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When the local and global events prick his conscience, the freelancer within his alter ego forces him to lift the pen.
Balfour declaration.

A Century-Old Crime That Keeps on Giving!

In 1917, there were about 84,000 Jews, 486,000 Muslims, 72,000 Christians and 7,000 others in Palestine. This means the Jews constituted 14 per cent...
aung san suu kyi.

Aung San Suu Kyi Should Be Tried by the Hague

Since I wrote about four months ago on the plight of Rohingya (http://newsblaze.com/thoughts/opinions/the-grotesqueness-of-her-excellency-daw_78911/) in Myanmar (formerly, Burma), their situation has worsened a great deal:...
twitter tweets.

This Independence Day, Are There Any More Lows for Us?

On the eve of our nation's 241st birthday, Ezra Klein's latest posting 'America, the diminished' on Vox made a somber and humbling read.In the...
six-degrees of separation - English - Arabic.

Write Six Names … Will You?

About six weeks ago I was on a working trip to Houston. I flew by Southwest both ways. On my return flight to LA,...
aung san suu kyi.

The Grotesqueness of Her Excellency Daw

While declaring the Nobel Peace prize in 1991, the Noble committee in its glorious citation praised the recipient for the 'non-violent struggle for democracy...
mamnoon hussain pakistan

An Open Letter to the President of Pakistan

The pompous paper tigers claiming to be stewards of Pakistan's destiny, should lease their lawless territory to the Mother Queen, because none are capable of governing it.

Mr. Trump, Thank you

Congratulations to Donald Trump for beating his three closest competitors combined, by denigrating others and being a stand-up comic, not as good as Seinfeld.

US Has Insatiable Appetite for Violent Meddling in Syria

In coming days, weeks, the American public will be fed more doctored evidence to justify plunging into another conflict, thousands of miles away.
romney and obama.

Tuesday Not About Electing a President: Choosing Lesser of The Two...

Wondering about the lunacy of the process that brought out nothing but the intent of two people and their cohorts vying in the pursuit of power with utmost greed, and lust.
juan williams.

A Bigot? Not me, not me, not me!!!!

I've heard the veteran journalist Juan Williams on NPR as long as I've lived in the United States: 19 years to be precise. I came to like him and respect him for his incisive analysis and in-depth reporting.

From Ashes of Hatred and Phobia, Let There Rise a Bridge...

Questioning the intentions of Muslims who want to be a part of the healing process is equivalent to undermining the lofty principles of our Founding Fathers who understood the power and virtue of religious liberty in American life.

Obsession: The Evangelical ‘Fatwah’?

The Raleigh News & Observer reported on its 'Under The Dome' politics blog that the paper is preparing to bundle copies of the DVD with this Saturday's newspapers.

Is John McCain Ready to Lead?

We attacked her any way and we will do the same to Iran. Pray why? Because just like Iraqis, its people also dress excessively, eat weirdly, speak alien language and pray too much.

New Yorker Cartoon Reflects Journalistic Garbage

The truth is that no one other than the media salivates at this devilishly naked rumor, which by the way, tickles the Muslims in America not in the least.

Why Do They Hate Us?

Recently, Russia's ambassador to Afghanistan, Zamir Kabulov, said that Western governments are ignoring the lessons of the utter failure of the Soviet invasion 29 years ago.

An Open Letter to Senator McCain

With all due respect to your accomplishment in military conflicts and otherwise, there is an age difference of 25 years between you and your Democratic opponents.

The Fifth Anniversary: Plunder in Reverse

Neither the giant media moguls nor the Pulitzer-quality suave journalists thought of connecting the 5th anniversary of the fall of Baghdad (the so-called Garden of Eden on earth), to its previous historic rapes.
Opinions of people.

It Was Truly Inspiring and Uplifting to See Barack Obama in...

The big question is whether the fervor and passion that Senator Obama created will help Americans see the light. Are we ready to shed the garment of fear that Giuliani tried so hard and failed to wrap us into?

Senator: You Ain’t No Will Smith!

Shakespeare said, 'Love all. Trust a few. Do wrong to none.' If only we could adhere to the last of these nuances, our national threat level will pale out overnight. That will be our defining moment in the 21st century.

Itching to Convert? Try Moronism!

Torture? By golly, no! I'd call it... hmm... the New Test(ament) for embracing Islamic faith. Welcome to radical Islam, bro!