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Prairie Miller, Movie Reviews

Prairie Miller reviews movies. Prairie is a New York multimedia journalist online, in print and on radio, and on WBAI/Pacifica National Radio Network's Arts Express.

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Arts Express: Jane Goodall Talks Bears
Prairie Miller stopped by to talk to UK British primatologist, ethologist, anthropologist, and Disneynature Ambassador, Jane Goodall about Bears as well her longstanding concern and caring for endangered animals in their natural habitats
13:25 Apr 20, 2014 PST
Arts Express: A Conversation With Feminist Artist Judy Chicago
Prairie Miller talks to filmmaker Lars von Trier discussing what this work in progress several years ago at Cannes, may or may not have to do with Hitler, heresy, hedonism and existential despair - before being booted from the festival.
05:05 Apr 10, 2014 PST
Arts Express: Doc Director Rachel Boynto Talks Big Men And Oil Lust In Africa
Prairie Miller talks to people's performer David Rovics on guitar in his musical depiction of that insurrectionary time with his song, Landlord.
17:47 Apr 8, 2014 PST
Arts Express: Willem Dafoe Talks The Grand Budapest Hotel
The writer of Thelma And Louise looks back and assesses the impact of her very first screenplay, and how this enduring film classic radically changed the conversation about women in movies.
16:12 Apr 8, 2014 PST
Arts Express: Cesar Chavez, A Conversation With Actress Rosario Dawson
And exactly what that means, and what it has to do with Gabardi's pursuit of the self-ironic in society. The group show is titled Family Affairs: An Incestuous Avant-Garde Survey Of Art, and includes the works of Banksy, Keith Haring, Picasso and W
13:27 Apr 8, 2014 PST
Arts Express: Aaron Swartz Doc Prophetic About NSA Scandal
Delving into the late Internet martyr's legacy and his early prophesy of doom regarding NSA revelations and the surveillance state; the ingredients illuminated in the course of making this documentary,
20:10 Apr 7, 2014 PST
The Turning: Cate Blanchett and Rose Byrne Desperate Housewives Down Under
Movie reviewer Prairie Miller reviews the enigmatic Australian screen epic, 'The Turning'.
10:11 Apr 6, 2014 PST
Nymphomaniac I & II: Magical Sadism, Sex Noir And Porn For Eggheads
While screen porn tends to bid for a pass with censors by dressing up bare behinds metaphorically in moralistic taglines and scriptural platitudes, Trier blankets his own backsides.
13:56 Apr 4, 2014 PST
Snowpiercer Movie Review: Chris Evans Warrior On Wheels
Movie reviewer Prairie Miller says the movie, Snowpiercer may not feel exactly like rush hour in the subway among the fuming drudges, but that particular grueling experience is likely never to seem quite the same again.
12:35 Mar 30, 2014 PST
Turks & Caicos Review: Undercover Brits And Yanks Toe To Toe In The Tropics
The elusively taunting tale playing out in the UK's territorial tourist Caribbean mecca of the title, centers on a thieves' den of sinister capitalist slackers sipping tropical cocktails while plotting further takeovers around the planet.
06:43 Mar 24, 2014 PST
Arts Express: Yolanda Ross Talks Indie Nom And Remembers Philip Seymour Hoffman
Lisa's feature documentary is Oscar's Comeback, in which 2 worlds collide at a unique annual festival in all-white town that celebrates their black native son, early 1900s homesteader-turned-film-pioneer, Oscar Micheaux.
16:33 Mar 5, 2014 PST
Arts Express: Non-Stop, A Conversation With Julianne Moore
Here's Julianne, worrying more than anything else at the moment, about her hair.
13:06 Feb 26, 2014 PST
Arts Express: Colin Farrell Talks Winter's Tale
That is, in heartfelt when not humorous reflections touching on Christmas trees, flowers, flying horses, snow, wigs, maraschino cherries, and worse days at the office than movie sex.
09:09 Feb 25, 2014 PST
Arts Express: Liam Neeson Talks Non-Stop
But taking on terror in the skies as both savior and suspect may be a very new and different deranged dilemma for Neeson, in his latest thriller, Jaume Collet-Serra's Non-Stop.
12:58 Feb 24, 2014 PST
Arts Express: Facing Fear - Conversation With An Ex-White Supremacist Skinhead
A conversation with Tim Zaal - former propaganda chief and lieutenant to notorious White Aryan Resistance leader Tom Metzger - and the Oscar nominated documentary about him, Facing Fear.
16:38 Feb 19, 2014 PST
Arts Express: In Conversation - Black Coal, Thin Ice Wins Golden Bear
And what it may have to do with privatization, coal factories, the metaphorical bleakness of that industry for workers; Hitchcock, Bogart, Glenn Ford and the Maltese Falcon;
18:36 Feb 18, 2014 PST
Arts Express: Gloria Gaynor Talks We Will Survive
Prairie Miller presents People's poet Jon Anderson reading from his work touching on memories of Pete Seeger, and an indictment of the ruling class international gods of finance.
11:56 Feb 17, 2014 PST
Arts Express: In Search Of Charles Bukowski
And challenging theories in an accompanying segment today as to why eminent writers drink, while also pondering podcasts and pause buttons.
16:02 Feb 3, 2014 PST
Arts Express: A Conversation With Gloria Steinem
Prairie Miller talks to Gloria Steinem about her friend, Alice Walker, and about the combination of Alice's creations and her life.
03:46 Jan 31, 2014 PST
Arts Express: The Year Of James Baldwin
Memories of James Baldwin: Aisha Karifa-Smart, in a tribute to her late uncle's legacy as enduring novelist, playwright and prophetic social critic, in the launching of The Year Of James Baldwin.
17:00 Jan 30, 2014 PST
Labor Day Movie Review
So in effect, what might any of this have to do with a love story seemingly too offbeat for the choice of a more conventional holiday like say, Valentine's Day.
11:43 Jan 30, 2014 PST
The Anti-Oscars 2013: The James Agee Cinema Circle Challenges The Academy Awards
But as JACC has so succinctly pointed out, why go to such lengths to lie, when you can just simply tell the truth. And that 'why' will be one of our many probing hot topics on the table.
15:29 Jan 21, 2014 PST
Arts Express: The BP Environmental Apocalypse At Slamdance
And the devastation and fightback of the mostly African American fishermen there all the way to crashing the London BP stockholders meeting, in Vanishing Pearls: The Oystermen of Pointe A La Hache.
