Arts Express: Actress Radha Mitchell Talks Sacrifice

Lost Legends

A conversation with Michael Joplin, revisiting his iconic sister’s legacy with the PBS debut next week of Janis: Little Girl Blue, the director’s cut. Along with how Klan confrontation while coming of age in Jim Crow Texas informed who Janis became. Joplin also shares thoughts about the tragic passing of other music giants since then.

Actress Radha Mitchell Talks Sacrifice

‘There’s no dude that’s going to save anybody for a change.’ How playing smart and fearless as a woman in this Scottish investigative thriller defines the characters the Australian actress pursues. Also, metaphorical truths in folklore about the plight of women, and why we’re still having to have these conversations today. Accents, masks and her past as a Woody Allen muse depicting two different characters with the same name in his movie.

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Broe On The Global Television Beat

Arts Express Paris correspondent is on location there at the Series Mania international television festival. Reporting on small screen politics and economics. How increased mass powerlessness on the planet has changed television. And series addictions connected to the unhooked generation.

Gonzo@The Derby

Why size doesn’t matter once again at the Tribeca Film Festival this year. Excerpts from this Jennifer Cingari partly animated documentary bio-toon, and narrated by Sean Penn. Deciphering the mystifying work of Hunter S. Thompson, who subversively reinvented and forever changed reporting and broadcasting, and what is known as Gonzo Journalism. While referencing via his zany interpretation of the 1970 Kentucky Derby, Nixon, The ’60s unglued, Jim Crow, and a Volkswagen full of nuns.

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Radha Mitchell

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