Is Israel Capable of Assessing a Threat?

It seems that when Israel wants, it knows what to do.

When a Second Flytilla, a convergence of anti-Israel activists primarily from Europe and elsewhere, landed at Israel’s international airport, Israel was prepared.

In cooperation with the various airlines, passengers were denied boarding in their countries of origin, their tickets cancelled.

It must have been more economical for the airlines to cancel tickets and deal with the demonstrations than to allow these activist-terrorists to fly. If only the same applied to the provocateurs, they might think harder before jumping in to volunteer and stir up trouble in a faraway land.

The State of Israel has issued a letter in multiple languages telling the so-called “peace activists” to make a statement where one is needed, for instance in Syria where dozens of innocent civilians are murdered daily.

Leave Israel alone. Apparently, you only hold Israel responsible, everyone else can shoot-to-kill and kill-for-power, abuse, rape and do evil while humanity stands by in silence.

Alas, the intention was to provoke, not to resolve. Under the guise of “peaceful activism,” armed with “rights” of a free society, they came to harm. Their statements somehow did not fit reality; their actions were violent, both verbally and physically.

They do the same everywhere, claiming Europe is in their hands and America is next.

Their hatred for any person because he or she is Jewish and their need to harm someone Israeli knows no bounds. These so-called peaceful people require extra precautions when nearing them. In short, they are dangerous and must be avoided, their ability to harm must be curtailed.

However, the blame is not only with them. There are no consequences, costs or ramifications for their actions. They come, those troublemakers and instigators, and whatever they do, Israel is then at fault.

They fly in, go to Judea and Samaria and stir trouble. Every week, like clockwork, they go out and throw rocks. Rocks, for those who think of Biblical David, kill. Tear gas, which is used as one of several means of countermeasure, is not child’s play. And Israel? She allows it to go on for years. Much like those harmless rockets from Gaza toward civilian centers in Israel’s southwest.

The press gathers along with the “anarchists” for a field day every Friday. Now it is expanding to other days of the week as well. At first it was at the outskirts of Jerusalem, now it is inside the capital and has metastasized elsewhere as well.

The major international incident-invokers hate Israel with all their might, with every ounce of their being. They call themselves “Peace activists” to detract attention from their real motives. They started their attacks with flotillas to Israel, assembling time after time, determined to reach Gaza and defy Israel. They can easily reach Gaza from Egypt, and Israel regularly (every single day) transfers supplies to Gaza in convoys of trucks. But our operatives wanted to make a statement, and they used the excuse of delivering badly needed supplies (some expired, others that no one wants or needs).

There was never a shortage of supplies in Gaza, neither food nor water, nor electricity or medicines. Even armaments arrive constantly into the “besieged” strip of land via a multi-billion dollar industry of tunnels from Egypt. The rest is trucked via Israel-whatever the Palestinian Authority procured, with only few exceptions.

These international “activists” saw that the process was successful: either Israel allowed them access, which was seen and immediately used as success, or prevented them, which drew harsh international criticism, even better for the cause.

The last time around they approached on six vessels. Some were just lost souls. But others were trained mercenaries, killers-for-hire. They were brainwashed in mosques and in terrorist training camps, and the self-indoctrination continued on board the leading vessel, the Turkish Mavi-Marmara. They were going to become martyrs. That was their goal, inflicting as much damage on Israel with no concern for their lives or others.

For them, it was a win-win situation. When one has no value for one’s own life and all means are justified, Israel needs to worry, plan and act accordingly. But she too fell victim to an idealistic notion of “peaceful and benign peace activists.”

Peace activists? More correctly a lynch mob.

Israel allowed the Mavi Marmara convoy to take shape, and only cursory preparations ensued for the month that preceded its arrival. Israel’s elite soldiers were armed with paint guns and a multi-lingual greeting once they boarded the vessels from helicopters. After all, Israel did not want to damage those very sensitive and delicate souls that claimed to do good.

There was a more recent, thwarted attempt at a flotilla, followed by a flytilla. Then a walk onto the boarders of Israel, with a particular scene on the Golan Heights, and Israel, once again, was caught unprepared and showed her vulnerable state to the world. Israel, though, felt it had the upper hand, and besides there were more pressing issues, so the matter was put aside until the next time. And the next.

Iran then orchestrated a Global March to Jerusalem (“GM2J”) and proclaimed the Jews to be trembling at the prospect of tens of thousands walking onto its borders. Iran even flew thousands to Syria, placing at the lead Jewish Iranians whose families were left behind as collateral, but the GM2J passed more like a stage rehearsal than the real thing. No deaths, no live shooting at demonstrators. No major issues, no walls fell.

Was it intended to test Israel’s reaction or resolve? If so, Israel did little, much too little. Nothing materialized, but not because of Israel’s effective counter methods. The proof? Israel is always on the receiving end. Time after time she is reacting, and has lost any deterrence she may have had. The enemy initiates. The enemy carries out detailed missions to precision. Israel barely survives and goes on to the daily preoccupation with living busy.

Iran announced the holy city is being “Judaised.” It claims Zionist efforts to “erase Jerusalem’s physical, cultural and spiritual characteristics” have intensified, and the holy city is subjected to “the terrible violence of an enduring occupation.” Apparently the Iranian’s apologizers who wrote this piece have not had a chance to visit Jerusalem and experience themselves the “lack of spirituality and holiness in Jerusalem.”