06:07 Jan 18, 2014 PST
Arts Express: Funny Lady Tiffany Haddish Talks Real Husbands Of Hollywood
And surviving the foster care system as so-called state property, her Chuckles Not Knuckles anti-violence campaign, and the comedian's unusual memoirs having to do with unicorns that she's been cooking up, and why.
20:46 Jan 17, 2014 PST
Arts Express: Why Wong Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
Prairie Miller has a conversation with actress Kristina Wong, about her solo stage performance delving into Asian American women in socio-economic psychological distress.
14:31 Jan 16, 2014 PST
Arts Express: Sweetwater Movie Review
Sweetwater stars January Jones as Sarah, a former prostitute turned pioneer wife out on the nearly barren New Mexico plains in the late 1800's. When her husband Miguel (Eduardo Noreiga) is murdered by the dreaded local religious extremist minister,
00:18 Jan 3, 2014 PST
Arts Express: Mark Wahlberg Talks Lone Survivor
And they don't really care. They have a job to do, and they go and they do it. Would it be nice to live in a world without that? Absolutely.
12:09 Jan 2, 2014 PST
Arts Express: Martin Scorsese Talks Wolf Of Wall Street
Prairie Miller, with Director Martin Scorsese and Co-Star Rob Reiner, about the confessional memoir of notorious stockbroker felon Jordan Belfort
07:03 Dec 27, 2013 PST
Arts Express: Stallone and De Niro In Face To Face Gab About Grudge Match
Prairie Miller has a great conversation with Stallone and De Niro, as they clown around over their age, the movie, and what it took to make it.
12:29 Dec 26, 2013 PST
Arts Express: Director Rola Nashef Talks Muslims In Movies, in Detroit Unleaded
A conversation with female director Rola Nashef about Arab America in movies, urban surrealism, and the impact of the workplace on the human condition.
03:16 Dec 24, 2013 PST
Arts Express: The Act Of Killing -A Conversation Director Joshua Oppenheimer
And much like Woody Harrelson in Out Of The Furnace and its blame the victim blue collar brutality in the extreme, the documentary politically locates truth evasively within the bottom feeder homicidal battalions, who do the bidding of their far mor
03:23 Dec 23, 2013 PST
Arts Express: The Women Film Critics Circle Awards Ceremony 2013
The program has been broadcasting on Arts Express, across the Pacifica National Radio Network Affiliate Stations.
10:41 Dec 22, 2013 PST
The Amazing Spider-Man: Official New Year's Eve Times Square Super Hero
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Exclusive Movie Footage to Air on New Year's Eve on Times Square's Video Screens, World Pool Feed and Live Webcast
02:57 Dec 17, 2013 PST
Arts Express: The Stars Talk American Hustle
Prairie Miller talks to Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper and Amy Adams about conning people, competitive dance moves, guy hair curlers, furry animals and lip locking.
21:58 Dec 16, 2013 PST
Arts Express: Who Is The Christmas Krampus?
Latino NYC writer Miguel Gardel reads from his story, The Magic Of Her Name. Poetically exploring his Dominican maternal roots, and cultural dislocation.
01:15 Dec 12, 2013 PST
The Women Film Critics Circle Announces Its Nominee Award Picks For 2013
The Women Film Critics Circle has announced its 2O13 unique nominations for the best movies this year by and about women. And outstanding achievements by women, who get to be rarely honored historically in the film world.
00:09 Dec 9, 2013 PST
Arts Express: Jake Gyllenhaal Talks Prisoners
Movie reviewer Prairie Miller chats with Prisoners star Jake Gyllenhaal at the honorary Warner Bros luncheon in New York City, celebrating the film.
17:18 Nov 30, 2013 PST
Arts Express: Gravity - A Conversation with Screenwriter Jonas Cuaron
The co-screenwriter of Gravity, which is directed by his dad, additionally deciphered the prevailing theme as 'a movie about adversities. And overcoming, through a rebirth and a desire to simply live.'
11:49 Nov 25, 2013 PST
Arts Express: The Dynamic Duo Talks JFK Conspiracy Theories And More
Filmmaker Chuck Workman navigates the psychological, emotional, historical and analytical processes of experiencing film. Alternately enlightening, humorous and brutally honest, Workman talks Hitchcock, The Three Stooges,
05:30 Nov 23, 2013 PST
Arts Express: Ex-CIA Agent Valerie Plame Talks Blowback
And the two women have crafted a story with female operatives front and center, while likewise undercover.
08:55 Nov 17, 2013 PST
Great Expectations Movie Review: Newell's Take On Impromptu Existentialism
As such, class divisions and clashes abound in astutely telling, predatory ways. And money always lurks about, as that Faustian, eternal elephant in the room. Overshadowing the stubborn, symbolically laden twisted figure of Miss Havisham (magnificen
19:48 Nov 10, 2013 PST
NY Film Festival: About Time, A Conversation With Bill Nighy
In his latest wishful thinking venture on screen in the time travel Richard Curtis dramedy, About Time, his ambivalent nomadic character across the decades may be getting more from his wishlist than he bargained for.
15:32 Nov 4, 2013 PST
Arts Express: Billie Jean King Talks Life In Tennis in PBS TV's American Masters
Camp Kinderland and the Occupy Wall Street Movement, a convergence: A conversation with filmmaker Katie Halper about political activism and the controversial summer camp dedicated to raising youth social consciousness.
12:41 Oct 28, 2013 PST
NY Film Festival: Tilda Swinton Talks Only Lovers Left Alive
But being together in love, even in a long relationship. This one spanning hundreds of years.
12:41 Oct 27, 2013 PST
Paradise Movie Review
Which is where Paradise loses substantial steam, trading in potential plot point contemplations and revelations, for a cheesy if not monotonous and exhausting audience guided tour through the tackier realms of Sin City. =
07:01 Oct 26, 2013 PST
NY Film Festival: Ben Still Talks The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty
And looking like Anthony Quinn! And then riding the horses down into the subway. Then they go through the subway, and they come up out of the other side.
19:03 Oct 21, 2013 PST
Forced March Movie Review
Forced March stars Chris Sarandon as Ben Kline, a Hollywood action star who signs on to travel to socialist Hungary to play Radnoti in a Holocaust period drama.
17:12 Oct 20, 2013 PST
The Fifth Estate Review: David And Goliath Demonization Of Wikileaks
It would seem unusual to label a dramatic feature a biopic, when the content is based solely on the accusations of an admitted adversary with a vendetta against the subject in question.
