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Demystifying The Enigma of Bitcoin’s Creator

Demystifying the enigma of Bitcoin is quite a conundrum, it was a precedingly accepted notion that 'Dorian Prentice Satoshi Nakamoto,' was the pioneer.

Industry Workers File Lawsuit Against Silicon Valley Billionaires

Google, Apple and other adversaries actively conspiring to misappropriate their employees by keeping their wages down.

Netfix Streaming Rhetoric at Draconian ISP Providers

Netflix encouraged members to vigorously protest and demand that their draconian ISP providers disembark from the pipelines of internet equality
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The Federal Appeals Court Overturns The FCC’s Net Neutrality Rules

A year long battle by advocates, libertarians, politicians and internet-watchdogs, pursuing the perseverance of an equal content access medium, has been obliterated by a Federal Appeal Court ruling.

The Inexorable Dropbox Is Not Infallible After All

The inexorable cloud-based backup service became fallible to black-hat security compromise yesterday. Dropbox abridged the entire ordeal with the, experiencing technical issues euphemism.

Google Stealth-Obliterates Rap Genius, The Search Ranking Pundit

The Rap Genius CEO search-ranking pundit concocted a scheme, by manipulating the search optimization by using indirect techniques.
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New York City’s Arbitrary Prohibition of E-Cigarettes

The New York City Council has waved its magic wand again, proposing another treacherous legislation, with a 43-8 unanimous vote, banning E-cigarettes.

The Juxtaposition of Incongruity, The Rudiments of Company Acquisitions

Demystifying the enigma of company mergers, acquisitions and consolidations has always been an inexplicable phenomenon indeed, whether explicit or implicit!

US President Obama’s Vulnerability in The Nelson Mandela’s Memorial

A mentally unstable, rape acquitted, schizophrenic felon, fake sign language interpreter in the Nelson Mandela memorial, stands adjacent the US President!

Uruguay Legalization Of Marijuana Can Spark A Global Revolution

This is undeniably an unprecedented moment in history; Uruguay has become the first Country to legalize marijuana, an archetypical attainment indeed.
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The Correlation Between Legislation and Its Acronyms or Abbreviations

Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st sees the significant role acronyms play in legislative laws, whether inadvertently, compulsory and arbitrarily.

The Irony of Paul Walker’s Fast & Furious Death

Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st talks about the uncanny enigma of Fast and The Furious Actor, Paul Walker's death, in a car crash.

New York Lawmakers are The Real Thugs

The Knockout Game is leaving people cold and bleeding on the street. New York Legislators want to stop teenagers doing this because people are being hurt - badly.