Incidentally, they will be safe, in Jerusalem and throughout Israel. They would be amazed at the freedom and the flourishing religions, ethnicities and nationalities in the Jewish homeland. After all, it is the Bible that commands to treat others in a very special manner, never to forget we-the Jewish People-were foreigners in a land not ours (i.e. Egypt).

Iran, a sovereign state, is actively engaged in a war against Israel. This war has many faces, and the GM2J is just one of them. Israel apparently is engaged in something: Deceiving itself that everything is OK, that it has the upper hand, that the world loves and adores it, thankful that the Jews have a place to call home, a place of their own, and that they do so much good for the world.

In short, Israel is immersed in denial, while its enemies in constant preparedness and attacks.

Again, Ari, you might say, you miss the point. This land is not your land. It was never your land. You came from Europe, or the United States or Africa, and you must return there. You must leave that land to its rightful inhabitants, those from time immemorial, those who have been turned into slaves in their own land: The Palestinians!

The Palestinians have nothing to do with Israel’s feud with Iran. Iran wants Israel gone, and these so-called “Palestinians” are meaningless human beings, nothing to the Iranians but rugs used to set up fires. They are truly effective: Soak them in oil, and they will burn beautifully. Their screams and death will be wonderful. They willingly give their lives so that we, the superior Iranians, will reestablish the Persian Empire of Five Thousand Years. (To the Iranians, Arabs are inferior and Palestinians are lower still on the superiority ladder.)

So why was I so excited about the Flytilla? Because it proved that when Israel wants, Israel knows how to act, and she acts.

The Flytilla operation meant gathering information, identifying those individuals planning to arrive and instigate trouble, and preventing them from doing so. It is a complex operation, and can only be done successfully if there is a mechanism in place. Apparently, there is.

Moreover, Israel had to cooperate with other bodies, airlines, foreign governments, other security services. This was carried out as well, and very smoothly indeed.

The letter that was written and then distributed to those with cancelled tickets was nothing extraordinary, for Israel has much practice in warning the innocents lest they get in the line of fire.

Over the years, Israel has repeatedly taken very unusual means to warn civilians to stay away, to vacate areas about to be bombarded and not to aid terrorists. Israel uses methods such as flyers from the air and advanced technology (sending text or recorded messages to individuals’ cell phones) in order to achieve this goal.

Here the same technique was applied, this time toward the operatives themselves. It was as effective as a loaded needle to a drug addict or an open bottle to a drunk.

I admit that Israel has not been able to stop all the troublemakers before boarding the flights. Most, but not all. Thus, hundreds of law enforcement agents waited and secured the international arrivals terminal at Ben Gurion International Airport. They were trained in handling these situations from welcoming the innocents who were inconvenienced with red roses and routing the others back to their countries of origin.

No detention. No arrest. No cost. Fly back and forth. Make a statement. Make a lot of noise. Photoshop or otherwise doctor videos for international dissemination. You will probably even be reimbursed or receive remuneration for your efforts by the good people who want to see Israel disappear from the face of this earth.

We now know that Israel is capable of assessing a threat, amassing the necessary detailed information and taking the necessary action. But let us look further at what took place.

Israelis were returning by the hundreds of thousands from vacations abroad. A major holiday just ended. So the local media paid some attention to the letter sent out to those “peace activists” who were told not to come to Israel. But there it ended.

Here was an opportunity to take it a step further, and use the exact same media coverage internationally. Our enemies know how to do it very well, and I suspect we do too, if only we wanted.

Why has the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and/or the Ministry of Public Diplomacy and the Diaspora not gone out on a blitz with Flytilla II? Kurds or Armenians in Turkey? Syrians being slaughtered? Muslims butchering Muslims in Iraq? The list goes on and on, and Israel’s call to those concerned with the well-being of others was to go and do something, then come to Israel and implement the same lessons.

There was a complete disconnect. Any efforts stopped at the airport. Any media outreach stopped in Israel. The vast network of the Government of Israel was not put to action. Possibly the thinking was that it would attract even more attention? That keeping quiet is the better course of action?

Most people are either uninvolved, uninformed or simply do not care. Why should we care about what is happening thousands of miles from here, in a tiny country in the Middle East? Let them kill each other, but just do not bother us.

We actually hear regularly, most notably from Jews and Israelis, that Israel is wrong. That “Settlements” are the real obstacle for peace. That the “Occupation” is evil. That Zionism is a disease. That we are the new Nazis.

Israel is not fighting back.

Finally, this time, I saw that Israel has the ability, she simply lacks the will and direction. In short, she lacks leadership.

Peace will not arrive before war, and the war has begun. Israel needs to fight, for every moment that passes is a moment lost.

Ari Bussel
In the series "Postcards from Israel," Ari Bussel and Norma Zager invite readers throughout the world to join them as they present reports from Israel as seen by two sets of eyes: Bussel's on the ground, Zager's counter-point from home. Israel and the United States are inter-related - the two countries we hold dearest to our hearts - and so is this "point - counter-point" presentation that has, since 2008, become part of our lives.