06:14 Oct 20, 2013 PST
Mediastan Movie Review: Ferreting Out The Presstitutes
Increasingly doomed to extinction on the endangered list, so to speak, is mainstream journalism. The victim of a tug of war between the corporations gobbling up the pitiful remains, and incestuously connected powerful political interests - too often
05:23 Oct 14, 2013 PST
NY Film Festival: Tom Hanks Talks Captain Phillips
Tom Hanks met to talk about his turn as the terrified captain in question, and the challenges of filling the shoes of a real person. Especially under perpetually claustrophobic circumstances, exacerbated by the dual confining circumstances
15:36 Oct 13, 2013 PST
NY Film Festival: Ralph Fiennes Does A Devious Dickens in The Invisible Woman
In the course of this overly inhibited outing that oddly lacks the outpouring of unrestrained passion necessary for a tale about risking everything for love, nobody seems to be happy.
15:59 Sep 28, 2013 PST
Arts Express: Actor Chiwetel Ejiofor Talks The Ordeal of 12 Years a Slave
From Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo to those kidnapped, tortured and disappeared into secret US prisons around the world.
05:20 Sep 23, 2013 PST
Arts Express: Beatles Behind The Scenes, With Good Ol' Freda
In an unintended New York City mayoral election post-primary parody, Anthony Weiner, alias Carlos Danger, unwittingly phones up Arts Express.
09:15 Sep 15, 2013 PST
Winnie Mandela: Jennifer Hudson Breathes Vivid Life Into Provocative Portrait
Jennifer Hudson somehow manages to fill the enormous shoes of Winnie Mandela - wife and comrade in arms of once officially reviled revolutionary leader and subsequent former South African President Nelson Mandela
08:17 Sep 8, 2013 PST
Arts Express: CNN Reporter Jane Velez Mitchell Talks Exposed
Raising questions about stuff that doesn't seem to quite add up, including assorted sensationalistic elephants in the room. And what any of it may have to do with Mormonism, Marilyn Monroe, race, sex and even the mortgage crisis.
04:54 Sep 4, 2013 PST
Adore Review: Naomi Watts And Robin Wright As Reluctant Rebel Moms In Love
Movie reviewer, Prairie Miller reviews the movie, 'Adore' and shares it with NewsBlaze readers around the world.
18:55 Aug 30, 2013 PST
Inch'Allah Movie Review: Raw Truth, Troubling Reality
Multi-layered, eloquently crafted, and both heartfelt and harrowing, Inch'Allah might also be described as the most extraordinarly powerful horror movie this year.
18:29 Aug 24, 2013 PST
Arts Express: Closed Circuit - A Conversation With Irish Director John Crowley
Japanese American filmmaker Konrad Aderer relates his struggle to both film and help free Palestinian-American disappeared activist Farouk Abdel-Muhti, following his arrest in New York City.
09:21 Aug 24, 2013 PST
Arts Express: Oprah And Mariah Carey Talk The Butler
Additionally, the cast explores how The Butler reflects deeply and sadly on the effect of racism, in the film and in their own personal lives as well.
12:14 Aug 17, 2013 PST
Arts Express: Australian Director Robert Luketic Talks Paranoia
While uniquely casting himself as a protagonist in a documentary. Now out on DVD.
06:34 Aug 17, 2013 PST
Arts Express: A Conversation With Mark Wahlberg About 2 Guns
Along with on screen spankings, an aversion to pratfalls, and the pros and cons of taking turns with Edward James Olmos, tying each other up in the movie.
14:38 Aug 4, 2013 PST
Arts Express: Sharon Stone Talk Lovelace, Parenting And Pornography
The term Deep Throat originated with a far different phenomenon - as the name of a 1972 porn movie starring the late Linda Lovelace, that ushered pornography into the mainstream and precipitated in its own strange way at the time,
08:30 Aug 4, 2013 PST
Arts Express: We're The Millers - A Conversation With Jennifer Aniston
And the scene with the Pictionary game, that was fun. Anything with really everybody, that is always fun.
17:54 Aug 3, 2013 PST
Arts Express: Denzel Washington Talks 2 Guns
Denzel met to talk about his devilishly hide and seek turn in the Baltasar Kormakur directed movie, and what it all may or may not have to do with upside down method acting, bulls, the local barber, chicken, mailmen, Lamaze classes,
08:59 Aug 3, 2013 PST
Arts Express: Rapper Ice-T Talks 'Iceberg Slim: Portrait Of A Pimp'
Ice-T also mulls current and future directions in his music; his own two cents about how he feels rap isn't fulfilling its potential to help change the world; and finally how he sees himself, as 'a happy dude with a few gray hairs
05:49 Jul 15, 2013 PST
Arts Express: Bruce Willis Spills Details About His CIA Comedic Thriller, Red 2
Current reports about massive domestic spying that have come to light through the Edward Snowden revelations, are no laughing matter.
21:38 Jul 8, 2013 PST
Arts Express: British Star Helen Mirren Talks Red 2
Prairie Miller talks to Helen Mirren about the Red 2 sequel, where she plays an older Victoria, the feisty secret agent.
10:19 Jul 8, 2013 PST
Arts Express: Funny Forecast For Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2
With the summer ushering in all sorts of pretty awful weather, from fires and floods to scorching heat topping one hundred, anything else in the forecast might be a welcome relief.
16:56 Jul 4, 2013 PST
Arts Express: Anthony Hopkins Talks Red 2
A dialogue with the author.</b> What was the world like before the digital age? Phoning in to Arts Express to talk about the last generation that actually still read books in the last century,
18:17 Jun 30, 2013 PST
Arts Express: Music Legend Janis Ian Talks Society's Child
What is it about the somewhat silent, consumer saturated younger generations that she's certain 'will surprise the world when they get their chance to shine, and take care of business in their own way.
11:25 Jun 22, 2013 PST
Far Out Isn't Far Enough: The Tomi Ungerer Story Movie Review
A lifelong formidable creative force fueled by massive psychological contradictions, Ungerer serves as a kind of self-analytical shrink as well, in talking about his work.
15:44 Jun 16, 2013 PST
Arts Express: Pussy Riot, A Punk Prayer
A conversation with the filmmakers about their documentary focusing on the subversive Russian punk rock protest performance artists in and out of prison, and still raging in their native land and around the globe.
09:48 Jun 14, 2013 PST
Arts Express: Open Roads - New Italian Cinema At Lincoln Center In NYC
Often what goes into making a movie, the art and design that dazzles as visuals beyond the directing, may enchant audiences but rarely gets recognized, even in the closing credits.
