Arts Express: I Know A Woman Like That

Elaine and Virginia Madsen: I Know a Woman Like That

I Know A Woman Like That: Mother/daughter documentary collaboration of actress Virginia Madsen and filmmaker Elaine Madsen, celebrating the vital and creative lives of older women.

And featuring Rita Moreno, the only Latina actress to have ever won an Oscar – and that was over half a century ago, for West Side Story in 1961. Elaine is on the line from LA, and Virginia is phoning in to the show from Toronto, where she’s filming future television episodes of American Gothic.

Virginia Madsen and Elaine Madsen - I Know A Woman Like That.
Virginia Madsen and Elaine Madsen

Listen to the Show Here

Broe On The European Cultural Beat: The Nuit Debout Diaries

A continuing series of Arts Express Paris correspondent Professor Dennis Broe, on location there with updates from the mass labor and student protest movements. Which he indicates have spread to sixty cities across France, while currently spilling into Belgium as well. And with the possibility that Nuit Debut may turn up at the Cannes Film Festival, where Broe will be filing his on location report next week.

Janis: Little Girl Blue

A two part series of remembrance of the life and work of the late iconic performer Janis Joplin, on the occasion of the debut release of the Amy Berg director’s cut documentary on television. Celebrating the rock legend’s musical impact and legacy. Older sister Laura Joplin phones in from California. See also Janis: Little Girl Blue part 1.

The Carousel

A Size Doesn’t Matter series at the Tribeca Film Festival. A look at the Jonathan Napolitano documentary short documentary screening at the Festival, and touching on the connection between Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone, carousels, and McCarthyism. And Serling’s observation about his television series during that repressive time, that aliens can say things others cannot.

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