Kishinev In Israel Happening Now, Not In History

When I read Vic Rosenthal’s latest article “My personal Kishniev” I thought to myself: only a few days ago I claimed that the government of Israel cannot defend its citizens. It has lost its right to govern. That right was lost long ago. This article solidified my thought.

I therefore decided to second Mr. Rosenthal, and the more of us that second him, our dissent to what is taking place will become stronger and hopefully, subsequently, the right actions will be taken.

The Kishinev Pogroms, that translated into anti-Jewish riots, erupted on April 19-20, 1903 and repeated, on a smaller scale, on October 1905, in Kishinev, then the capital of the province of Bessarabia in the Russian Empire, now the capital of the Republic of Moldova.

The first pogrom began on April 19, 1903 after congregations were dismissed from church services on Easter Sunday. In two days of rioting, 47 (some argue 49) Jews were killed, 92 were severely injured and 500 others were slightly injured; 700 houses were destroyed, and 600 stores were pillaged. No attempt by the local authorities, the police or military was made to intervene and stop the riots until the third day. That supports the argument in support of the opinion that the pogrom was sponsored or, at least, tolerated by the state.

The second Pogrom took place on October 19-20, 1905. This time the riots began as political protests against the Tsar, but turned into an attack on Jews wherever they could be found. By the time the riots were over, 19 Jews had been killed and 56 were injured. Jewish self-defense leagues, organized after the first pogrom, stopped some of the violence, but were not wholly successful. This Pogrom was part of a much larger movement of 600 pogroms that swept the Russian Empire after the October Manifesto of 1905.

Despite a worldwide outcry, only two men were sentenced to seven and five years in jail and twenty-two were sentenced for one or two years. These Pogroms were instrumental in convincing tens of thousands of Russian Jews to leave for the West and eventually to their homeland, at that time ruled by the Ottoman Empire.

The Kishinev Pogroms became a rallying point for early Zionism, especially what would become Revisionist Zionism, and inspired early self-defense leagues under leaders like Vladimir Jabotinsky.

But now, and for a long time, the Kishinev Pogroms are taking place in Israel and they liger and linger and linger.

The car engulfed in flames a result of a fire bomb attack on Israelis by Arab Palestinians
The car engulfed in flames a result of a fire bomb attack on Israelis by ArabPalestinians in which an 11-year old Israeli girl was fire-burned on over 50% of her body in a murder attempt

We need to admit that the problem of hatred-spawned violence against Jews has not ended, even though there is a sovereign Jewish state.

The reason?

We, Jews, and the government of Israel allow it to take place. Israel, collectively, sees it right to punish Jews, destroy their community and remove them from their “Illegal” posts. But when an Arab perpetrates a terror act against Jews, for fear of what the UN, EU, USA will say/do, Israel does not collectively punish Arabs who harbor terrorists amidst them in their village! Meaning, destroy the entire village.

The Zionists’ imperative goal is to protect the Jewish state in order to preserve the Jewish people. The government of Israel’s job is to carry out the Zionist imperative goal, which is to protect the Jewish state in order to preserve the Jewish people.

However, we must admit, the government of Israel is miserably failing at its job!

For 2000 years, Jews were defenseless. Theodore Herzl saw it clearly during the Dreyfus affair. He insisted on having a nation state for the Jewish people. We got it! But we do not behave as a sovereign nation, rather a vassal to greater world powers.

The highest priority of the government of Israel is to preserve Jewish life, not to try to live up to the hypocritical and cynical double standards, set by people in Brussels or Washington who would rather see the Jewish people gone anyway and their state cease to exit.

We – the government of Israel and all those who see Israel being a vital important factor for the future of every Jew – must change the way we are fighting the long war we have been fighting and we are deeply in, because today we are losing and we are losing big! We are losing this war in Judea and Samaria, in eastern Jerusalem, also in the Galilee and the Negev. Soon it will be impossible for a Jew to drive in Kfar Saba, or even Tel Aviv, without an armored vehicle. And after that? You know the answer.

The solution?! It is not to talk to them about ‘peace’. Israel’s enemies have given her and us their answer with their firebombs and meat cleavers, their cars and their knives, all have replaced the suicide bombing they used to use in the past that have killed so many of us. More so, we need to hear their words in which their answer is not buried, rather is openly and brazenly well expressed. No wall between “our” side and “their” side can stop what is going on in Israel now.

How many times do our enemies have to tell us and show us their intentions before we finally get it

The question is: How many times do our enemies have to tell us and show us their intentions before we finally get it? How many times?

We have arrived at the point where, as difficult as it is to admit as civilized people, we must process it in our thick heads and understand what it means to be in an endless struggle with monstrous barbarians. We must understand that the choices we have are victory or the end of our Jewish state, our death and dispersal, if anyone is left to be dispersed? Sadly, the government of Israel and way too many Jews seem to care more about Arab rights than our own rights to live in a peaceful country, more so, to exist.

We must admit, we are at a turning point, it is either us or them. Israel’s enemies show the world and the world agrees with them, it is them, not us, and we do not show the world it is us, not them. Israel’s enemies do not want us in our homeland and will do everything that is in their power that we are not there – in our homeland – that we are no more.

We need to choose between total victory and the elimination of our enemy or our destruction.

There is no other way.

Yes, we are at this point, it is us or them, just like in WWII, it was the free world or Nazism-Fascism to rule over all of us. We have run out of all options and alternatives.

The time clock is ticking, Israel!

During the 2006 second Lebanon War, Nurit Greenger, referenced then as the “Accidental Reporter” felt compelled to become an activist. Being an ‘out-of-the-box thinker, Nurit is a passionately committed advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States, and the Free World in general. From Southern California, Nurit serves as a “one-woman Hasbarah army” for Israel who believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

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