14:47 Jun 9, 2013 PST
The Brooklyn Film Festival: World Premiere Of Cut To Black
In Cut To Black, Eberle plays the lead, disgraced former NYPD detective Bill Ivers. A convicted felon, Ivers is on a self-destructive path.
14:50 Jun 8, 2013 PST
Arts Express: Margarethe Von Trotta Talks Hannah Arendt and The Banality of Evil
The Annette Insdorf Cannes Film Festival Wrap-Up Report:</b> Professor Insdorf shares reflections, impressions, trends, and thoughts on new directions in filmmaking gleaned from the Festival.
10:33 Jun 3, 2013 PST
Reflections On Cannes: Annette Insdorf Summing Up The Cannes Film Festival 2013
In her final Wrap-Up Report for Newsblaze and Arts Express Radio on location at the Cannes Film Festival, Annette Insdorf reflects on this year's events and trends. Along with impressions and directions within the current film world.
13:22 May 29, 2013 PST
Arts Express: Fill The Void - Not Exactly A Hasidic Musical, But Close to It
And what it all has to do with economic privilege and economic insecurity; J. Edgar Hoover; fetishizing violent women in Hollywood; and why gun sales proliferate when anti-gun possession Democrats are in power.
14:40 May 27, 2013 PST
Arts Express: A Conversation With Maya Angelou
Director Pauline Chan talks collective values versus Western individualism, in her dramatic feature starring Australian actor Guy Pearce, and navigating both cultural and political worlds.
07:06 May 27, 2013 PST
The Bling Ring Movie Review: More Bling Than Ring Of Truth
So can firsthand familiarity with one's subject end up as misguided as a distant class perspective? More bling than ringing true to its topic at hand, this gaudy outing literally and figuratively glosses over its innately grim proceedings. And ess
07:40 May 26, 2013 PST
Arts Express: The Cannes Film Festival Reports 2013, Annette Insdorf On Location
Opening Night included the presentation of the Jury, headed by Steven Spielberg.
05:55 May 23, 2013 PST
Arts Express: Assault On Wall Street
And the director also known as 'Raging Boll' spouts lots of sidebar opinions during this conversation, touching on Walmart, McDonalds, the Red Army Faction, globalization, Margaret Thatcher, Wikileaks, Zero Dark Thirty, Tom Cruise and Karl Marx.
11:20 May 12, 2013 PST
The Girls In The Band Movie Review: Uni-Grooving To The Beat
Movie reviewer, Prairie Miller reviews The Girls In The Band and shares it with NewsBlaze readers around the world.
17:10 May 7, 2013 PST
Arts Express: Women Filmmakers Under The Influence
What do the symbolically laden shiny objects of an 18th century Paris history museum have to do with slave ships, colonialism, Hitchcock's Psycho, and the Israeli occupation of Palestine?
10:36 May 5, 2013 PST
Kate Hudson Talks The Reluctant Fundamentalist
A post-9/11 psychological thriller set all around the planet from Wall Street to Pakistan and Turkey, The Reluctant Fundamentalist delves in similarly chaotic ways plot-wise, into just how the personal and political can make erratic bedfellows.
16:38 May 3, 2013 PST
Arts Express: Tribeca Film Festival 2013, The Long And Short Of It
And short films that in just a few minutes in many cases, say more, and in more unique and imaginative ways, than Hollywood's assembly line of bloated blockbusters.
13:22 May 2, 2013 PST
Arts Express: CNN's Peter Arnett Phones In From China
Along with reflections on Kubrick, Polanski, Friedkin, Frankenstein, Dracula and the Sistine Chapel.
14:36 Apr 21, 2013 PST
Arts Express: Roger And Me, Remembering Roger Ebert
Fiction writer Miguel Gardel reads from his short story, Proletarian. A bittersweet reflection on internal exile and his Dominican immigrant roots, in search of a sense of place in an elusive land.
14:46 Apr 13, 2013 PST
Arts Express: A Conversation With Robert Redford
Redford takes the hot seat, while quoting Yeats and mulling Phantom of The Opera.
07:14 Apr 8, 2013 PST
Arts Express: No Place On Earth, Descending The Holocaust Underground
Former 60 Minutes reporter turned filmmaker Janet Tobias in a conversation about a different kind of Holocaust movie, venturing into the sanctuary back then of underground Ukrainian caves.
16:46 Apr 7, 2013 PST
Arts Express: Actress Minnie Driver Talks Hunky Dory
Related to mortality, sex and love; the mysterious sources of literary inspiration; and the persistent clash between American feminists taking issue with Roth's depiction of women in his novels, versus the admiration of his European female readers.
21:18 Mar 29, 2013 PST
Arts Express: Wallace Shawn Talks Admission
Stay tuned for continuing features of Arts Express: Expression In The Arts.
07:30 Mar 17, 2013 PST
Arts Express: Jeff Bridges Shares Food For Thought, With A Place At The Table
Stay tuned for continuing features of Arts Express: Expression In The Arts with Prairie Miller.
07:29 Mar 17, 2013 PST
Arts Express: Daryl Hannah Talks Greedy Lying Bastards
Actress/Activist Daryl Hannah in a conversation about this documentary deciphering why nothing much is being done about global warming and its toxic effects
12:57 Mar 9, 2013 PST
Arts Express: Screening Women On DVD
Onyx rap performer Sticky Fingaz talks directing, writing and starring in this hip hop screen musical. And perhaps inventing a new combo movie genre while doing it his way, 'just because you shouldn't.'
09:42 Feb 22, 2013 PST
Arts Express: Snitch - Draconian Drug Laws Fuel Hollywood Action Thriller
Radio Talk Show Host, Prairie Miller and Film Director Ric Roman Waugh discuss his new movie, Snitch on Arts Express in New York City.
09:49 Feb 15, 2013 PST
Arts Express: Oscar Nominee Redemption Tracks Discarded Humans
A grim vision of 'post-industrial gleaners struggling at the edge of scoiety.' Filmmakers John Alpert and Matt O'Neill also discuss being nominated this year for an Oscar at the upcoming Academy Awards, for Redemption.
16:07 Feb 7, 2013 PST
Porfirio Biopic Review: The Pleasure Is All His
A prosperous Colombian rancher now paralyzed from the waist down as a result of a stray police bullet, Porfirio, appearing as himself in the film, was overcome with immense frustration when the government stalled on paying him compensation
08:47 Feb 5, 2013 PST
Stix: Where Family Kitchen Traditions Fuse With Greek Culinary Invention
Stathis' cooking concepts derive from Socratic philosophy, and what he characterizes as 'giving birth to an answer' and the 'idea of a new man.'
