Is Obama The ‘Jewish President?

In April 1977, Rael Jean and Erich Isaac wrote the article, The Rabbis of Briera, a very important column, as we, Jews, are facing the ongoing attempts of radical influence, mainly of the Left, on the Israel’s policies.

In his recent AIPAC speech, Obama stated that he has Israel’s back. That his deeds, thus far, have proven he is the president the Jews must trust. Obama dares to claim that, as the history of the United States goes, he has been one of the most pro-Israel presidents. As Bret Stephens sarcastically named Obama, The ‘Jewish’ President’.

But, as far as I am concerned, Obama has Israel’s back as much as J Street and their predecessor, Breira had and have.

I do not believe Obama, when he declares he has Israel’s back and when I watch, with despise, Jeremy Ben-Ami, the executive director of J street, who always claims that all he wants is what is best for Israel, I do not believe his either.

Jeremy Ben-Ami’s J Street is an American Leftist-liberal advocacy organization its stated goal is to promote American leadership to end the Arab-Palestinian-Israeli conflict peacefully and diplomatically, all at Israel’s cost. During his three years in the White House, president Obama also tried, under great pressure on Israel only, to resolve the Arab-Palestinian-Israeli conflict peacefully and diplomatically, all at Israel’s cost.

Obama and J Streets are joined at the hip; they both conduct anti-Israel bash fest, in the guise that their intentions are the best for Israel.

Before Obama took the lead, as the most anti-Israel American president, the former president Jimmy Carter carried this title.

Before Jeremy Ben-Ami and J Street became known as the most “pro-Israel”-anti-Israel organizations, it was Breira that took the lead.

In the early 70s, Rabbi Arnold Jacob Wolf, founded and chaired the organization Breira, the first of the Jewish organizations, which sought to destroy Israel in the name of saving the Jewish state’s soul.

In his article, Bret Beinart singles out Breira, as the center of the Jewish far left coterie, who shaped Obama’s attitude toward Israel, the one we hear and see blowing from the Oval Officer.

Obama’s hostility toward Israel and his intellectual pedigree is in accord with those who educated him on Jews and the Jewish state; whether they were self loathing anti-Semitic Jews or anti-Semitic non-Jews, of black of white skin color people, they all belong to one fine anti-Semitic cadre.

It is time to tell it like it is…

At present time, there is a phenomenon, represented by so called US Rabbis, who have been mass produced by pseudo Jewish religious institutions, who constantly justify, to their followers, them being renegade and virulently inimical to true Jews and the Jewish State, Israel, the Homeland of all Jews.

These rabbis’ sentiments and actions are predicated upon their decision to belong to and get along with a society that is equivalent to Egypt in Pharaoh times, when the Israelites forgot their God.

Rabbis, such as Arnold Jacob Wolf, turncoat Jews, like Jeremy Ben-Ami, who educated and educate leaders, such as Barack Obama, had and have an original hope that either the State of Israel would fail by itself, or, that the Islamo-Jihad will dismantle her. To their dismay, so far, that has not come true. Local Israelis, who have adopted the Wolf and Ben-Ami mindset toward Israel, have opted to cooperate with the enemy within the Jewish nation, and act as their proxies to destroy the State of Israel, thus bypassing the enemy’s invasion, for which they hoped for. That has been also failing to a certain extent. So, finally the Wolf and Ben-Ami like Jews-In-Name-Only-JINOs resorted to direct intervention; they have joined forces with Israel’s enemy, the Arabs, who have taken the job to destroy the State of Israel and kill all the Jews living there.

As the Bible story goes, only about 20% of the Jews, who were enslaves in bondage in Egypt, followed Moses and his unconditional belief in the God of Abraham, out of Egypt. The remaining 80%, the JINOs of yesteryear, remained behind, in Egypt, where, few assimilated and the majority were killed.

The eerie numerical figures, connecting the percentages of yesteryears and today are sharply illuminated. In the US, 80% of the voting American-Jews joined Mr. Soetoro, a/k/a Obama, who turned to be a rather vicious opponent of Israel and a genuine stumbling stone of her interests.

As proven after the war, by massive evidence that are still being revealed, the United States political establishment, represented by the State Department, has been part of the post WWII cover up of their contributions to the Holocaust. President Roosevelt and his administration denied Jewish appeal to take action against the Nazi death factories concentration camps and the train rails leading to them. The State Department has remained, till today, pro-Arabism and adversary to Israel’s needs and interests.

One will wonder if their support and vote for the establishment of the sovereign Jewish State was to silence their guilt and let their misdeeds by gone. From the get go, the State Department support for Israel was almost non-existent and behind closed doors they prayed that the Jewish state will be a failure and will last a generation or so. That prayer has not been met. Israel turned to be a miraculous success.

Sadly, Israel has done a poor job of educating Diaspora Jews about her cause. In fact, with the Oslo Accords, Israel has promoted the Arabs’ cause and exacerbated her own. The results are Breira and J Street like organizations and way too may self loathing Jews.

As the picture is seen today, no matter what party would be leading the US, at any time, US JINOs will continue to identify and support the most anti-Semitic, or pro-Arab-Islamofascists, all adversaries to Israel and Jews. They are all the standard bearers of the cause to weaken and destroy Israel.

Whereby, at the inception of the Jewish State, Jews in the United States wore, with pride, the badge of Zionism and Zionists’ supporters, today, many have bought into the Arabs’ mantra that Zionism is racism.

It is becoming rather clear that Israel is playing a dangerous game when she is still toying with the JINOs and that toying must end; Israel needs to recognize them to be as dangerous to her existence as her declared enemies-the Arabs and their enablers.

Either those who care and support the State of Israel cut bait from the Erev-Rav-the “mixed multitude” and host of demons, the JINOs camp and those who collaborate with them, or, that Erev-Rav, with the help of the Islaminazis and the Arabs, will eventually achieve their goal and destroy the Jewish state. That is the Wolf’s and the Ben-Ami’s in the USA, with their same creed in Israel, sole objective.

“Thy children shall make haste; thy destroyers and they that made thee waste shall go forth of thee.”~Isaiah 49:17

Shmuel HaLevi, of Radio Free Israel, contributed to this article

During the 2006 second Lebanon War, Nurit Greenger, referenced then as the “Accidental Reporter” felt compelled to become an activist. Being an ‘out-of-the-box thinker, Nurit is a passionately committed advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States, and the Free World in general. From Southern California, Nurit serves as a “one-woman Hasbarah army” for Israel who believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

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