 countries of the United Nations.

So, this reality should be taken into account by the “urgent dialog” between president Vucic and his legitimate representatives of the Serbian people because Kosovo is no longer Serbia’s colony (1912-1999), but only an its neighbor independent and sovereign state (2008-2017).

Serbia's president Aleksandar Vucic.

Wherefore, apart from the epilogue of the “internal urgent dialogue” of president Vucic with his Serbs, Serbia cannot escape from the Western Europe isolation. This means there’s no integration for Serbia into the EU, if Serbia doesn’t recognize independent and sovereign Republic of Kosovo as the other 114 states of the United Nations (2008-2017).

Regardless of what political decision the Serbs will take with their president, Aleksandar Vucic, the Kosovo leadership in Prishtina (president, government and assembly) should not be involved (accept) in his offerings allegedly for “solving the Kosovo issue.” There is no point in Kosovo leadership being involved because it does not appear as such in the “itinerary” of the primary objectives of the political and diplomatic strategy of the Republic of Kosovo, because de facto and de jure, Kosovo’s status was closed on 17 February 2008.

Kosovo and Albanians are not a common political, national and territorial product of the Ottoman Empire and Serbia.

Historically, Kosovo has never been a legal part of Serbia nor a “Muslim province” of the Ottoman Empire. It was only an indigenous territory of Ethnic Albania under the Ottoman Empire rule so-called “Kosovo Vilayet” and under Serbia’s colonial rule (1912-1999).

America with its Western European Allies didn’t kill Serbian Christians in Serbia(1999), just Serbian terrorists and aggressors who killed Albanian innocent civilians who were left unprotected by the international community (1989-1999).

In course of March 24 to 10 June 1999, the United States and it’s West European Allies (NATO) didn’t bomb “White Christians” in Serbia, but only Serbian barbarious chetnichs, fascist, terrorist and genocidal paramilitary, military and police units who massacred unprotected civilian Alabanian people ( children, elderly, teens, young, adults, the women, girls, pregnant women with their babies).

The Serbian barbaric activism against Alabanians has been evidenced by this statistics of the innocent victims (1998-1999): “Damaged and burnt houses: 100,589; schools: 358; Registry offices :71; houses of culture: 30; school and public libraries: 93; health facilities: 123; religious facilities (mosques, masjid, shrine): 215; catholic churches: 5; auxiliary facilities – follows: 88.101; killed: 11.840 Albanian victims ; 1,392 children up to 18 years old; 296 children up to 5 years old; 1,739 women; 1,882 elderly people over 65 years old; 1,450 inhabitants are still missing as well as 20,400 Albanian raped women.” [Telegrafi]

It’s untrue for Serbian extremist political propaganda to say “America and Western Europe bombed White Christians in order to give part of their country to Muslim Turks.”

This is an unscrupulous lie and perfidious manipulation to deceive the Christian people around the world.

This is not just defamation and lies, but also a national offense and discrimination. The fact is that 90 per cent of the majority population in Kosovo are not “Turks,” but indigenious Albanians. Since the 2nd century BC indigenious Albanians populated not only Albanian Kosovo, but the entire aboriginal Albanian territories of Ethnic Albania in the Balkans.

Meanwhile, Serbs populated Albanian territories including and Kosovo and other parts of the Balkans in the 7th century BC as newcomers in Kosovo and other territories of ethnic Albania (Nish, Novi Pazari,Kurshumli, Bllacë, Preshevë, Bujanoc, Medvegjë, Vranjë, Leskovc … etc.). They were supported by their “Mother” Russia and the Great European Powers in course of the Congress of Berlin (13 June -13 July 1878); The London Ambassadors Conference (1913-2013), and the Paris Peace Conference (1919-1920).

All juridical, political and diplomatic decisions of these European Congresses and Conferences regarding Ethnic Albania there were wrong, unsatisfied and tragic for Albanian people because of the fact that 50 per cent of them and 50 per cent of their indigenous ethnic territories were annexed and colonized by Balkans Slavic Alliance (Serbia, Montenegro, Greece).

Hence, now it is the right political time that Western Europe together with the United States to re-internationalize the resolving of the Albanian colonial problem in the Balkans (1912-2017).

Because, it is not the right thing to sacrificed over half of the Albanian Nation and their territory, living for centuries under the cruel Balkan Slavic Alliance in the name of avoiding conflicts, i.e. preserving the Balkan equilibrium as a peace and security area in disfavor of the geopolitical, geostrategic, national and state vital interests of Alabanias in the Balkans.

When the European Greater Powers abandoned their former colonies (Spain, Portugal, France, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Nederland, Italy, and lastly Russia in 1990 after collapse of the Soviet Union) who are those “Balkan superpowers” (Serbia, Montenegro, Greece and Macedonia) that don’t want to give up their former Albanian colonies in the Balkans (1878-2017)?

Mehdi Hyseni is an Albanian Ph.D. in International Political Relations, residing in Boston.