06:18 Jan 31, 2013 PST
Arts Express: Occupy The Media, With Abby Martin on Breaking The Set
Prairie Miller host of Arts Express interviews investigative broadcast journalist Abby Martin.
14:58 Jan 30, 2013 PST
Arts Express: The Art Of John Sayles And Sylvia Plath
On the radio with Arts Express, host Prairie Miller: The Art Of John Sayles And Sylvia Plath
14:28 Jan 26, 2013 PST
Arts Express: What's Hot At Sundance
Stay tuned for continuing features of Arts Express: Expression In The Arts with Prairie Miller
06:53 Jan 21, 2013 PST
Arts Express: Charles Dutton And Dennis Haysbert Talk Luv
Arts Express sat down with the director and cast of this urban crime thriller, including stars Charles Dutton and Dennis Haysbert, and filmmaker Sheldon Candis.
16:34 Jan 13, 2013 PST
Les Miserables Movie Review
And Les Miserables isn't enhanced either by a kind of grotesque American Idol collection of performances in reverse, where the rich and famous of the celebrity movie world make a new and different debut ostentatiously breaking out into song rather
20:47 Jan 1, 2013 PST
Jack Reacher Movie Review
Essentially a vanity production for fifty year old Tom Cruise and his quite possibly enhanced ripped abs and macho kickbutt moves on screen, this murky crime thriller may make reference to the thin line between murder and war.
19:38 Dec 31, 2012 PST
Arts Express: Matt Damon and Director Gus Van Sant Talk Promised Land
A conversation with star Matt Damon and director Gus Van Sant about the subdued yet strangely disturbing clandestine corporate crime thriller, Promised Land.
12:55 Dec 28, 2012 PST
Django Unchained: Infotainment As History
Whether Django Unchained is a slavery slapstick spaghetti western or merely pulp fiction playing dress-up in Confederacy duds, that seems to be beside the point.
17:13 Dec 26, 2012 PST
Les Miserables: A Conversation With Anne Hathaway
In addition to her own personal take on method acting, which included a willingness to lose the hair but drew the line at pulling her teeth for real.
13:52 Dec 25, 2012 PST
Promised Land Movie Review: Ecology Noir A Mirror For Our Present Time
Matt Damon, who collaborated on the screenplay with co-star John Krasinski, stars in Promised Land as Steve Butler, a salesman in the field for a corporate domestic gas pipeline drilling company.
15:51 Dec 24, 2012 PST
Arts Express: Intelligence Desk Profiles School Shooter Adam Lanza
conversation with Mexican-American writer, Ilan Stavans. The culture critic delves into his graphic mystery novel about the buried history of Latino Crypto-Jews in the Americas, along with the politics and art of irreverent cartooning.
08:22 Dec 22, 2012 PST
Arts Express: Zero Dark Thirty, A Conversation With Kathryn Bigelow
Arts Express in a counter-interrogation of Zero Dark Thirty's director, Katherine Bigelow, screenwriter Mark Boal, and star Jessica Chastain. And why this CIA thriller ultimately bypassed the Hollywood happy ending.
07:07 Dec 18, 2012 PST
Arts Express: Jeremy Irons Talks 'Trashed'
Australian director Andrew Domink in a conversation about his Great Recession gangster thriller. And recruiting Brad Pitt as his politically enraged male muse hitman, who seems as if he could have wandered in from Occupy Wall Street.
10:46 Dec 8, 2012 PST
Bad Kids Go To Hell Movie Review
The setting in Bad Kids Go To Hell is Crestview Academy, the exclusive domain or rather depository of the economically pampered but emotionally deprived offspring of the much too busy for nurturing US elite.
09:09 Dec 3, 2012 PST
The Rabbi's Cat Movie Review
Movie Critic, Prairie Miller gives the movie, The Rabbi's Cat by GKIDS Films 2 stars. This film is unrated.
19:35 Dec 1, 2012 PST
Addicted to Fame Movie Review: Overdosing on Anna Nicole Smith
Movie Critic, Prairie Miller gives the movie, Addicted to Fame one star.
17:34 Nov 27, 2012 PST
Parked Movie Review
Colm Meaney stars in Parked as Fred, a clock repairman just returned from England to his native Dublin, presumably now jobless and looking for work in the city he originally left for that very same reason.
06:24 Nov 23, 2012 PST
Rise Of The Guardians: A Conversation With Alec Baldwin
Though Baldwin was in a joking mood for this get-together, as he tossed around anecdotes touching on dissing Christmas when he was a kid himself a long time ago, and how he'd much rather be watching movies at home with his brand new bride and yoga
06:18 Nov 21, 2012 PST
Hitchcock Movie Review
Are directors possibly closet serial killers? This loaded question has already long been mulled at least jokingly, about surgeons. But filmmaker Sacha Gervasi seems to take this notion to unusual extremes, with his brash biopic, Hitchcock.
12:25 Nov 19, 2012 PST
Rust And Bone Movie Review: Pass The Lysol
Movie Reviewer Prairie Miller gives the Rust and Bone Movie 2 stars.
13:46 Nov 18, 2012 PST
Arts Express: Women Into Packing Heat, in a Girl and a Gun
And what it all has to do with economic privilege and economic insecurity; J. Edgar Hoover; fetishizing violent women in Hollywood; and why gun sales proliferate when anti-gun possession Democrats are in power.
20:24 Nov 11, 2012 PST
Price Check Movie Review
Prairie Miller gives 'Price Check' movie by IFC Films 2 1/2 stars.
18:20 Nov 11, 2012 PST
Man With The Iron Fists: Director RZA Talks Kickbutt Bromance With Russell Crowe
Known simply as Bobby to the stellar cast he assembled for the made in China period martial arts thriller, The Man With The Iron Fists, the co-founder of the Wu-Tang Clan dropped by for this interview to talk his very unusual kickbutt bromance
07:52 Nov 5, 2012 PST
Lincoln Movie Review: Civil War Lite
But these inclusions are so marginal as to be rendered nearly meaningless, in comparison to the over two hour running time overstuffed main attraction.
06:24 Nov 4, 2012 PST
The Rolling Stones: Charlie is My Darling Movie Review
With the movie title Charlie Is My Darling taken from a traditional Irish ballad, the song refers to the up and coming boy band's two city, four concert tour of Dublin and Belfast back then. The documentary is actually recut and remastered by Mick
04:56 Oct 30, 2012 PST
Arts Express: Actress Mira Sorvino Talks Sex Trafficking in Trade of Innocents
The Story Of The Hactivists: A conversation with director Brian Knappenberger, probing the secretive cyberspace world of Anonymous.
