Is President Obama Pretending to Be Naive?

“The foreign policy of the United States is the way in which it interacts with foreign nations and sets standards of interaction for its organizations, corporations and individual citizens. The U.S. is highly influential in the world…” Wikipedia

The American president is the most informed human being in the world.

He is regularly updated on events occurring on this planet by every intelligence agency from here to Saturn, including the rings.

For any American to believe he didn’t know the Muslim Brotherhood would rise to ultimate political power in the Middle East is the epitome of stupid.

Most Americans were very aware that Mubarak’s demise, with the help of our administration, would allow extremists to gain a foothold in Egypt. If so many average Americans knew this would happen, are we to believe the State Department of the United States was clueless?

Now they will soon take over Libya with the help of the U.S., and another Jimmy Carter-style gift will deliver the entire Middle East into the hands of a dangerous terrorist group.

Carter gave us the Mullahs, and Obama will deliver the Muslim Brotherhood with a big red bow.

So what does this mean to America and to our allies like Israel? It means the tide has turned in the worst possible direction.

For those Americans who may have forgotten who the Muslim Brotherhood is … I give you the organization that assassinated Anwar Sadat for making peace with Israel.

Since then they have disguised their appearance to seem more moderate, and their activities have been more covert. They established a strong foothold in America under the guise of CAIR, a supposedly moderate Muslim presence that battles to cover up the real agenda of the Islamic extremists around the world and in this country.

The Muslim Brotherhood is one of the hungriest wolfs in sheep’s clothing on planet earth, bought and paid for by the United States.

Americans are not stupid, and yet we continue to be blinded by those who would hand us to our destroyers with both hands.

What is the purpose of Barack Obama’s administration, his foreign policy?

Perhaps we should take a closer look.

Anyone who opens even one eye can see the light.

He enabled evil Mother Russia to protect their devious agenda in the region, by screwing over our allies and caving into pressure from the USSR over the antimissile technology formerly promised, yet received no favors in return.

He went to the Middle East, called America a proud Muslim nation and blamed Israel then misrepresented their legitimate legal claim to their land.

He completely ignored Iran’s efforts to secure a nuclear bomb they have vowed to use against Israel, the United States and Europe.

When Iranians were fighting in the streets for their freedom he was silent.

Even now, while Syrians, including children, die there each day, he is silent.

Yet he removes the moderate leaders who were already bought and paid for by the US, and allows the region’s evil despots to continue their evil reigns.

WHY? What are his motives?

Shouldn’t we ask that question as a nation?

What are his foreign policy objectives?

So far it has been enabling extremists and killing off moderates.

Odd, don’t you think?

His economic policies have placed our country in serious jeopardy and weakened us as a world power.

He has only done the right thing when forced to do so because public opinion would never have accepted any alternative. Like voting against the Palestinians in the United Nations, when he knew that election year whatever was left of Jewish money and influence would immediately dry up if he had voted otherwise.

He dissed the Prime Minister of Israel treating him with less respect than the White House gardener and forced him into negotiating with the enemy from a position of weakness and without US backing.

Children in Somalia and Darfur are being murdered and starved, yet we are helping usher in Muslim extremists? He accuses Republicans of disregarding human rights and the environment and then allows children to die when he is the most powerful man on the planet and can help them?

He has golfed and vacationed more than any other president on the taxpayer’s dime in a time of our worst financial turmoil.

Yet, with all of these egregious offenses and ploys to bring Muslim extremists into power, Americans still refuse to see the bigger picture.


Is it because we are too trusting as a people and can’t fathom our leader taking us down a path of destruction?

Are we too proud to admit our mistakes?

Is it because we are too naive and cannot see through lies and deceit when it is so obvious we are being played?

Or is it that we are under the spell of a master deceiver?

Someone whose agenda is so frightening and dangerous we refuse to accept the possibility it could be happening?

I submit it is all of these.

These successful efforts to create a new Middle East is in line with only one nation’s agenda: Iran.

Their dreams of an Islamic caliphate have been greatly aided and abetted by the State Department of the United States.

How is this happening?

Why is this happening?

More importantly: why are we ignoring the obvious?

What is there in human nature that allows evil to wear such a pleasing disguise and fool us every time?

Anyone who ever believed the hype about some Arab Spring or glorified their victories will live to regret it as much as the demise of the Shah that ushered in the evil reign of the Mullahs.

Four more years of Obama’s agenda will only secure one result-no Arab Spring but a Nuclear Winter.

It is so sad to me that Americans refuse to see the obvious. Now is the time to wake up and smell the hummus.

Open our eyes and accept the reality we have been taken in by one of the best in the business.

We must change course and return to our true values as people.

If I am mad to ask these questions, better to embrace madness than enable malevolence. Enough aiding and abetting the world’s evil or soon it will be unstoppable.

Pray, it isn’t too late already to stop this.

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Norma Zager is a Jewish woman who lives in the USA.

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