Ilan Ashkenzi a Man of Faith and Art

Speaking The Heart Through The Art

In such difficult times, when rules are broken, cultures are depleted of real meaning, and everything that looked certain is crumbling, human being have become disoriented, fearful and uncertain, what did Ilan Ashkenzi do? He went back to the origin of human creativity, in the Neolithic period and the Canaanite culture of 2500 BCE, in order to find solutions and solace. He found elements that are relevant to the 21st century, such as unity camaraderie, survival, partnership friendship and love. And these are the simple subjects, much we have forgotten, yet still speak to us today, Ilan uses in his art of bronze sculpturing.

Ilan, who lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is now visiting Los Angeles to show his art. In an evening at Sari Zelikowsky’s Moroccan style House, in Los Angeles, art enthusiasts gathered to meet Ilan and view his art, which he has been creating since the age of ten.

From L Ilan Ashkenzi Sari Zelikowsky and Emilio Russo a guest photo Orly Halevy
From LIlan Ashkenzi, Sari Zelikowsky and Emilio Russo, a guest-photo Orly Halevy

Ilan, born in Israel, is an observant Jew, a rabbi, a Kabalist for almost thirty years, who studied in a Yeshiva in Jerusalem for eighteen years. In Santa Fe he founded the Habirus School of Kabala and his painting depict Biblical prayers.

Ilan’s message, people, go back to your true self; go back to your sources, which, due to the progress and sophistication humanity has made have been forgotten, and you will redeem yourselves.

It is time to initiate new growth in the arts that is characterized by peace, comfort, certainty, which Ilan transmits in his art and we all yearn for.

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