Is The World Submissive to Islam?

I do not know about you, the reader, but personally I am scared these days. The open collaboration of the American administration with Islamists, who are clearly the enemy of the state, and their infiltration into every level of government is an omen we will be leaving for future generation to struggle with or they are doomed.

I see Islam the enemy of every non-Moslem and there is nothing better than education to give the public a clear picture of the truth and facts about what we are facing with Islam.

Few months ago I was approached by people in other locations in the USA requesting that while he is on a speaking tour in North America, Dr. Mordecahi Kedar, one of Israel’s leading figures in understanding the Arab world and Islam will have the opportunity to come and speak in Los Angeles.

Dr. Mordecahi Kedar
Dr. Mordecahi Kedar

And so I did; I took upon myself to host Dr. Kedar in Los Angeles on February 3rd and 4th and members of Chabad Sola congregation, StandWithUs supporters, USC students, through CAMERA, and the Christian community, through One Heart For Israel, will have the opportunity to educate themselves and then educate others about Islam and the Middle East.

Ahead of his visit I have conducted an interview with Dr. Kedar as follows:

NG: What message do you have to the world?

Dr. K: The Western World sees the Middle East from its own mindset and thus tries to understand Muslims through Western norms, set of values and scale of priorities, as if all the Middle Easterners and Muslims feel and want the same as Westerners. This is a huge mistake because every component of Middle East and Islamic culture is different from the Western one. The world should study Islam and Middle Eastern sociology before it comes to re-design and re-engineer the Middle East according to Western criteria.

NG: Why, despite of the danger is poses, the world, as a whole, is so submissive to Islam, as if Islam has put a spell on it? What happened in the past ten years that all of a sudden the West has an Islam problem?

Dr. K: Westerners live with deep guilt feelings, due to Western behavior towards indigenous people during the colonialism era. For that reason most of the European countries allowed large numbers of Muslims to immigrate to Europe and receive citizenship.

Misleading human rights and equality slogans have been pushing the “submission to Islam” agenda forward and have silenced any rational objection. Additionally, the insane idea of multiculturalism came about and took over political arenas and judicial systems.

The events of September 11, 2001 were supposed to be a wake-up call to all, and indeed it was for a short while, until self-defeating concepts of forbidden Islamophobia shut up any criticism against this phenomenon of growing presence and influence of Muslims on Western societies.

Finally, political correctness castrated the freedom of speech when it comes to Islam, Muslims and their expansion. More disturbing is giving in to Muslims’ demands to allow patterns of behavior, forbidden in Western societies, e.g. polygamy, domestic violence and honor killing, to be accepted under the banner of “this is their culture.”

NG: Why Western leaders are totally inapt to tell the truth about Islam and are frozen to oppose its wrongs and also push back where needed?

Dr. K: Western politicians are guided by:

1. Their own constituency, which becomes more and more Islamic, especially in countries like Britain and France where elections are regional.

2. Oil money, which is streaming in the western economies and is mostly supplied by Muslim regimes.

3. Western politicians, especially in Europe, are intimidated by the acts of violence of Muslims in the public sphere, and would do anything they can in order to appease those barbaric thugs.

4. The media and academic institutions promote the pro-Islamic approach, also but not only, as part of the Left agenda.

5. The strange and dangerous alliance between the radical Left and radical Islamists, who cooperate in order to undermine Western political, social and economic system.

NG: Where does Israel fit in the unfolding battle the non-Moslem world is facing as it has not yet woken up to acknowledge the brewing facts about Islam?

Dr. K: Israel is the front stronghold of the Western world in the Middle East. If Israel falls the Islamist waves will cover Europe and America like a tidal wave. The world – in part – still refuses to see this ghastly reality, and still hopes that if Israel will be sacrificed to the Isalmo-crocodile Islam will turn into a lamb. That is a delusional and dangerous way of thinking.

NG: What is the purpose of exposing the truth about Islam?

Dr. K: Islam is a major danger to Western civilization. When Muslims emigrate to a country they try to impose their way of life, laws and values on the hosting society, and when their number becomes large enough they start behaving as if they are the owners of their hosting country. When they arrive, they are viewed as disenfranchised, poor, hungry, miserable and persecuted. However, with the time – especially when the second generation grows up – they take advantage of the opportunities given to them by the democratic society and work to take it over through the legal channels of power: politics, media and academia. That will bring to an end the original country and replace is with one other Islamic state. Therefore the name Eurabia.

NG: In what way/how your teaching helps Israel and the Western world to deal with the Islam issue?

Dr. K: By showing the reality in the Middle East: 1400 years of bloody struggle between Muslim tribes, ethnic groups, e.g. Arabs vs. Kurds, and sects, e.g. Sunni vs. Shi’a, and this is all regardless of Israel situation.

If the world understands the core problems of the Middle East – tribalism, parochialism, ethnicism, sectarianism, radicalism and entrenched tendency to maintain violence, the world will understand that Israel is not part of, or the problem. Therefore Israel is not the solution and should not be forced to be a part of the solution.

NG: What pragmatic steps the West needs to take to push Islam back so it is not taking over our freedom and Western civilization?

Dr. K:

1. Immigration from Islamic countries should be reduced to minimum or stopped completely.

2. Mosques in Western countries should be under supervision, to prevent any anti-western activity and incitement.

3. People – especially Moslem clerics – who disseminate anti-Western propaganda should be sent back to their original countries.

NG: Anything else you wish to interject, be free to do so.

Dr. K.: I was born in the early 50’s in Tel Aviv; my parents – both from Poland – worked hard to enable their three children to have a better life. Our home was a modern orthodox and very open-minded and we were encouraged to learn and excel.

For some reason I was attracted by my Arabic teacher and thus I majored in Arabic. When I graduated high school, like all Israelis I was drafted to the military and was sent to the intelligence corps where I spent 25 years of extremely interesting service and where I was exposed to the most clandestine and sensitive information Israel could obtain. During my military service I was not allowed to speak to anyone about my military activities; my mouth was sealed and ever today, seventeen years after I ended my military career – at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel – that period details is sealed.

Since 1995 I work at the university where I lecture about Arab and Islamic societies, state stability in the Arab world, Arab Mass media, Islamic radicalism, gender issues in Islamic society and other issues connected to the Arab and Islamic worlds. I am the director of the Center for the Study of the Middle East and Islam, which is under formation at Bar Ilan University, this in addition to membership in some other research centers and organizations.

I regularly travel all over the world as consultant to governments and security organizations on issues connected to understanding Islam and how to deal with radical Islamic elements.

NG: Anything else you wish to interject, be free to do so.

Dr. K: Maybe people wish to know more and these articles have sufficient information to expand on the facts about the Middle Eastern mindset:

Dr. Merdechai Kedar in English:

The State of Jewish Brotherhood:

Dr. Kedar’s famous interview on al-Jazeera about Jerusalem & Islam:

NG: Thank you Dr. Kedar; I am leaving you very depressed.

This is a one page guideline. If we do not take a stand and fight back, the future is all for Islam. Do you want to live in a Moslem state? I do not! Do you want our children to live under Islam rule? I do not!

Nurit Greenger
During the 2006 second Lebanon War, Nurit Greenger, referenced then as the "Accidental Reporter" felt compelled to become an activist. Being an 'out-of-the-box thinker, Nurit is a passionately committed advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States, and the Free World in general. From Southern California, Nurit serves as a "one-woman Hasbarah army" for Israel who believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

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