Fortuitous Timing for Destruction of Hamas?

Is it possible there is a reason why Israel put-off hitting back at Hamas – and their firing of 5,000 rockets and mortars into southern Israel-until recently?

Certainly, Israel’s ongoing and unambiguous destruction of the Hamas threat has put Hezbollah rocketeers to the north, still crowing about the inconclusive 2006 Lebanon War, on notice. If they step out of line again, they too will be eliminated.

As a fortuitous addition to this demonstrable deterrence, might Israel choose the coming days before President-elect Obama’s forthcoming inauguration to settle the Iranian question?

Perhaps, conveniently-leaked news of President Bush’s refusal to supply Israel with crucial bunker-buster bombs may just be the kind of calming diversion the Iranians need to dumb down their defenses.

Before an unknown Obama arises, and in the last few days of a uniquely supportive (but waning) Bush, perhaps fate has Iran’s nuclear facilities in her crosshairs.

It will not be long before we will know whether history is indeed in the making.

Leslie J. Sacks
Leslie J. Sacks is a conservative writer who wonders why politicians forget who they should serve, once they are in Congress. He is a conservative Reagan democrat passionate about preserving our unique freedoms and democracy.