The Buck Stops Here

“Ancient Rome declined because it had a Senate, now what’s going to happen to us with both a House and a Senate?” Will Rogers

Few Americans haven’t seen a line of baby ducks following the Mama duck across the street. This picture also includes a line of cars stopped on both sides to allow the ducks safe passage. I, too, stop for ducks.

Human beings are nothing if not paradoxical. The safety of a baby duck is paramount, and yet we allow the good of our nation to come second to political and selfish ideological agendas.

I imagine most have spent the last week or two sickened by the partisan display of political insanity Washington dinner theatre has provided.

If nothing else, we do get a great deal of entertainment for our money from Beltway Productions. Although unfortunately, too often of late, we have been treated to shows far more frightening than the mind of a Hitchcock or De Palma could conjure.

Sadly, many are faced with circumstances they could never have fathomed, and the world has glimpsed the pitiful state of the United States Congress’ selfish, childish lust for power.

As Harry Truman’s desk plate once read so eloquently, “The Buck Stops Here.”

No matter how many people Obama tries to lay the blame upon, it cannot disguise his egregious lack of leadership.

The Congressional dog and pony show has once again displayed little intelligence or responsibility, but provided instead copious amount of fodder for comics and late night hosts.

And yet, Americans aren’t laughing.

Facing the gravest financial times since the Great Depression, we are too overwhelmed by the intensity of our circumstances to even fathom an exit from this previously undiscovered circle of hell where we now reside.

Ducks you ask?

Yes, exactly the point.

While families are forced from their homes, doing without food and the basic necessities of life, we stop our car for a family of ducks.

We watch as a brutal leader in Syria murders babies, children have no food to eat and Iran continues to threaten the safety and security of the world.

We stop for ducks.

Our Navy Seals are killed, Somalia allows thousands of children to starve every day and prevents rescue workers from helping, another American father or mother is pink slipped and loses their healthcare for their children and-we stop for ducks.

Europe is falling apart, China is stealing our technologies, candidates are throwing stones at one another and yet-we stop for ducks.

Shouldn’t we be equally concerned about what our leaders are doing to people, to us? Harry Reid postures to ensure Obama’s reelection with no concern for Americans that are suffering for his wild spending spree.

The Republicans jump on a high horse at a time when perhaps walking alongside the horse is the best way to travel.

The White House begins an uproarious session of the blame game at all our expense.

But we do stop for ducks.

Do we stop so we can go home and feel good about ourselves? Is it so we can look in the mirror and say, well I’m a good person I didn’t run over a Mama duck and her babies?

I understand it’s difficult to see a way out of our current mess. We have certainly gotten ourselves in knee deep this time.

Two billion plus for the United Nations, over 1.5 billion a year for Pakistan, over 600 million for the Palestinians to help care for and honor known terrorists, financial contributions to the International Monetary Fund to bail out Greece, Spain, Italy, etc. etc.

Lots of money leaving America these days, but how much is coming back in? And to whom is the money going? Not Americans, but the evilest of evil to buy our destruction.

If foreign aid was designed to help ensure our friendships and support among nations, how’s that working for us?

Americans are broke. Seniors who lived on their investments have lost them or at least half.

Politicians continue to receive world-class healthcare while children do without meds and proper medical services.

Babies go to sleep hungry in our biggest cities while people attend a $35,000 a plate dinner for a man who makes Marie Antoinette look like Albert Schweitzer.

But we do stop for ducks.

Never before in recent history have the interests of the American people been so egregiously dismissed. Have the cries of babies, the needs of families, children and the elderly been swept aside so callously to ensure political advantage?

Selfishness and self-interest have become the watchwords of America. The world has gotten a front row glimpse at the failure of a once great nation.

Congress makes Caligula look like Mother Teresa and a high price has been paid.

We have one chance to turn this country around and take back our dignity. To act like the caring and compassionate nation we are-we stop for ducks.

Please don’t be misled by a toothy smile or a pledge of change that was far from the change we were promised. Or a politician’s tactics or lies designed to destroy an opponent and distract voters from his own abject failure.

Our leaders don’t stop for ducks, but of course, they are not us. They run over babies and children and if we allow it, they can only quack up our country further.

In truth, politicians run-all the way to the bank with our money in tow.

Lord, protect the duck family that gets in their way en route.

Norma Zager is a Jewish woman who lives in the USA.

In the series “Postcards from Israel,” Ari Bussel and Norma Zager invite readers throughout the world to join them as they present reports from Israel as seen by two sets of eyes: Bussel’s on the ground, Zager’s counterpoint from home.

Israel and the United States are interrelated – the two countries we hold dearest to our hearts – and so is this “point – counterpoint” presentation that has, since 2008, become part of our lives.