Guilty! Conrad Murray Sent to Jail for Murder of Michael Jackson

A jury of twelve have all agreed ‘yes,’ that Conrad Murray is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in the charge of involuntary manslaughter of pop superstar Michael Jackson, reports Bruce Edwin. Judge Michael E. Pastor asked court reporter Ms. Benson to publish and state the verdict at approximately 1:15pm pacific today Monday. Videotaped court proceedings of the People of the State of California (plaintiff) vs. Conrad Murray (defendant) delivered the news around the world that millions of Michael Jackson fans and Michael’s family wanted to hear; Guilty!

A lawyer for Murray asked that he be allowed to go free until sentencing be instated, which is set for November 29th, 2011. Judge Pastor denied the motion, and stated that Murray will be remanded in to the custody of the Los Angeles County Sheriff, in other words, he must go directly to jail. Murray was cuffed at that moment as fans outside the courthouse screamed with joy.

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