US Has Insatiable Appetite for Violent Meddling in Syria

The increasingly violent skirmishes between the rebels and the government forces in Syria are creating the perfect scenario for legitimizing yet another American military intervention in the Middle-East.

The war hawks in Washington couldn’t be happier. To believe that American hearts are bleeding for the Syrian people couldn’t be more wrong.

And here is why.

A decade ago, George W. Bush invaded a sovereign nation, based partly on hearsay and doctored evidence and partly to satiate his personal vendetta against his ideological adversary.

What followed was a grotesque mix of destruction, chaos, ethnic strife and blood-letting which continues to rage at its fullest even to this day in Iraq.

That ill-planned overture also gave birth to the Iraqi version of Al-Qaeda which exacted its revenge against anything and everything that looked or smelled American.

Our troops retaliated by engaging in unjustified en mass massacre of innocent women and children in the streets and homes of Haditha and elsewhere.

It has cost an estimated $1 trillion in war expenditure and would cost additional $6 trillion to care for veterans returning from combat.

A decade later, Barack Obama is being fed the same nonsense about Syria by the likes of the neoconservative bunch from the Bush era. If history is any guide, he too will eventually cave in to the hullaballoo coming from the merchants of death who profited hugely from the previous war.

Senator John McCain has stealthily met the Syrian rebels, has called for more lethal American support and has even suggested the use of Cruise missiles to target Syrian government forces.

If this is the hallmark of a world leader, thank God he lost the 2008 presidential election. He and his blood-thirsty myopic ego would have painted the entire Middle-East and all of North Africa bright red within the first 100 days of his presidency.

In the coming days and weeks, the American public will be fed more doctored evidence to justify our plunging into the throes of another conflict, thousands of miles away.

The presumptuous ‘red line’ bodes nothing but more blood on American hands and consciences.

The past decade has given us enough evidence that the egotistical personalities of our leaders wouldn’t have it any other way. So, while our hubristic leaders are blinded by their misjudgments (third time around), the common citizens should question as to where the next $7 trillion will come from.

We as a nation also need a thorough self-evaluation to understand why we have an insatiable appetite for violent meddling in selected regions of the world, particularly in the Middle-East.

When the local and global events prick his conscience, the freelancer within his alter ego forces him to lift the pen.