Who Created The Arab-Palestinian People? The Israelis

Anwar Sadat was unequaled, and rather a smart and cunning man. More so, he knew the facts and there is a claim that he said: “[There are] no Arab countries, there are only Arab tribes.” Whoever did not understand this statement then recognizes it today. And if and when the vision of the Moslems, which is to Islamize everything that breathes and walks on two legs would be fulfilled, the next world war – the third one – will break out, which will be between the Sunni and Shiite Moslems, with all those who are not Moslems, in the middle.

In light of what has happened and is happening in the Middle East, an Israeli Middle East expert, whose general education also touches military and security issues, was asked, “What will be with the Palestinians?” His answer was clear – “there is no such thing.”

The Middle East pundit confirmed this and then continued to explain his meaning, by directing the attention of the person asking, to the demonstrations that took place in Israel during the British mandate times, demonstrations in which the Jews called, loud and clear, “Free immigration! Hebrew [Jewish] country(!)”

But the Mideast pundit completed the “picture,” saying that “Our cousins, the Ishmaelites have demonstrated in the streets of Jaffa, Nazareth, Haifa and Acre, but their call was ‘Arab Palestine’ – i.e. not ‘Palestina,’ because according to them such people did not exist.”

So the next question to the Mideast pundit was: – So who created the “Palestinian people?”

And the pundit’s response was just two words: “We [the Israelis] did!”

In fact, in Israel they call the Arabs “Israeli Arabs” … but because the “wise men” of Israel decided that Israel will be the only country in the world defined as Jewish democratic state, a situation was created in which the country is indeed democratic but she is also bi-national, the only democratic country in the world that is not a state of all its citizens.

Israel, by her own doing, prevents the growth of a positive and necessary process which will end Israelization,” not “Judaization” of all the citizens of Israel, and therefore she invests effort and discrimination aiming to “Judaize” all her land. And if Jabotinsky would have heard this, he would has told Prime Minister Netanyahu, “you did not learn a thing from your father.”

And when nothing happens in the country, other processes take place, meaning, direct for a moment your attention to ISIS [Daula ek-Arabiyah, etc.], which is the realization the Israeli-Egyptian-Jordanian nightmare.

Let us begin by recalling our yesteryears: When the peace treaty was signed with Anwar e(l) Sadat and Egypt, in which Menachem Begin was willing to give some sort of autonomy to the Arabs, Begin then said to Sadat: “I hope that after we arrive at peace with Egypt will we achieve peace with all the Arab countries.”

The wise Sadat knew the facts and replied: “There no Arab states, only Arab tribes.”

Who did not understand it then, sees it today. And if these Arab tribes and Moslems’ vision is fulfilled, which is to Islamize everything that breathes and walks on two legs, the next world war will break out – the third one – and it will be between the Sunni and Shiite Muslims and all those who are in the middle.

Israel finds herself in a complex and complicated situation that requires of all the Israelis to be strong, because to be right, even if it is more important, leaves the question: “Right in the eyes of whom and why?”

For example, seemingly, Israel should have supported the Alawite Assad’s regime in Syria that in the eyes of the Sunnis is not considered to be a Moslem and therefore the Moslem Shiite Hezbollah support him. And if the rebels in Syria, who are not from among the Syrians and came from outside the borders of Syria and wish to arrive to Jerusalem, will win, Israel will find herself in a problem. And because Israel is already in a problem regarding Syria, most Israelis must think that all that is needed is to worry that Israel is strong.

To sum this up, there are two blocks of countries in the Middle East: one is the IEJ – Israel, Egypt, Jordan that must coordinate between themselves, and the other block is the Gulf States, one of which is Qatar, already Israel’s foe, and the rest, apparently, are really just “tribes.” Iraq is falling apart, and Iran is a sworn enemy of Israel, although it is impossible to understand why and it is not even Arab.

Then there are the Kurds, whom, Israel has helped for years. Now they have a lots of oil and are undergoing some prosperity and are on their way to, officially, become Israel’s ally, therefore Israel must help them realize their independence.

In the midst of such complex reality, in which Israel finds herself, she needs wise leadership that can examine each idea and issue. Where is the right leader and the leadership that will take Israel out of this mess?

The people are frustrated with their government and its lack of backbone and ability to tell the facts and truth and follow the state of Israel’s cause. The government rather make the land of Israel a chunk of negotiable real estate, without thinking about the consequences. What this means is that Israel, as a whole, as well as genuine Jews who believe in Jewish values, have failed in the field of public diplomacy, perhaps even have poor understanding of the proactive, radical agitprop. They are way behind the curve on the most important issue to the nation of Israel and its nation state, which is Israel’s survival.

Digging into archives, people have found the Larousse French dictionary from the year 1939. In its appendix, the book lists, in alphabetical order, all of the then world’s flags. One can notice that for Germany at that time the flag was studded with the Nazi Swastika, a proof that this book was pre-1945, pre-the establishment of the modern state of Israel. Alphabetically, one can recognize the flag of Palestine. What does it look like? Surprise!? Not an Islamic-Arab, Turkish, or Circassian sovereign state that the bad Jews usurped. Rather, it represents the [Jewish] Mandate of Palestine, depicting the Star of the Shield of King David, the symbol of the Jewish nation.

Jewish Palestine Mandate Flag
Jewish Palestine Mandate Flag

Witness the 1939 Palestinian Flag –

SH Ha of Eretz Israel expresses his frustration:

To: Prime Minister Mr. Netanyahu,

I received an e-mail from a great fellow Jew, describing a book published in 1939 in which the flag of Palestine is depicted. I ask of all of you to please review the documents.

I wonder why such document has been hidden, rather than used as part of our claims to real size of Eretz Israel? Please refrain from vapid statements, rather specifically address the facts. I suggest to form a freely elected Inquiry commission into the subject.

In summation

Do you think you know who the “Palestinians” are?

Dr. Francisco Gil-White, a professor of truth holding a PhD in Biological and Cultural Anthropology from UCLA, explains a historical fact: In political terms, “Palestine” means – “there are no Jews here nor do we will allow them.” And he asks, if the name “Palestine” (Or Syria-Palaestina) is an artificial creation of the Roman Empire and later of the British Empire, then who are the so-called “Palestinians?”

Syria Palaestina was a Roman province between 135 BCE and till about 390 CE. It was established by the merger of Roman Syria and Roman Judaea, following the defeat of the Jewish Bar Kokhba Revolt in 135. Shortly after 193, the Syrian regions were split off as Syria Coele in the north and Phoenice in the south, and the province was reduced to Judea.

In this video, based on historical evidence, Dr. Francisco Gil-White presents theories that are revolutionary and somehow, it seems to make much sense.

We, Jews, have the remedy to our own identity illness, will we take the pill?

Nurit Greenger
During the 2006 second Lebanon War, Nurit Greenger, referenced then as the "Accidental Reporter" felt compelled to become an activist. Being an 'out-of-the-box thinker, Nurit is a passionately committed advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States, and the Free World in general. From Southern California, Nurit serves as a "one-woman Hasbarah army" for Israel who believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

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