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Prairie Miller is a New York multimedia journalist online, in print and radio, who reviews movies and conducts in-depth interviews. She can also be heard on WBAI/Pacifica National Radio Network’s Arts Express.

Arts Express: Elizabeth Hurley Talks The Royals

Prairie Miller talks to Elizabeth Hurley about The Royals, and to Nina Paley, artist, filmmaker, animator, cartoonist and free culture copyright activist.

Arts Express: Sam Raimi Talks Ash vs Evil Dead

Prairie Miller has a Halloween Visitation. Cult Horror Director Sam Raimi drops in, Death Of A Salesman In Yiddish and classical concert pianist Hannah Reimann

Arts Express: Ben Vereen Talks Time Out Of Mind

Prairie Miller has a conversation with Ben Vereen, about Time Out of Mind, his movie with Richard Gere, a film about the homeless struggling to survive.

Arts Express: Actor Djimon Hounsou Talks Eco-Thriller Air

Djimon Hounsou calls in to reflect on survival issues on and off screen, as an immigrant and actor of color, once jobless and homeless in Paris.

Arts Express: Comfort Women Opens At St Clement’s Theatre Off-Broadway

Prairie Miller has a conversation with the star of a new Off-Broadway play, Sandra Lee, herself a victim of rape in the military as a soldier in Iraq.

Arts Express: Ryan Reynolds Talks Self/Less

Ryan Reynolds sees futuristic identity theft in sci-fi thriller Self/Less. He freaks out when involuntarily biologically engineered to share the same body with Ben Kingsley

Arts Express: Elijah Wood Talks Set Fire To The Stars

Prairie Miller discusses the beat poets, punk rock, Elijah's journey from Frodo to hero worship, Auden, Blake, McCarthyism, and the radicalization of Thomas

Arts Express: Kim Basinger Talks The 11th Hour

A young victimized actor phones in from LA, to speak about An Open Secret, a documentary that exposes the child casting couch rampant in Hollywood

Arts Express: Office Politics, Valium Blues, Cannes Reflections

In the Tribeca excerpted short, illuminating snapshots of the Port Authority desolate, desperate and down and out regulars and drifters passed through the seedy, aptly named purgatory of the Times Square Terminal Bar across the decades.

Arts Express: Dolph Lundgren Talks Skin Trade

A conversation with actor Dolph Lundgren delves into combating global sex trafficking as an action hero on screen, trading in brains for brawn as a former Fulbright Scholar
morgan freeman diane keaton

Arts Express: Morgan Freeman Talks 5 Flights Up

Morgan Freeman Talks to Prairie Miller about his new movie, 5 Flights Up, with Diane Keaton. Sounds like they had a great time making it, other than the stairs.

Arts Express: A Conversation With Rose Byrne for Adult Beginners

Rose sat down to talk about the Ross Katz directed bittersweet dramady, while finishing off an alfalfa burger and diving into an accompanying plate of fries.

Tribeca Film Festival 2015: Drone Warfare Drama, Good Kill

And 'how the art world stopped thinking about inequality and learned to love the bling.'

Arts Express: Blood Rising Over Juarez

Maguire is on the line to Arts Express to talk about his current NYC joint exhibit of paintings with his film, Blood Rising.

Arts Express: A Conversation With ‘Queen B’ Gossip Girl Leighton Meester

Prairie Miller has a conversation with actress Leighton Meester about her new movie, Like Sunday, Like Rain, an other side of the tracks economic crisis.

Arts Express: Adam Sandler Talks The Cobbler

Adam Sandler says he got a kind of identity crisis when his screen dad Dustin Hoffman may or may not have turned into him, and he talks about annoying bright lights, bad landlords, and soup

Treading Water Movie Review: Magical Realism Keeps Kooky Tale Afloat

This is a fresh and nearly flawlessly conceived yarn. A combo earthy nymph (Zoe Kravitz) with kindred amphibious desires releases her inner mermaid at the local swimming pool.

Take A Seat And Be Moved: The Rated ‘SR’ Socially Relevant...

This year, the Women Film Critics Circle presents their second annual WFCC Award at the Socially Relevant Film Festival, for Best Film By Or About Women.

Effie Gray Movie Review: Fifty Shades Of ‘Gray’ ?

We see a procession of movies about artists throughout history suffering for their art, rarely are there sightings of the women in their lives made to suffer too.

Arts Express: Chris Elliott Talks The Rewrite

Chris Elliott talks to Prairie Miller about The Rewrite, nutty jobs he's had just to get by, other fellow funny guys who've inspired him, and getting stoned on Groundhog Day.