Stupid People Don’t Understand History Or Life, It Seems

Today, I was reading blog comments and I see many people who think they are humanitarians and are concerned about others, bashing Israel and Jews in general and backing the concept of breaking the Israeli blockade of Gaza.

Most of the commenters appear to be Americans and they make comments referring to Israel, such as “We as Americans must insist that our money NOT be used to support such a radical and violent regime.”

They also say Israel has no right to hold Gaza, nor to blockade it by land and sea.

Are these people completely unaware that Gaza is controlled by a terrorist organization that has no qualms at all about putting women and children between themselves and Israel when they shoot rockets or anything else towards Israel?

Are they completely unaware that Mahmous Abbas, in the West Bank also says the blockade should not be broken because Hamas would just import more weapons from Iran and other places.

Are they at all aware that it need not be this way? That it wouldn’t be this way if the rockets and suicide bombers stopped? Are they aware that there are no rockets fired from the West Bank and the West Bank is thriving, expanding?

Apparently not, they just want to yell about a “humanitarian convoy” that was filled not only with humanitarians, but also trained terrorists.

No mention is ever made of Egypt, which has a border with Gaza. No mention is made of the human shield used by those against Israel. They seem to believe that the people of Gaza are being repressed solely by Israel, perhaps because Israel hates them.

What do they mean “We as Americans.” Aren’t you part of the people that took the land of the Native Americans? Those peace-loving native people who hunted bison and loved the land? Look what a mess you have made of it, what right do you have to tell Israel what to do with land they were on thousands of years ago?

Massive armies attacked Israel, but they won and captured the territory.

This story is lot more complex than any of us can imagine and all the whiners are doing is reacting to the great PR job that is being done against Israel. You and others need to do some research before waffling. Israel is far from perfect, but you speak and act as though they are the devil and all others, including the terrorists, are angels.

If anyone believes the ships were unarmed humanitarians, they are fools.

If anyone believes just for one minute that if a real unarmed humanitarian ship was able to break the blockade, that it wouldn’t be immediately followed by Iranian ships with weapons, they are really on another planet.

The forces against Israel are not above placing women and children directly in the line of fire and then sending rockets at Israel, or filling a boat full of terrorists, together with women and children and suckers who think they are doing the right thing.

By all means, feel free to dislike Israel, it is your right, but do not destroy your own credibility by siding with terrorists who are waging a PR campaign to get others to batter down their opponents, because those people do not give a damn about you or the women and children who might get hurt. In fact the more of you that are hurt, the better it is for them.

What are you thinking!

Alan Gray is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of NewsBlaze Daily News and other online newspapers. He prefers to edit, rather than write, but sometimes an issue rears it’s head and makes him start hammering away on the keyboard.

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