Arts Express: The Women of Hidden Figures, A Conversation

Taraji Henson, Octavia Spencer, Martin Scorsese; Jim Crow, and driving while black; Silence, history and a child’s Christmas in Wales; Muse Awards, Dr. Strangelove, Eiffel Tower, Je Suis Al Qaeda, Striking French workers, Liberals and the CIA.

“There is no protocol for women attending”“Then move the finish line.” Taraji Henson And Octavia Spencer talk Hidden Figures: A dramatic tale of three real life brilliant black women surviving Jim Crow racism, sexism, and driving while black.


hidden figures.“For me it’s been a long process, because over-saturation, particularly as it is in our world now, nothing really does have a meaning.” Silence – And Coincidentally, The Silence Of History. A conversation with Martin Scorsese about his latest introspective screen epic touching on faith, obsession and individual torment in the absence of history.

“A determination to bring consciousness to a struggle, demonstrating an unyielding idealism.” Bobby Sands: 66 Days. Mary Murphy delves into the documentary resonating with hope beyond loss.

Bro On The World Film Beat

Arts Express Paris Correspondent Professor Dennis Broe unveils his Top Ten Best Films this year – along with reflections on the US Left, the CIA and a Dr. Strangelove state of mind. And, shedding light on the darkened Eiffel Tower – Je Suis Al Qaeda, striking workers, or perhaps both. Arts Express: Thursdays 2pm ET: Airing on WBAI Radio in NY 99.5 FM, and streaming live and archived everywhere at

Prairie Miller
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