09:22 Oct 29, 2012 PST
Festival Of Lights Movie Review
An ambitious businessman, Adem is fond of bragging about the American dream and how anyone can accomplish what he did with sufficient hard work.
09:18 Oct 28, 2012 PST
The Prosecution Of An American President Movie Review: Bush On The Hot Seat
The bulk of the documentary is a recording of Bugliosi painstakingly presenting his points, as he would any murder case over the years, to a classroom at UCLA's law school.
07:49 Oct 22, 2012 PST
The Other Son Movie Review
It's not uncommon for those who rightly resent being biologically categorized on government questionnaires, to defiantly write in 'human' when asked to indicate their race.
12:38 Oct 21, 2012 PST
Arts Express: Led Zeppelin Talks Celebration Day
That's What She Said: Actress Anne Heche phoned up Arts Express to talk chick flick revenge, in the goofy girl bonding gripe session comedy, Carrie Preston's That's What She Said.
19:08 Oct 20, 2012 PST
Alex Cross Movie Review: Matthew Fox And Tyler Perry, Toe To Toe
But which is always nicely counterbalanced with a subdued yet cool, calm and collected determined demeanor on the part of Perry, no matter what the imminent danger.
07:49 Oct 16, 2012 PST
Flight Movie Review
But a more curious circumstance, is that the Festival would seem to be aiming for an entrance and exit more in the nature of a bang rather than a whimper, with both movies involving catastrophic accidents.
07:24 Oct 15, 2012 PST
We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists Movie Review
A distinct possibility indeed - on the part of Knappenberger, not the film critics. Which lends a kind of wag the dog directing vibe to the proceedings, as Knappenberger seems to allow his subjects to set the agenda for the ensuing discourse.
15:49 Oct 13, 2012 PST
In My Mother's Arms Movie Review
Typically the West and its carpetbagger itinerant filmmakers, exploit the misery of the Third World they've likely had a part in creating and perpetuating, for fame and profit.
07:24 Oct 12, 2012 PST
Excuse Me For Living: Reigning Comics Rule at Friars Club Accolades
The occasion for the convening of the film's stars - Christopher Lloyd, Robert Vaughn and Jerry Stiller on October 9th, was the Friars Club presentation of awards for the veteran funnymen.
20:35 Oct 11, 2012 PST
Least Among Saints Movie Review
A male bonding buddy movie linking generations, Least Among Saints pairs two emotionally wounded next door neighbors tackling demons from both without and within, and let's just say ties up every loose end imaginable in the process.
19:56 Oct 8, 2012 PST
Hotel Noir Movie Review
Hotel Noir's sensuous black and white visuals boast an abundance of eccentric characters out of time and place, and all wrapped up in a dreamy, booze-laced jazz score.
05:21 Oct 8, 2012 PST
Butter Movie Review
Jennifer Garner, into malevolent makeover mode from sweet to shrewish for a change, is perky, pompous Iowa matriarch, Laura Pickler. When her wimpy spouse Bob (Ty Burrell), the 'Elvis of Butter' reigning champ for many years,
08:34 Oct 1, 2012 PST
Fat Kid Rules The World
Jacob Wysocki is Troy, a way beyond chubby Seattle seventeen year old high schooler who is so consumed with self-disgust that he's been secretly contemplating suicide.
06:33 Sep 30, 2012 PST
Life Of Pi Movie Review
Life Of Pi is adapted from French Canadian writer Yann Martel's 2001 novel, and reportedly inspired by Martel's mystical conversion while visiting India. The story itself follows the ordeal of Indian teen Pi Patel (Suraj Sharma), who survives 227
14:08 Sep 29, 2012 PST
That's What She Said Movie Review
Statically staged primarily as a series of screeching coffee shop gripe sessions, the mostly all talk and no action downtown Manhattan slacker setting plods along with all the momentum and zip of a sedentary filmed play.
17:23 Sep 23, 2012 PST
2016: Obama's America Movie Review Or Rather, D'Souza's America
And as someone who, by way of disclaimer, is in no way thrilled by either presidential candidate - a feeling shared in fact by the vast majority of Americans who vote 'neither' every election year
20:12 Sep 22, 2012 PST
Radio Unnameable Movie Review: A Tale Of Two Radio Stations
Fass as precursor to what was later to emerge as the tremendous powers of the digital revolution, would announce a happening or vigil on the air.
09:14 Sep 17, 2012 PST
The Trouble With The Truth Movie Review
At first, Emily and Robert also seem to have settled into a distant but congenial post-marital 'let's just be friends' agreement.
18:37 Sep 15, 2012 PST
The Eye Of The Storm Review: Mommie Dearest In The Outback
Which by the way, owes its dubious screenwriting credit to Judy Morris, who in addition to this lavish period satire, likewise penned Happy Feet and Babe: Pig In The City.
15:03 Sep 10, 2012 PST
Arts Express: Reporter Matt Kennard On Neo-Nazis In The US Military
Danish director Mads Matthiesen, on the line from Denmark, talks tattoos, masculine identity, defying stereotypes on screen, the link between sex tourism and globalization, and his bodybuilder protagonist Kim Kold
08:34 Sep 10, 2012 PST
Arts Express: Geoffrey Rush Talks Eye Of The Storm
A stinging satire focusing a merciless 'eye' on money in conflict with a financially warped maternal instinct, with Charlotte Rampling as the ruthless affluent matriarch in question.
18:37 Sep 9, 2012 PST
Arbitrage Review: Richard Gere A Toxic Tycoon In Sinister Wall Street Noir
Making a killing in the stock market may be taking on a whole new meaning lately, if the many collateral damage victims of financial robber baron recklessness get factored in, at least symbolically.
06:59 Sep 9, 2012 PST
For Ellen Movie Review
Dano is Joby in For Ellen, a Chicago aspiring rock performer who has almost but never quite made it as a star. Departing abruptly from Chicago, Joby is headed for a distant wintry suburb where he has agreed to sign divorce papers
06:56 Sep 2, 2012 PST
Bachelorette Movie Review
A stage to screen adaptation by playwright Leslye Headland, Bachelorette is a sort of thirtysomething Mean Girls post-grad arrested development romp.
14:19 Aug 29, 2012 PST
Neighboring Sounds Movie Review
ACan a country's tragic and brutal history be effectively expressed through the microcosm of a single street in one neighborhood?
