Gilad Shalit’s Exchange Good for Evil

“We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly.” Aristotle

So many, including Ari, are incensed about Israel’s deal to retrieve Gilad Shalit. Somehow I am not, for I do not see any equality between human life and that of a sub-human species.

Perhaps the problem actually lies in believing terrorists are human. I would have to differ with this appraisal. I do not believe they can be classified as even equal to an animal. Animals are way above them on the evolutionary ladder.

Gilad Shalit

Evil is the lowest subspecies.

Animals do not kill for ideology, madness or pleasure. They kill to eat.

Bloodthirsty evildoers lose the right to exist on a par with humanity, as they possess none at all. Their deeds are beyond human behavior in any form. They kill without conscience, murder all ages, races and cultures. They are quite simply something so egregiously evil, mankind created no species to name them.

Gilad Shaiit is a human being. A nice young man serving his country, he loved and was loved by his family and friends. Jewish, Hindu, Christian, what does it matter, he is human. Human life has value; terrorists’ lives do not.

It wouldn’t matter if you traded a million terrorists for Gilad, because they are worth nothing. There is no equation that could even begin to explain a correlation or equality between this one human life and a million evil perpetrators of death and destruction.

Evil for evil’s sake. These terrorists are not Darth Vader, there is no good left in them. They live only to kill again.

Simply there is no standard for measuring the worth of the worthless.

Every day these minions of the evil exist is an affront to mankind. They have no place among us and their very existence is a danger to good people everywhere.

soldier GiladShalit
The poster reads:

CAPTIVE Approximately four years ago, the soldier Gilad Shalit was taken captive. He was seen last when guarding the boundaries of Israel next to the Gaza strip. Bibi (Netanyahu), Gilad is also you captured. Join to the demonstration walk of the Shalit family that will leave their home. On Sunday, June 27th, toward the Prime Minister’s residence in Jerusalem.

Gilad Shalit is not a Jewish soldier, he is a soldier.

He is not a Jew, he is a man.

He is not Israel’s son, he is all our sons.

Every person who loves life, who loves God and who loves and respects humanity understands the Gilad Shalit trade was not life for life. It was not even human life for animals. I wouldn’t insult the animal kingdom.

It was good for evil.

Evil has no worth. There is simply no equality here.

We are being conned into believing that because evil has no country it should not be addressed as an enemy combatant. Would an American soldier faced with a Japanese or German about to shoot him offer him a meal?

We are at war. Covertly sponsored by Iran and Syria. They are fooling no one and yet they fool everyone.

Evil must be dealt with no less harshly because it is not officially attached to a flag. It allows no boundaries to thwart its efforts, why should good men be hampered in their cause to eradicate it from the earth?

The only real hope for mankind in these dark and troubled days is to remind ourselves daily what we are here for, what we care about and our responsibility toward our fellow man. Do not shirk the urgency to fight wrong and place the good of mankind above political considerations.

Gilad Shalit’s life has meaning and substance.

Just as the children being murdered in Rwanda must be avenged, all good men must come to the aid of their own species and ignore numbers. Numbers are irrelevant when they add up to good against nothing.

If Israel is guilty of anything, it is of treating the inhuman as human. Guilty of wasting good money and jail space on those who do not bear even the slightest resemblance to human beings.

Of course I hear some demand justice and fairness for evildoers. I have to laugh for that is the devil’s trap. He knows the good are reactive and foolish enough to be conned.

He counts on good men to buy into his tricks, and far too many do.

Israel’s prisons should be free of the vermin and filth of these murderous barbarians. They should suffer punishment for their deeds.

We are fools, and our foolishness will come back to bite us again and again, and in even greater numbers and intensity.

If an alligator goes on a murderous rampage through Miami Beach devouring children, would he be tried in the Dade County Courthouse? And yet an alligator is far above a terrorist for he is ignorant of what he does. He is simply an animal acting on instinct.

The alligator would be shot for acting like an alligator, and yet a terrorist is treated to good food, computer classes and great accommodations for his bloodthirsty rampage against the innocent? Where is the wisdom or rational thinking behind these policies?

Israel is not the only country guilty of treating the subhuman as human.

Mankind will ultimately politically correct himself out of existence.

Yet, there is still some scintilla of hope if we continue to understand that Gilad Shalit’s exchange was not an exchange at all. There is no equality here.

As long as we continue to understand how little the lives of Satan’s minions are worth, there is still some hope for us all.

Norma Zager is a Jewish woman who lives in the USA.

In the series “Postcards from Israel,” Ari Bussel and Norma Zager invite readers throughout the world to join them as they present reports from Israel as seen by two sets of eyes: Bussel’s on the ground, Zager’s counterpoint from home.

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