Israel, Like No Other Country, Barricaded Within Its Own Border

No other country in the world but Israel fortifies itself from within with barriers, check points, and a huge inland security force. All because its Jewish-Israelis fear their enemy – the Arabs. The Arabs, acting as the country’s enemy were allowed to live within Israel’s border. They do not fear the proprietor – the Jewish state, Israel rather they intimidate and worse.

Israel’s enemies termed the barriers Israel built to try to prevent more terror attacks on Jews “apartheid wall.” Then they termed Israel, an “apartheid state.” Jews made a mistake allowing the Arabs to remain living among them even though they were a violent enemy from the day Israel declared its independence in 1948, and even earlier.

Israelis, in their own country, fear their enemy living among them. Living on one’s nerves is psychologically harmful.

The Arabs push the lie that the land to which they emigrated at the end of the 19th century has been and is theirs. Never mind the 3500 year Jewish history in the land.

One Arab taxi driver in an argumentative tone told me in April 2023, that rich Jews arrived in Israel, starting in the 19th century and stole their – the Arabs’ – land. “Never mind the thousands of years of history you Jews claim to have here,” he said. “We were here and we are here to stay and we will do whatever it takes to kick you out.”

Peace But No Intention For Peace

Have the Israeli-Jews lost the point that they have biblical, historical and legal right to their land? They often want or give away a chunk of their land for a peace agreement paper that has no hold nor validity. What it actually does, it crowds the Jews in a smaller, less defensible area.

Security barrier and check point in Israel, a standard scene between the Palestinian Authority territory and Israel - screenshot
Security barrier and check point in Israel, a standard scene between the Palestinian Authority territory and Israel – screenshot

The late Israeli diplomat Abba Eban, a lifelong political dove, described Israel’s pre-1967 Six-Day War borders as ‘Auschwitz lines’ that threaten Israel’s survivability.

Will this all end up that only the religious Jews of Israel who believe in their full rights to the land will protect it from the enemy within and without who want the Jews out of their land? That is what the Arabs say out loud.

Morality And Hypocrisy

War is not moral, yet, humanity has engaged in wars from time immemorial.

The modern state of Israel has been mired with wars with the Arabs since 1948 and even earlier.

The IDF (Israel Defense Forces) claims to be the most moral army in the world. Yet, war is not moral. Unfortunately that moral army comes at the expense of Jewish souls.

This is nothing to be proud of. The purpose of the war is to eliminate your enemy and not to act morally when fighting it. It is already well known that the world does not care that Jews are murdered at the expense of having a moral army, at the expense of the “human rights” theory that only the IDF needs to follow in its operational policy.

That the IDF is a moral army is not a selling point because the world never cares that Jews – IDF or civilians are murdered by Arabs.

Although truth is on the side of the Jews it is constantly obfuscated by most. The world allowed 6 million Jews to be murdered in the Holocaust before it was forced to fight for victory.

Jews are murdered on their turf in Israel and the world is silent. One Arab loses his or her life, killed during one of the routine skirmishes between the IDF and an Arab terror group and the world yells MURDERERS.

Jews learned to keep silent in the face of hatred and bigotry. A huge mistake. Jews must NEVER forget that the road to death camp Auschwitz was paved in silence.

Of the 1.3 million people deported to the Auschwitz Concentration Camps during WWII, approximately 1.1 million were murdered. The vast majority of the deportees were Jews, who made up around 90 percent of all deaths in the camp.

It mattered, for a while, that Israel victoriously won the Six-Day War, in six days, and on the seventh day God gave her a respite from the tedious war.

Israel Seeks Peace, But Arabs Don’t

The result of that war and a subsequent one, the 1973 Yom Kippur War, led to Israel seeking peace in the most irrational ways. The problem is that the Arabs of Gaza, the Palestinian Authority (PA), and Iran Proxy Hezbollah, all who surround Israel, do not want peace. Any step Israel makes toward this nonexistent peace she loses one more point in this conflict. i.e., Jenin.

Jenin, a distance of 80.3 km (50 miles) from the City of Netanya, Israel, was left to its own devices under the Palestinian Authority mismanagement. Jenin took advantage and became a terror hub from where terrorists attack and murder Israeli civilians.

The almost daily terror attacks and the government of Israel having no effective way to combat terrorism in Judea and Samaria, the IDF had to take action. On 3 July 2023 the IDF launched operation “Home and Garden” in Jenin to get rid of the festering terrorist enclave, a major assault on the Jenin 75-year-old “refugee” camp.

During the two-day operation, July 3-5, 2023, terrorists were killed, terror suspects apprehended, some listed as “wanted”; explosives, weapons, and ammunition were destroyed, along with underground explosives laboratories and cash earmarked for terrorism activities were confiscated.