07:48 Aug 28, 2012 PST
Touch Movie Review
Porter Lynn is Tam in Touch, a Vietnamese-American recent graduate, trained as a manicurist. And hired at a local LA nail salon filled with gabby female co-workers resentful of her educated, methodical dedication.
20:09 Aug 26, 2012 PST
Lawless Movie Review: Tangy Tall Tale Moonshine Noir
The youngest of a gang of badass black market brewery brothers in remote Franklin County, sensitive guy Jack is willing but unable to muster the ruthless and belligerent macho streak necessary to get the unlawful job done.
07:31 Aug 26, 2012 PST
Painted Skin The Resurrection Review: Chinese Martial Arts Cosmetic Surgery Saga
In this rather revisionist, special effects hyper-revved up feminist leaning version of ancient Chinese lore, Xun Zhou is Xiaowei.
17:14 Aug 19, 2012 PST
Teddy Bear Movie Review
In no way to be confused with Mark Wahlberg's talking dirty, furry animated best friend in Ted, this similar boy toy nicknamed star of Teddy Bear is no less goofy, though on the grim side instead.
18:11 Aug 18, 2012 PST
Arts Express: Senator Alan Simpson Talks Patriocracy
Touching on gun control, abortion, aliens, shoplifting bullets, and Congress for sale to the highest bidders.
11:30 Aug 18, 2012 PST
ParaNorman Movie Review: I See Dead Cartoons
ParaNorman co-directors Chris Butler and Sam Fell may have a lot more on their metaphorical plate than just mining realism and familiarity from fantasy.
19:55 Aug 14, 2012 PST
Robot & Frank: A Conversation With Susan Sarandon
Robot & Frank is a movie about a complicated marriage. So have your own feelings about not believing in marriage, changed at all?
10:45 Aug 14, 2012 PST
Robot & Frank Movie Review
Frank Langella stars as the Frank in question, a grouchy, troubled elder living a withdrawn existence alone in the old family home up in rustic Cold Spring, New York. Frank also happens to be a career burglar,
07:06 Aug 13, 2012 PST
The Chilean Building Movie Review
For women who commit their lives to mass struggle, there is always a choice that men never have to make. Namely to sacrifice the option of motherhood for revolutionary struggle.
17:10 Aug 12, 2012 PST
The Campaign Movie Review
While elections and holding office in this country have become more about entertainment than say, issues, the opposite on the movie satisfaction meter may not be true.
08:26 Aug 8, 2012 PST
The Bourne Legacy Movie Review
In a match not exactly made in heaven, the fourth installment in the Bourne series, The Bourne Legacy, seems to boast something old, new, borrowed and blue.
19:09 Aug 7, 2012 PST
Arts Express: Body Of War, A Conversation With Phil Donahue
The eminent television host turned anti-war filmmaker, in a candid interview about the legacy of horrors in the aftermath of Iraq.
12:25 Aug 4, 2012 PST
Meet The Fokkens Review: One Hooker Has Arthritis, The Other Doesn't
Quite possibly, but not to worry. Suspect unreliable twin narrators aside, their kinky sisterly fusion of the salacious with the sublime is likely to perplex and astound even the most sexually jaded spectator among us.
07:45 Jul 30, 2012 PST
Assassin's Bullet Movie Review
Then there's nervous blonde English language teacher Vicky (Elika Portnoy), a patient of Dr. Kahn, who is also stuck in the past when she was traumatized as a child by the death of her parents in a suicide bombing.
21:23 Jul 28, 2012 PST
Big Boys Gone Bananas!* Movie Review
One item at the top of the most endangered list in US society and the media appears to be truth. As the lines between fact, publicity and the commercial propaganda known as advertising continue to blur beyond distinction.
06:54 Jul 23, 2012 PST
Ruby Sparks Movie Review: Pygmalion From A Feminist Perspective
So how more or less likely is the finished product - of both the imagination controlled robotic object of male desire, and this movie - believable to audiences as well.
20:30 Jul 21, 2012 PST
The Dark Knight Rises Movie Review
Tt's a distinction no less evident in this final episode of the Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises, and coming as no surprise - considering the source as the originally rooted indie scribe Christopher Nolan (Memento, Insomnia).
09:33 Jul 16, 2012 PST
Grassroots Movie Review
So is a movie about a local Seattle City Council election, however far fetched even if it actually happened, sufficient dramatic fuel for a feature film? Yes and no.
05:31 Jul 16, 2012 PST
Family Portrait In Black And White Movie Review
In the course of following these school age children through their daily routines in a primarily home movies format, we learn little about the white orphans. But that the biracial kids are apparently the offspring of African exchange students, and U
06:56 Jul 15, 2012 PST
Arts Express: Director Stephen Gyllenhaal Talks Election Satire, Grassroots
Maitland also describes working her way out of the Styles section of the paper to cover the often dangerous stories that were a male domain back then.
08:26 Jul 14, 2012 PST
Trishna Review: Winterbottom Unleashes Hardy's Inner Libido In A Movie
The dramatically blunt romantic tragedy is directed by Michael Winterbottom (A Mighty Heart, 24 Hour Party People), and strangely enough crediting Hardy as the sole writer,
06:10 Jul 10, 2012 PST
Savages Movie Review: Sex, Drugs And Shopping
All this, while more than begging the question, and then some: How would any ordinary person, for instance inhabiting the audience for this movie, go toe to toe with terrifying Mexican druglords, and somehow outrageously prevail.
15:40 Jul 9, 2012 PST
The Amazing Spider-Man Review: Sometimes I Feel Like A Fatherless Child
And that is helped not in the least, in bypassing a celebrity status actor as the main course, for Andrew Garfield. Which avoids the frequent extra-curricular challenge, in this case the enhanced without benefit of steroids high schooler,
07:31 Jul 2, 2012 PST
Madea's Witness Protection Movie Review
Stuck with taking the rap for his colleagues, counting a ruthlessly scheming Tom Arnold, Needleman faces the bad news from Atlanta prosecutor Brian (Tyler Perry) that he either fess up or squeal to the feds about mob money laundering
22:09 Jun 29, 2012 PST
The Magic of Belle Isle Review: Morgan Freeman A Revelation
Likely on some level autobiographical, The Magic Of Belle Isle delves into the life of Monte Wildhorn (Morgan Freeman), a popular writer of Western fiction who has more recently stumbled into writer's block.
17:12 Jun 27, 2012 PST
Emma Stone Talks The Amazing Spider-Man
Emma also mulled Gwen moxie, acne, dads and teen hormones, and that essential wow factor about Spider-Man from a female point of view.
