I Have a Dream… If I Was The Prime Minister of Israel

My message to the Arab-Palestinians, the Arab world and

Israel’s saboteurs

Please hear me out well:

Religion: Our religion is Judaism. Judaism was the first monotheistic religion known to man. With the ten commandments God gave to the Israelites through Moses, Jews own the copyright to human rights.

Judaism is the only religion that never did and does not proselytize; it never killed and does not kill in the name of religion and did not and does not enforce itself on others.

Therefore, Judaism is a peaceful religion. Christianity amended its way and it is now a peaceful religion. Islam is a merciless religion. Moslems kill for the sake of Islam, whether their own of different factions or non-Moslems. Therefore, Islam is not a religion of peace. Far from it. With that fact in mind we need to treat you as the messenger of war, not peace.

Islam, caries deep seated hatred for Jews. We are going to end it. This hatred for Israel will no longer be tolerated. We have set up our Modus Operandi to undo your hatred toward us. When you amend your ways, we will notice it and then we will agree to talk again.

Israel’s exceptionalism: Israel is an exceptional state when it comes to helping other states; it widely shares its various advanced technologies in the fields of medicine, agriculture, energy and hi-tech, to name a few.

When it comes to a catastrophe somewhere in the world, Israeli teams will be among the first, if not the first, to arrive and help the disaster stricken area.

Arab aggression: Your campaign to subvert Israel in the international arena, in any way possible, will come to an end. Israel will no longer tolerate these tactics you have managed to instill so well and so wide in the global arena. We can fight it and we will gain the upper hand.

Peace brokerage charade: Possible good intentions do not mean good conduct that brings good result. Politics can be a very evil game with false intentions and bad results for which the people end up paying with blood and tears. Possible good intentions and politics concoction have ended up being bad karma for Israel; they have put Israel in danger and eroded her security. Israel have decided to no longer tolerate those trying to broker peace between her and her hostile neighbors, but instead are making achieving the goal of peace an impossible task.


My people will no longer provide you with funds to advance your rather peaceless goals.

My people will no longer provide you with electricity for which you fail to pay.

My people will no longer continue be part of the many joint projects currently underway between Arab-Palestinians and Israelis. You do not realize, or appreciate, what a gift they are to your people. More so, you are likely to destroy them, as you have destroyed the hi-tech hot houses farms we left for you in Gaza. You prefer to launch rocket from there rather than grow and sell vegetables and flowers. We were not forced to enter into these projects; they come about from the willing hearts of good Israelis who want to help you prosper. Israel will mandate that all these projects come to a halt till you mend your ways.

From today on, ALL Israeli goods, whether services, products, or hardware, will be labeled ‘Made In Israel,’ even if they were produced or made in Judea and Samaria or the Golan Heights. The hidden channels, whether a third party or a hidden label name, we have been using to overcome the problem of goods originating from Judea and Samaria are now null and void. We are proud of what we make, grow, create, invent and we will announce it to the world under the name “Israel.”

All Arabs need to know that Israel is a powerhouse of inventions and technology. Many of the products she sells in the world her foes have no option but to use them, because the Jewish state is the only source for them. But you are welcome to take your business elsewhere and we will see how far you go. People with hate in their hearts end up losing.

Israel can offer any country in the world the most important components required to grow an economy and that included the rather lagging behind Arab countries. These components will help create better conditions for the people, improve their health and longevity and help their country thrive; take a good look at our country only 65 years old. Israel is thriving, wouldn’t you want to emulate us?

Corrective measures:

So here is what I suggest: when you are finally ready to make genuine peace with us, with or without a piece of paper, we are ready to welcome you. No games, no taqiyya tricks, no pretence. We have got your number and we no longer buy into it. Look at Egypt; President Sadat came to Israel to show peace goodwill. Sadly, his dream did not live long and the Egyptians have not taken advantage of the peace status and got Israel to help them in so many ways, as she could have. Egypt’s economy remained failing miserably.

Israel has much to offer, you have not. So when you are ready to buy we will begin negotiating.

You got us this time as well. We buckled. You have demanded preconditions in order to agree to sit and talk with us. We began releasing terrorists who killed our innocent citizens in order for you to agree to talk with us about giving up our land. And you celebrated these monsters return into your society. What a shameful behavior. If the shoe was on the other foot, if Israel cheered the return of murders who killed your innocent how would you feel? We know how! That is the last time you get us. The talks will continue without releasing the rest of the list of terrorists. Take it or leave it. You walk away from these peace talks you bear the consequences that will be far reaching.

We now demand that you begin showing your people, in all your media outlets, the truth about Israel, what is Israel all about. How Israel has continued helping you despite all the wars you have launched against us. You will erase the pig and ape image you have made us to be. Not that pigs and apes are not nice animals, but they cannot be compared to human beings.

We now demand that you change your school curriculum. You burn your old books and start anew. You teach your kids that Jews are fine people. You teach that you were evil to the Jews for many decades. That Israel has the right to be a Jewish state and you respect it. You teach that you illegally held to land that legally belongs to Israel for two decades. Then when you lost the war Israel returned that land to her sovereignty and she has the right to all of it. And you teach that when you lose the war you pay the consequences.

You teach that you lost the war you perpetrated against Israel. That many countries around the world have lost territory in battles which they lost and by international law they then lost their right to return to that territory, the right to that land. What they gained was the responsibility to make a good life in the countries in which they were left to live.

We now demand that you end making martyrs of those who have killed our people. We demand you rename all the streets, schools, sport teams, parks, and other venues, now carrying the names of murderers of Jews. You end up being inhumane.

It is now up to you to show us you can really be a good neighbor. Until then we have nothing to talk about. You have nothing to offer to us that we want but a huge headache. Under today’s circumstances, the peace we seek you cannot yet deliver.

When we are convinced that you are making the long overdue changes, and that will take a generation or so to apply, not only we will embrace you as good neighbors, we will work with you, side by side, and build an amazing Middle East that will grow and prosper for yours and our future generations.

Our father of Zionism, Theodor, Benjamin Ze’ev Herzl said, “If you will it, it is not a dream-a legend”

We have never wanted anything from you but to leave us alone and have peaceful relations with you. You showed us that all you wanted and still want is to destroy us in wars you launched against us and many other means, such as political, media, and economic warfare. Now you need to show us that you want exactly what we want, peace, real peace.

Nurit Greenger
During the 2006 second Lebanon War, Nurit Greenger, referenced then as the "Accidental Reporter" felt compelled to become an activist. Being an 'out-of-the-box thinker, Nurit is a passionately committed advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States, and the Free World in general. From Southern California, Nurit serves as a "one-woman Hasbarah army" for Israel who believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

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