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Social Democrat Bernie Sanders is running for President against strong opposition in the form of the Clinton machine.
4 days ago
Santorum disappointed in Monday's Iowa caucuses. His evangelical beliefs were mdrowned out by Texas Sen. Ted Cruz who outspent his opponent ten-fold.
5 days ago
Denying any political interference in the process, The White House confirmed The State Department is now witholding 40 emails from Hillary Clinton's server.
20:46 Feb 1, 2016
Randy Foreman gives the readout of the non-readout from The White House, after Bernie Sanders met Closed Press with Barack Obama and Joe Biden this week.
16:24 Jan 31, 2016
Clarence Walker looks at the reliability of polls, as we get close to the Iowa caucuses, and front-runners hope the polls are right and those behind hope they are not.
07:21 Jan 31, 2016
The economy of Russia, the world's second largest supplier of crude oil after Saudi Arabia, is not doing well, and experts say Putin has 18 months to fix it.
03:32 Jan 31, 2016
The Democratic presidential candidate appears to be hurt by the Karl Rove Super Pac Crossroads negative political ad about her taking money from Wall Street.
04:13 Jan 29, 2016
Australia's prime minister Malcolm Turnbull visited the White House with Australian trade officials and Pres Obama had USTR Mike Froman, Asst. Secretary Danny Russell
03:08 Jan 26, 2016
Mike Bloomberg for president rests on the scenario of Donald Trump or Ted Cruz versus Bernie Sanders. If Hillary beats Sanders, she is mainstream enough that Mike would have no chance.
18:55 Jan 24, 2016
In February 2015, U.S. District Judge Andrew S. Hanen stopped Obama's amnesty executive order taking effect, now the Supreme court will test the arguments.
13:10 Jan 23, 2016
There is a health insurance enforcement task force that can cut off coverage for those insured without legitimate reasons for enrolling outside the deadline.
22:58 Jan 22, 2016
Democrats do not help the poor. That is nonsense for the consumption of the uninformed. They weaken society so they can apply their control to the masses.
18:33 Jan 17, 2016
State of the Union oratory quality is in decline, in line with the dumbing down of the population, and is likely to gloss over anything of importance.
16:21 Jan 9, 2016
Trump's ferocious attacks on Hillary Clinton suggest she doesn't have the strength or stamina to be president and she was a disaster as secretary of state.
18:16 Jan 7, 2016
The culprit in this illicit activity is the NSA, that accumulated information showing Israeli officials trying to turn lawmakers against the Iran deal.
12:12 Jan 7, 2016
The Pentagon's sluggish pace approving transfers was a direct derivative in President Obama's decision to remove his Republican Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel.
15:55 Jan 2, 2016
Sometimes honoring Obama was attempted repeatedly. Stanley Chang, a former Honolulu City Councillor tried seven times to get something named after Obama.
05:05 Dec 29, 2015
A CIA counter-terrorism briefing in 2001 told Gingrich the potential recruiting base for Islamic Extremists was then 39-65 million people.
22:50 Dec 26, 2015
The November test was held near Chabahar close to Iran's border with Pakistan. The confirmation on Monday was reported on the Fox News website that cited Western intelligence sources.
12:06 Dec 13, 2015
His supposedly 'off-the cuff' comments were met with outrage from the liberal media and some fellow Republican candidates. The most controversial of his quotes was the statement '... preventing Muslim immigration' drawing the most ire. That sparked
03:48 Dec 13, 2015

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