However, this operation is just a Band-Aid that covers the Arab’s terror infestation growing inside Israel. We can say the operation ‘Home and Garden’ was merely the beginning of more such necessary operations to come. Sadly, it was neither extensive enough nor comprehensive enough to tackle the pervasive terrorism emanating from Jenin and other Arab towns that have not yet shown their full scale terror ability.

Paralyzing The IDS Morality

Terror has many ways to paralyze military actions. These Arabs which Israel fights have mastered it. The Arab terrorists deliberately use civilians, even children, as human shields to their terror actions. The terrorists hide in schools and mosques and impede the IDF actions, and thus the IDF is forced to act humanely – remember the most moral army in the world – and its full blast military attack intention is greatly mitigated. The IDF ends up not being able to do its job properly, which is to eliminate the terrorists and totally destroy their infrastructure.

Who loses? The Jews in Israel because another Arab terror attack is simply imminent.

There is a saying: The one who rises to kill you, rise to kill him first; that is how the Talmudic saying goes. When there’s visible, imminent danger, do not hesitate to protect yourself. Not so much along the trend the moral IDF fights, with hands behind its back.

The question is, when will Israel finally realize that having a moral army does not win a war. When will Israel finally crack down on this obstacle?

Ridiculous State of Affairs

The fact that Israel has fortified itself from within against the Arabs living within its rightful border is ridiculous.

The fact that Arab terrorists can reach any place in Israel and murder Jews is ridiculous.

The fact that Israel chooses to appear moral while its Jewish citizens are unsafe on their own turf is ridiculous.

However, this is all still unclear to way too many and some people are making money on the subject, “the IDF is the most moral army in the world,” meanwhile it is okay for Jews to be murdered.

I wonder why Israel is not yet tired of all this? It is ridiculous how the State of Israel conducts itself.

No border. Security barrier in Israel overlooking a highway on which Israelis drive. Before the barrier was erected, terrorists simply attacked the Israelis passing by - screenshot
Security barrier in Israel overlooking a highway on which Israelis drive. Before the barrier was erected, terrorists simply attacked the Israelis passing by – screenshot

Iran’s Tentacles

The Palestinian Authority (PA) has been called Israel’s peace partner. Wrong.

Iranian-backed Islamic Jihad has been arming Fatah – the PA largest faction – terror groups. Their aim is to strengthen the resistance against the Jewish “occupation.” They are fully convinced that one day the existence of Israel will end. The PA was the result of the 1993-1995 Oslo Accords when Israel’s euphoric peace vision strangled all realities.

If I may say here, the PA is marching to be Israel’s Gaza from the eastern flank.

Judicial Reform To Untie Israel’s Ability To Defend Itself

Israel urgently needs judicial reform. The High Court in Israel has hijacked the 3 governing branches: legislative, judicial and executive. It has gone above and beyond the three branches with its nose into every part of the governance system of the country, INCLUDING the safety and security of each citizen and the IDF’s operational policy.

Israel’s High Court is doing damage to Israel’s democracy; that is how the political Left, to which every Israeli High Court judge belongs, operates; our way in any way and means possible or the highway.

Israel’s High Court overruled the practice by which the IDF used to fight terrorism, established as part of the 2nd intifada (September 28, 2000 – February 8, 2005); intifada translates into English as “uprising,” its root is an Arabic word meaning “the shaking off.”

As part of this practice, IDF soldiers used Arab civilians as human shields against an attack on the fighters, as well as to carry out dangerous tasks such as searching the house of a terror suspect barricading himself in the house. In May 2002, a petition was submitted to the High Court against this procedure. As a result, the IDF was ordered a total ban on using civilians, whoever they may be, as a means of human shield against shooting or attacks by the Arab side, or as hostage situations. For Arabs human shield practice is allowed, for Israelis it is forbidden.

The High Court judges are tying the hands of the IDF, which faces terrorism that has no actionable limitations. The High Court judges have already proven that “he who becomes compassionate to the cruel will ultimately become cruel to the compassionate,” and thus give a hand to increase the risk to the lives of IDF soldiers.

The High Court judges are willing to endanger IDF soldiers and the country’s citizens in order not to harm Arab terrorists. They show greater understanding of the terrorist’s suffering than the Israeli Jew. If the judges had relied a little more on Jewish law they would have understood Rashi’s words: “Woe to the wicked and woe to his neighbor” and thus perhaps they would have come to a conclusion that puts the life of an IDF soldier and the Jewish citizens of Israel at less risk.

Israel’s Judicial Reform Is The Business of Others

But this is not a local issue. Reforming the judicial system in Israel has taken wings beyond its borders.