08:14 Jun 27, 2012 PST
Al Shearer: The Other Black Guy Running for President Movie Review
Shearer's urge to change things up more than a bit regarding the messy way political and economic matters are currently going down in this country, first led him to embark on a man in the street, primarily off the charts investigation of his own.
07:36 Jun 25, 2012 PST
Arts Express: Al Shearer,The Other Black Guy Running For President
Stay tuned for continuing features of Arts Express: Expression In The Arts. Airing On WBAI Radio's Pacifica Network and Affiliate Stations.
21:25 Jun 22, 2012 PST
Seeking a Friend for The End of The World: Doomsday Date Movie?
Doing maudlin and manic respectively in Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World, are Steve Carell and Keira Knightley as disoriented duo Dodge and Penny, crossing paths by chance amidst a chaotic, frenzied population.
13:36 Jun 22, 2012 PST
To Rome With Love Movie Review: Woody Takes A Guilt Trip
Dropped into this mix of the usual hand-wringing American tourists butting heads with locals perplexed by an awful lot lost in translation, is Woody as Jerry.
18:41 Jun 19, 2012 PST
Rock Of Ages Movie Review
Relegated to minimum wage bar duty instead at the Strip's popular but nearly bankrupt Bourbon Room, the eventual lovebirds bide their time until they can encounter their respective fifteen minutes, which is no surprise when they do.
16:44 Jun 14, 2012 PST
Girl From The Naked Eye Review: Sasha Grey Does Martial Arts Hooker Detail
Prowling about the perpetually nighttime neon mean streets is Jake (action star and co-writer Jason Yee), a driver for a shady mobster.
17:27 Jun 12, 2012 PST
Chace Crawford Talks Peace, Love, & Misunderstanding
Like getting in touch with any latent inner hippie, getting high, fun fan stories, and possibly picking up some food tips for his venture into simulating a meat maven on screen.
10:31 Jun 8, 2012 PST
Americano Movie Review: Salma Hayek Fleshes Out South Of Border Stripper
Demy has written, directed, produced and starred himself in Americano, which is almost never a good thing. In other words, second opinions are immensely beneficial, and not just when it comes to doctors.
15:05 Jun 5, 2012 PST
Patang: The Kite Movie Review: India Tale Takes Flight
Written and directed by first time filmmaker Prashant Bhargava, Patang: The Kite unfolds in provincial Ahmedabad in Gujarat, amidst India's largest annual kite festival when thousands of those airborne images will fill the sky.
16:35 Jun 3, 2012 PST
Arts Express: Reflections On The Cannes Film Festival 2012
By the end of the 65th Cannes Film Festival on Sunday night, at least one new international star and a few trends emerged, while an actress whose career has been uneven-Nicole Kidman-triumphed in two movies.
09:29 May 30, 2012 PST
Safety Not Guaranteed Movie Review
While Jeff sneaks off to make predatory moves on Liz, Darius and Arnau conspire to corner the elusive and exceedingly paranoid recluse in question, Kenneth.
20:47 May 27, 2012 PST
Breaking News: Cannes Film Festival Awards 2012
This is the third in a series of Cannes Film Festival Reports by Annette Insdorf, who has been on location. Professor Insdorf is our correspondent at this year's Cannes Film Festival
18:05 May 27, 2012 PST
Dark Horse Movie Review: Love In The Time Of Hepatitis
Dark Horse may be too dark for its own good, when lightening up might have been a better way to go. As Abe's elaborately murky fantasies begin to take over
16:26 May 26, 2012 PST
Men In Black III Movie Review
It seems that Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) has been snuffed by menacing time traveler Boris back in 1969 just a little while ago, or something like that.
10:47 May 22, 2012 PST
The Cannes Film Festival Reports 2012
Celebrities and dignitaries mingled at the feast that followed in the 'Agora' tent, a huge temporary construction behind the Palais. Among them was Alec Baldwin, in Cannes for the first time,
06:12 May 22, 2012 PST
Moonrise Kingdom Movie Review
Performing as a raven in a local theater production on the island, but subsequently demoted to a blue jay, Suzy is a likewise tween loner enduring an unhappy family life in a vertically challenged lighthouse.
17:30 May 21, 2012 PST
Virginia Movie Review: Sex, Lies And Mormons
The Virginia of the title refers both to the name of the seriously schizophrenic protagonist Jennifer Connelly plays, and the seedy Virginia Beach locale harboring a host of sinister secrets.
11:18 May 15, 2012 PST
Arts Express: The Cannes Film Festival Reports 2012
We are honored to feature her coverage, which will also include breaking news announcing the winners at the end of the Festival.
12:15 May 14, 2012 PST
The Dictator Movie Review
In a kind of rowdy Prince And The Pauper contemporary knockoff, Cohen has cast himself as both General Aladeen, the tyrannical Middle Eastern dictator in question, and his body double decoy inducted to deflect assassinations.
06:12 May 14, 2012 PST
Dark Shadows Movie Review: Twilight On Acid
A generation gap vampire comedy fueled by youthful rebellion in perpetuity, Dark Shadows weirdly reconfigures age-based alienation to postulate instead, don't trust anyone over two hundred.
08:05 May 9, 2012 PST
Girl In Progress Review: Raging Hormones Wreak Havoc On Eva Mendes
Cierra Ramirez is Ansiedad in Girl In Progress - a name which I've since been informed translates as 'anxiety.' And that more appropriately describes Ansiedad's frazzled single mom, Grace (Eva Mendes).
14:08 May 6, 2012 PST
Arts Express: Kathleen Turner Talks Religion, Politics & Not So Perfect Family
Also, refusing to honor Hollywood Blacklist informant Elia Kazan at the Oscars in 2000, and getting nude for a nonsexist cause in Playboy.
09:26 May 6, 2012 PST
The Perfect Family Movie Review
Kathleen Turner trades in her femme fatale creds for fretful matriarch and grandmother Eileen Cleary, presiding over a suburban Catholic family spanning three generations.
10:00 May 5, 2012 PST
Nobody Else But You Movie Review
Jean-Paul Rouve stars as David Rousseau, a frustrated crime novelist stricken with writers block, who gets hooked on a news story about a recently deceased provincial alpine French beauty queen, Candice Lecoeur (Sophie Quinton).
12:20 Apr 29, 2012 PST
Arts Express: Exile, Identity And Occupy West Side Story
Hear actress turned novelist Karen Kondazian phones in to Arts Express from Utah to delve into her book The Whip
08:27 Apr 29, 2012 PST
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