For example: US President Joseph Biden and his administration are unfazed by Netanyahu already watering down the judicial reform, as it was originally presented to the nation. Biden, as if he presides over Netanyahu and Israel, insists that the judicial reform must be approved with a broad consensus, totally ignoring that 2.7 million Israelis gave this current government their vote to pass the judicial reform. Benjamin Netanyahu’s current government has 64 mandates, the largest ever right-wing majority in Israel’s parliamentary body, the Knesset.

The only country in the entire world that has to apologize, to water down, to salami its NEEDED Judicial reform, in order to keep, is some way, its democracy going, is ISRAEL.

Who is in control of Israel’s democracy? Everyone but the people of Israel.

So, Israel is a country that barricades itself from within for the fear of the enemy that is living within its border and Israel is controlled by powers outside its border to which it constantly caves.

The Psychotic Cult That Murders Jews

The murder of Israeli-Jews by Araba is the product of a psychotic cult, a death cult of Jew hatred that masquerades as nationalism and resistance.

There has been no leader in the US, Britain or the European Union (EU) who dared to come out against the Western delegitimization of Israel. No western leader has opened his or her mouth, clearly and unconditionally, against the Antisemitism tsunami that is currently wrapping the Western and the Muslim worlds’ members. No one has opened his or her mouth against the lies about Israel the Arabs who all of a sudden became “Palestinians” concoct and propagate. Their incitement against Jews goes unabated. In fact, those lies are uttered by many, whether they are Muslims or westerners.

“Palestine” – To Which Israel Gave Birth

I do not understand at all why the Israelis refuse to see the reality and the truth.

Why does Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of the State of Israel, mention or agree to even discuss a “Palestine”?

Why is it that even one member of the Israeli government or one Israeli is willing to allow such a state to be born? Why don’t all Israelis, finally, in unison, declare: we unequivocally refuse to let a hostile state, the likes of Gaza, be established in our backyard, it will never happen. Therefore, Samaria and Judea – from the Jordan to the Mediterranean Sea – must be annexed under the sovereignty of the State of Israel and thus end this nuisance.

How much longer will Israel continue to participate in the presentation of this sleazy parody that will hurt Israel immeasurably, and also the entire world?

A Palestinian Authority has a good chance of becoming a rogue state – the kind of polity the United States grappled with in Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, and now Iran.

In a 1999 article, devoted to how US foreign policy has addressed the problem of rogue states, Professor Barry Rabin of Bar-Ilan University defined the rogue state as: “[a polity] that puts a high priority on subvert other states and sponsoring non-conventional types of violence against them. It does not react predictably to deterrence or other tools of diplomacy and statecraft.”

The definition seems to fit the Palestinian Authority like a glove even in the pre-state ‘test’ stage prior to gaining full sovereignty.

Golda Meir
Golda Meir

Palestinian-Arabs using non-conventional types of violence can surely take credit for “inventing” skyjackings. In 1974 Palestinian-Arabs claimed responsibility for the first-ever suicide-bombing, when 18 hostages near the town of Kiryat-Shmona, in northern Israel, were murdered by a Palestinian-Arab terrorist loaded with explosives which was wrapped around his body.

Unfortunately, the world community has been ignoring the prospect that a full-blown independent Palestinian state will become just that kind of rogue state and renegade organization the world has been and is grappling with.

A state with its patterns of despots, coups, assassinations, civil war, corruption, revolutions and lack of respect for human life, freedom and democracy, resembles a Crazy State that will continue to threaten Israel and the world’s security.

And in Israel they still think in terms of a “Palestine.” If not the Israelis then those Arabs who live within the border of Israel of whom the Israelis are scared and thus they have fortified themselves in their own country. Those Arabs who call for the resistance, from the taxi driver with whom I spoke, while he was driving me to the Western Wall to pray, to the terrorist who runs amok and stabs as many Israelis as possible before he is neutralized.

What citizenry of what country allows the enemy within to overwhelm it with fear?

Young John F Kennedy - Wikipedia
Young John F Kennedy – Wikipedia

In a speech then Senator John F. Kennedy delivered on August 26, 1960, at the Zionists of America (ZOA) Convention, in New York, NY, he said: “For Israel was not created in order to disappear. Israel will endure and flourish. It is the child of hope and the home of the brave. It can neither be broken by adversity nor demoralized by success. It carries the shield of democracy and it honors the sword of freedom; and no area of the world has ever had an overabundance of democracy and freedom.”

Israel must take heed of Kennedy’s perspective and get back on track, the track it has so badly veered from.

Nurit Greenger
During the 2006 second Lebanon War, Nurit Greenger, referenced then as the "Accidental Reporter" felt compelled to become an activist. Being an 'out-of-the-box thinker, Nurit is a passionately committed advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States, and the Free World in general. From Southern California, Nurit serves as a "one-woman Hasbarah army" for Israel who believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

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